Imperfect Journeys

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Imperfect Journeys
Author: Peter Masters
Published: August, 2013
ISBN: 0992326303
Pages: 106
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**Winner, 2014 NLA-I Short Fiction Award!**

Imperfect Journeys is a collection of diary and journal entries about BDSM life from the pen of Master Peter, a man who doesn't fully appreciate the nuances of BDSM but who doesn't let that get in the way of him seeing the whole world in terms of domination, submission and play scenes.

In two parts, we first see the events of a typical day through the notes in his personal diary. Then, through his journal entries we read his thoughts on his BDSM explorations with his unfortunate slave. Strangely, these explorations never seem to turn out quite as you might expect.

At least, he never loses his enthusiasm!

Author's thoughts about Imperfect Journeys

Imperfect Journeys is an exception to my usual writing in that it's a deliberately humorous book. It might find a place on someone's coffee table or it might entertain someone when they're on the bus or train to work.

Normally I write about serious things to do with BDSM or to do with controlling the fairer sex. My sense of humour normally shows through a little bit in my writing (it's very hard to suppress), but I generally try to keep things on topic.

One day when I was sitting in front of the keyboard, and when I was very tired and my defences were down, instead of focussing on a new book, my sense of humour managed to escape and I found myself writing things like this (this one looks like a diary entry):

4:00 PM
The auto-correct in the word-processor is being wearisome and insists on correcting “impravise” to “improvise”! I bitch-slapped the monitor and now it seems to be behaving. Typing is a bit slow now, but my hand should be better in a day or two

I kept trying to get back on onto the new book, but my mind wasn't having any of it and so instead of fighting it I just wrote down all the things that came to my mind.

I think it was my mind procrastinating, pushing me off topic to avoid having to do serious work.

The ideas that were slipping into my brain seemed to fall into two categories. I seem to have latched on to a "diary" theme and a separate "journal" theme, like this one:

I decided to do a scene with a new submissive. We started out with the requisite negotiation, as all good masters do, and she gave me an excellent price.

Here's another "journal" one:

Schoolgirl role play with slave today. Made her learn the Gross Domestic Product of all the OECD nations. Not as hot as I thought it would be.

Anyway, this stream of ideas continued for the rest of that day and for most of the following day. Whenever I sat down to do writing, my brain just started producing ideas for funny diary and journal entries.

At the end of two days I had pages and pages of them and, to be honest, some of them were not that good. Some though, nearly had me falling off my chair laughing. The next chance I had, I got them all out, tidied them up, threw out the dubious ones, and put them into book form. There's no point in wasting them, after all.