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Breast bondage typically refers to using rope to squeeze or press a woman's breasts. It is a type of bondage which, along with rope body harnesses, is intended to give a feeling of confinement or restriction without actually limiting freedom of movement in itself. Breast bondage may, though, be part of a more complex tie which is intended to restrain.

Figure 1. Breast bondage as part of a more complex tie

Figure 2. Bondage applied to a woman with small breasts

Types of breast bondage

Figure 1 shows basic breast bondage as part of a more complex tie. We can see in the figure that the submissive's arms are tied behind her back, that there is rope coming down from around her neck to her breasts, and then from her breasts down towards her waist. The shape of a woman's breasts naturally leads to them being used as anchor points to hold rope in place, not unlike the way they can hold up tube dresses without the aid of shoulder straps.

When breast bondage is part of a larger rope-tying exercise, as in this case, the woman's breasts can be pressed or squeezed almost incidentally though it is more often the case that the bondage top devotes a significant amount of attention to getting the ropes placed around the breasts just right.

Figure 2 on the other hand, shows a bondage tie that deliberately targets sensation in the submissive's breasts. The style shown is an effective tie for women with small breasts, where the rope over the submissive's neck ensures that the rope can't slip down past her breasts.

We can also see in this illustration that by use of the knot between the breasts that an attempt has been made to apply pressure to, or squeeze the breasts between the rope passing over the top and the rope passing underneath them.

Figure 3. Breasts squeezed as part of a more complex tie

Figure 4. Breast bondage with plastic cable ties

Figure 5. Breasts deliberately NOT squeezed

Figure 6. Large-breasted woman whose breasts have each been bound with a single leather strap. Note the taut skin and the way her nipples are pushed out

In figure 3 we can see a more complex bondage tie where a deliberate attempt has been made to squeeze the submissive's breasts. Again, we can see this due to the way the knot between her breasts has been tied and, of course, from the way the rope is pressing into her breasts.

Sometimes bondage ties are performed to deliberately avoid applying any pressure at all to the submissive's breasts, such as in figure 5. Indeed, we can see that the rope between the woman's breasts has been deliberately twisted to ensure it acts as a spacer and prevents the ropes above and below her breasts coming together to apply pressure to them.

Breast sizes

It's clear that with small breasts, such as those of the submissive in figure 2, they can't actually have rope tied around their individual breasts. The breasts are too small for that and the rope simply slides off them if you try. This means that you have to tie the rope around the submissive's body and then squeeze their breasts between the rope passing above and below the breasts.

In contrast, with a submissive with larger breasts it's possible to tie each breast without regard to the torso. In figure 4 we see a submissive who has cable ties tied around each of her breasts close to her chest. The size and firmness of her breasts ensures that the cable ties stay in place.

Figure 7. The same woman lying face down. Note the way the leather straps force her breasts to remain pushing forward, and note the discoloration of her breasts due to the pressure

Instead of cable ties we could also use ordinary bondage rope, cord, and even leather straps (see figures 6 and 7).

When using rope on larger breasts it's possible to loop multiple turns of the rope around each breast and form a rope "tube" which pushes the breast and nipple forward.

Increased sensitivity

Breast bondage and breast torture often go hand in hand. This is because once a breast (or two) has been tightly bound with rope it generally becomes much more sensitive than usual. Some BDSM folk claim that this is because of the increased or, alternatively, decreased blood flow to the breasts. It may also be due to the skin and nipples being stretched taut by the rope, which we can see quite clearly in figures 4 and 11. In figures 1 and 2 we can see that both submissives have their arms tied behind their backs. This naturally tends to push forward and additionally stretch their breasts.

Regardless of the reason, increased sensitivity makes the breasts ideal candidates for:

Visual appearance

While often the goal of breast bondage is to give a feeling of restraint, or to increase breast sensitivity in advance of other activities, such as breast torture, nipple torture, or sex, there can also be a decorative or artistic aspect to this type of bondage.

This is sometimes spoken about as "karada", a Japanese term which literally means "body", but which in the BDSM world usually refers to erotic art using rope bondage.

Figures 2, 3, 5, and 11 show breast bondage where visual appearance and appeal have been factors in the design and layout.

Figures 4, 6, 8, and 10, on the other hand, show breast or nipple bondage which is less visual and more functional; i.e., intended to actually give feelings of constraint or restriction, rather than to look good.

Nipple bondage

Figure 8. Using a shoelace for tying nipples

Figure 9. Close-up of nipple bondage

Nipple bondage is a specialisation of breast bondage where the nipples of a submissive or bottom are the specific parts of the body being tied.

Importantly, nipples need not be neglected as part of bondage. While normal rope may be too large for tying nipples, string, cord, sewing thread, and even dental floss can be firmly and effectively tied to a nipple.

Figure 8 shows simple nipple bondage using a shoelace tied around each nipple. This is very simple nipple bondage and can often work with most nipple sizes. As in this case, it can also be self-applied.

Figure 9 shows a close-up of a more complex rope bondage tie with a cord traversing each breast with a knot around each nipple. Note that the knot is not tied tightly and will not constrict blood flow.

Nipple piercings, when present, can be used to ensure that any string or thread tied around a nipple doesn't slip off. In this case the thread or string is wrapped around the nipple between the areola and the piercing. This technique can actually stretch out and tighten the nipple itself.

See also: Nipple stretching

Other examples of breast bondage

Figure 10. Woman tied to a scaffold with involvement of her breasts

Figure 11. Woman in a simple "rope bra"

Figure 10 shows a woman who has been tied to a scaffold. We can see the rope passing through the scaffolding behind her, and looping under her arms and then both below and above her breasts as it runs around her body.

It's worth noting that the location of a woman's breasts at the upper part of her torso, near her neck and arms, almost always means that they get involved in bondage exercises somehow. In this case, we can see that the submissive is being pulled upwards by the rope around her and that this is applying strong pressure to, and squeezing her breasts.

Figure 11 shows a submissive with rope bondage specifically applied to her breasts. There is some similarity between this illustration and figure 2, though the breasts involved are clearly very different sizes. In both illustrations rope is looped over the neck to support the rope bondage and prevent it slipping down. The neck rope can also help to keep the breasts pushed forward.

In both figures 2 and 11, the rope is being used to squeeze the breasts from above and below.


Like most forms of tight bondage, the breasts or nipples should not be restrained for too long otherwise blood circulation problems can occur and permanent loss of sensitivity can result. Nipples are particularly vulnerable.

While the rope is in place, it's good idea (and often pleasurable) to regularly check the breasts and nipples for discolouration, decrease in temperature, or loss of sensitivity. Any of these are indicators of loss of blood flow.

While you might tie a person's wrists together or tie their feet to bedposts as a way of restraining them in some way, bondage applied to the breast as a whole is generally not used for this. In fact, using breasts or nipples in any form of restraint is probably unwise due to damage which might occur during possible struggling.

As with any form of bondage, if problems occur it can be necessary to get the ropes or restraints off in a hurry. Trauma shears are ideal for this. They are designed to cut through tough material next to the skin without cutting the skin itself.


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