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A rope harness on the torso only

A rope harness tightly restraining the arms

A rope harness is a web of rope tied around the torso, and sometimes additionally around the arms and legs. They may be done decoratively, such as in the example shown on the top right which clearly provides no physical restraint, or may be used to assist in some other activity such as suspension bondage.

As can be seen from the examples, it's common for one or more of the ropes comprising the harness to pass between the legs. This can provide sexual stimulation. In some cases, knots are specifically placed to press against interesting areas such as the clitoris.

As with other forms of bondage, if the person who is tied is naked or semi-naked, this may allow sex games where they cannot resist what is done to them. With their weight being carried by the winch, the person who tied them up has much more freedom to move their partner around and angle them how they want than in other forms of bondage.