A Year Of Dominance

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A Year Of Dominance
Author: Peter Masters
Published: November, 2014
ISBN: 099232632X
Pages: 220
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Sometimes funny, frequently thoughtful, always useful. This is a collection of 52 weekly articles on BDSM penned by Peter Masters. They revolve around the practice and understanding of dominance.

Being an effective dominant or master, and especially being a good BDSM partner, is rarely about just having skills with rope or an amazing collection of floggers. Often it’s more about having a good grasp of the bigger picture, of seeing what’s going on beyond the oohs and aahs in a dungeon.

Being a master is about knowing yourself, your submissive or slave and the direction you want to take the relationship. The articles here explore a wide range of aspects of BDSM and BDSM relationships from many different angles. They include sadism, enslavement, communication, submission, protocols, service and many, many more. The articles are designed to give you an expansive view of BDSM relationships.

The goal is, of course, to help you be a better dominant or master.

List of articles

  • Being a sadist
  • Fully-informed surrender
  • Enslavement
  • Three submissives walk into a bar...
  • Performance of dominants
  • Where is the mastery?
  • The Voice
  • Learning curve
  • People skills, people!
  • Consent of a comedian
  • Wherefore art thou, BDSM?
  • When the slave is ready...
  • Vulnerability
  • Reflections on service
  • Growing dependence
  • Restraining dominance and submission
  • When love gets in the way
  • Who makes the first move?
  • Taking it seriously
  • Teach your children well
  • Listen to yourself
  • Disempowering through invention
  • Overanalysing? There ain't no such thing!
  • I like assertive submissives
  • How much?
  • Bedroom-only BDSM
  • Paying attention
  • Kinky sex
  • (Ab)using ignorance
  • Caring about BDSM
  • Bumbling
  • The role of fear
  • The best service is to learn
  • Rules of service
  • Why trying to fix a submissive is a bad idea
  • Just purpose
  • The chocolate submissive test
  • Slaves as labour-saving devices?
  • The right to inequality
  • Making The Step
  • There's sadism, then there's sadism
  • Masters don't cry!
  • Avoided topics
  • Maintaining mastery
  • Hedonism
  • How much should you carry?
  • Effecting protocols
  • Managing oops
  • Zoetrope - illusions of animation
  • Because you say I can
  • The allure of flogging
  • Looking for a master