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A shaped full-body cage which leaves only the head free

Suspension cage

A cage is a form of limited restraint or bondage. They are sometimes included as one of the activities of metal bondage.

As the idea is to cause or allow the bottom to feel restrained or imprisoned, they are typically either narrow or limited in height. Narrow cages force the bottom to remain standing. Low cages force the bottom to either lie down or remain on their hands and knees to move around. Where a cage is quite small and confining, the restraining effect may be similar to the use of chains. Indeed, an Iron Maiden[1] fits into this category.

In all cases, while in the cage the bottom is dependent on the top for food, drink, and toilet options. Because of this a cage can be useful as part of a humiliation scene. Being required to stay on hands and knees due to the cage size can also contribute to the humiliation.

Some people who use BDSM as a way of dealing with guilt may find that a cage allows them to expiate the guilt through the feeling of imprisonment (i.e., "I deserve to be in jail for what I did.")

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