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Figure 1. Mummification using PVC tape

Mummification is the process of wrapping someone in bandages, tape or plastic wrap (also known as Glad Wrap and Saran Wrap) to immobilise all or part of their body. It can be considered a form of bondage.

Mummification is most commonly portrayed as head-to-toe, i.e., full-body mummification. Other variations include just the head, just the torso (including the arms in the wrap), or combining the mummification with furniture---such as wrapping someone while they are seated in a chair.

The process renders the submissive or bottom largely helpless and while they are in this state it is common for their partner to torture them either sexually or otherwise. This can be made easier by cutting holes through the wrap material once the wrap is complete. Typically holes will be cut around breasts and genitals for sexual games, or elsewhere for tickling or impact play.

Materials used

There are a variety of materials which you can use to mummify your partner. The materials used in most mummification scenes can generally be cut fairly easily. The safest and most readily available tool for cutting is a pair of trauma shears which are designed for cutting close to the skin without cutting the skin itself.

Plastic wrap

This is also known as Saran Wrap, Glad Wrap, or cling film. The rolls you buy in supermarkets tend to be short and narrow and it can take a few of these rolls to wrap someone thoroughly. This can be fiddly. Instead look for the much wider and longer rolls used in restaurants and professional kitchens. These can wrap someone in a jiffy.

Plastic wrap is quite easy to remove, especially with the aid of trauma shears.

Plastic wrap is non-porous and can contribute to the submissive overheating.


These can be either adhesive bandages or cloth bandages with clips. In all cases, medical bandages are designed to be used directly on the skin. They are often porous and allow the skin to breathe making them suitable for longer scenes.

Bandages also stretch and this means they can be used around the torso without restricting breathing. They also have less risk of causing overheating (see below).

Duct tape

Figure 2. Mummification with duct tape. Duct tape can tear off layers of skin when removed and so must be used only over clothing or similar

Duct tape is commonly available and can be quite effective for mummification with three important provisos:

  1. Duct tape can't be used directly on the skin. It's designed to stick and when used directly on skin it's likely to bring a layer or two of skin when it's removed. For this reason it should only be used over clothing, as in figure 2, and should never be used to gag someone.
  2. Duct tape is also non-porous and quite thick when compared to, say, plastic wrap. It's easy for someone who is extensively covered in duct tape to overheat (see below for more on overheating).
  3. Duct tape does stretch easily and this can make it a poor choice when wrapping someone's torso as it can dangerously restrict their breathing.

PVC and bondage tape

There are different types of plastic tape which are either lightly adhesive and can be applied to skin, or which only sticks to itself (a bit like cling wrap). These are both fine to use in mummification as long as you keep in mind that they're not porous and that they can restrict breathing when wrapped too tightly around the torso.

If you hunt around on-line or in specialist BDSM stores you can find bondage tape. This is the plastic tape which sticks to itself but not to anything else. This means it is fine on skin.


Most materials are straightforward to use. One of the big cautions is not to bind your partner too tightly. There must be enough freedom to allow your partner to breath easily and to not restrict blood flow to their extremities

It can be tempting to use adhesive materials like duct tape directly on the skin, particularly if you feel inclined to tape closed your partner's mouth. Duct tape, and other tapes you might find in a hardware or kitchen store are not suitable for use on skin. When they are removed they are likely to take a layer or two of skin with them. Instead use adhesive bandages or bondage tape which are intended to be applied directly to the skin.

If you do feel compelled to use duct tape in your scenes, use it over clothing. For example, you can bind someone's legs together quite satisfactorily with duct tape if they are wearing long pants or jeans. Likewise, binding someone's arms to their side and wrapping up their chest is fine with duct tape if your partner is wearing a long shirt.

Wrapping someone's head

Because the head is involved in the fairly vital function of breathing, you need to ensure that breathing can continue uninterrupted when you do choose to bind your partner's head. There are a few ways you can do this.

For the brave you can wrap your partner's head in cling wrap and then quickly cut holes for their mouth and nose.

For the less brave you can either carefully wrap around your partner's mouth and nose, thus leaving them both exposed and free for breathing.

Alternatively, you can place a large (but short) tube in your partner's mouth, and tubes up their nose, and then wrap your partner's head while leaving the ends of the tubes free for breathing. This approach has an advantage of you are inclined towards breath play.

Don't rely just on leaving a hole for your partner's nose. If for some reason their nose becomes blocked, say to an allergic reaction, they will suffocate if they can't use their mouth.

Start from the top and work down

An unfortunate mistake when you are trying out full-body mummification is to begin with your partner standing up and to begin wrapping their feet and legs first. What happens when you try this is that:

  1. Your partner can't keep their balance because they can't move their feet. They tend to fall over... sometimes onto you,
  2. Once they are wrapped you have to physically carry them to wherever you want them to be---such as lying down on a bench---because they can't move themselves.

It is far better to start at the top and wrap your partner down to their waist or hips. Then, once this part of their body is nice and snug you get them to walk over to the bench or couch and help them lie down. The you can lift up their legs and tie up the lower extremities with much more ease and safety.

Reduced sensation

Mummification can be used as part of sensation play. Due to the layers of wrap covering all or part of your partner's body they will experience two types of reduced sensation:

  • Reduced hearing when the ears are covered during head mummification
  • Reduced sensitivity to touch wherever the body, arms, legs, or head are wrapped

Other activities

Figure 3. Mummification of two women in the same wrapping, and using duct tape for strength

Someone who is restrained via mummification are "available" as in other forms forms of bondage for sexual explorations, tie and tease, and even for impact play such as flogging or caning.

Where your partner's eyes are also covered, mind fucks also become an option.

You don't need to wrap your partner's whole body. It can be quite effective to just wrap their torso (with their arms inside the wrap).

Figure 3 shows two women mummified in the same wrapping. Of course, they could also have been wrapped facing each other. Face-to-face naked mummification can be "interesting" for two people who are sexually attracted to each other.



The body regulates its temperature largely by controlling blood flow near the surface of the skin and through sweating. Once you cover up the skin, particularly with non-porous material such as duct tape or cling wrap, the body is unable to cool itself down. This can lead to overheating, some, and in worst case, death.

To assist your partner to not overheat while they are wrapped up you can use the following:

  • Ice,
  • Wet blankets,
  • An electric fan (only effective on bare skin!)

In any case, do not leave you partner unattended, and make sure you can get them out of the mummification quickly should the need arise.


It's possible for someone who is mummified to have trouble breathing. This can occur in two main ways:


Stretchy materials wrapped too tightly around the chest, or materials which contract when they become wet (such as through sweat) are leading causes of breathing problems during mummification.

Blocked nose or mouth

While someone's mouth or nose might start out unblocked, allergies or any of a zillion other reasons can lead to it closing unexpectedly.

  1. By using stretchy materials to wrap them and wrapping them too tightly
  2. By covering up either their nose or mouth and relying on their uncovered mouth or nose to allow them to continue to breathe.

Other safety notes

  • Use special tape on the skin which won't rip off a layer of skin when removed.
  • Keep scissors or trauma shears handy.
  • Never leave your partner alone when they are mummified.