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Woman in a cage

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Metal bondage refers to types of bondage in which the bottom or submissive is restrained using something made of metal such as:

Metal bondage is implicitly associated with the idea of cold, rigid, and unyielding restraint. This is an entirely different feeling to many other forms of bondage---such as rope bondage, mummification or straitjackets---where some flexibility or give is present in the binding material. Some people prefer the cosy and embracing feel of rope bondage or mummification, but for others the hard feel of metal bondage is a more powerful experience. To some extent this can be due to the hopelessness and helplessness associated with metal. It doesn't give or yield and this can be quite effective psychologically. With rope, on the other hand, there is always the hope of being able to wriggle a bit, get a little slack, or even to escape. Padlocks, cuffs and chains rarely offer this.

Metal bondage is also usually limited in how much it can be adjusted. This means that it's often not a snug fit. Handcuffs, for example, will always be a little loose and, obviously, cages most always allow some freedom of movement while you're inside.

It's notable that cock cages are sometimes made of metal (especially the ones with spikes on the inside). The lack of flexibility is critical to the chastity function of a cock cage and so hard metal (or hard plastic) are necessary for them to be effective.