Trauma shears

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Trauma shears against a ruler for scale

Trauma shears are special scissors for use by paramedics, fire-fighters, emergency room staff, and other rescue personnel.

They are extremely strong and sharp, and are designed with special tips for use quickly removing clothing, leather and nylon from an injured person in an emergency situation. They tend not to dig into skin and instead slide between skin and whatever is being worn.

In BDSM they are ideal safety equipment for bondage and mummification practitioners in case their partner needs to be quickly removed from whatever they have wrapped them in.

While rope, for example, is quite expensive and you often wouldn't want to use trauma shears to release your partner from rope bondage in the ordinary course of events, in an emergency---such as when your partner becomes distressed, light-headed, or passes out---speed is often of the essence and trauma shears are the quickest way to get your partner free.

On the other hand, some forms of mummification---such as when done with plastic wrap---are incredibly cheap and using trauma shears to release your partner can be the easiest and best way of getting them out.

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