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This site exists for a number of reasons:

  • To promote my books,
  • To be a sort of playground where I can work on articles and book chapters for upcoming books,
  • A snapshot of the BDSM universe which I see,
  • A resource for the BDSM community,
  • To publish some of my writings about hypnosis and sex.

Book promotion

I have a number of books in print. You can find them listed in the sidebar on the left of this page. It is, of course, very nice when people buy these because it gives me a small income. It's also good because how popular they are gives me a clue about how useful they are to other people. Both of these things motivate me to write more.

So, the books are listed on the sidebar of every page. I'm hopeful that people who visit the site will like what they read here and decide to pay to read some of my major efforts.

So, please click the links and see if my books appeal to you. You can read some pages of each of them on this website.

Writing playground

This website is based on MediaWiki, the same software which is used for Wikipedia. I particularly like being able to mention ideas, and put notes in all over the place, and MediaWiki keeps track of all the things I need to write to fill in the gaps.

I also find it pretty cool that when I'm writing I don't have to worry about explaining everything in the article I'm writing. I can simply put in links to other short articles which do explain it all. This is great because people with lots of experience aren't burdened with lots of superfluous explanation to mess up the flow, and people who need explanations can get them by the bucketload.

BDSM universe

I like to understand why things are as they are. My books on BDSM are not about teaching you to do flogging or to tie ropes. They are books on understanding BDSM relationships and making them work.

The nature of MediaWiki lets me write short articles on a wide range of subjects to do with this understanding and tie them together via page links. If you spend some time here you'll get to see this way I have of viewing the BDSM universe.

And, OK, I probably shouldn't call it "universe", because what I write doesn't encompass absolutely everything.


Of course, the resources that you'll find here are mainly things written by me. And even the books I recommend are clearly ones I like. So it's all going to pretty much Peter Masters-centric.

Still, it seems from the feedback I get on my work, and on the reviews which people write about my books, that I have an uncommon, but valuable, perspective.

Hypnosis and sex

My first book, Look Into My Eyes, is a book about using hypnosis in your sexual relationship with your partner. Beyond the book itself, on this site you'll also find some short hypnosis articles, and some erotic hypnosis fiction.


Above all, I suppose, it's important to note that this site is not static. It's being developed by me as time permits. Some of the articles you'll find here are themselves works-in-progress, while others are complete.