Breast torture

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Figure 1. Close-up of woman's breasts after impact play

Figure 2. Wartenberg wheel being applied to a woman's nipple

Figure 3. Clothes pegs on nipples

Figure 4. A woman with her hands restrained behind her back, forced to lay face down. This places a large amount of pressure on her breasts, effectively crushing them. Note the discolouration of her breasts due to the pressure

Figure 5. Heavy-duty clamps being applied to the whole breasts

Breast torture, as its name suggests, focuses on applying pain or discomfort to breasts or nipples. The torture or pain can be applied to the breasts as a whole, or just to the nipples.

Because of the typical size difference between women's breasts and men's breasts, most torture involving the breast as a whole is performed on women. As well as the additional geography available with women's breasts, they are also considered sexual, much more so than men's breasts, and this can lend much more of a sexual overtone to this form of torture on women than on men.

Because of their size and because there aren't any vulnerable vital organs underneath them a number of BDSM activities can be effectively done to women's breasts such as:

In many cases, when breast bondage is combined with the above activities, this increases the breast's sensitivity.

And, it must be noted, many guys just like fondling breasts. Torturing them simply gives guys a chance to do more fondling.

While the small size of men's breasts often limit how much they can be involved in BDSM activities, nipples on men are a different story. Nipples are quite sensitive on both men and women and because of this are common targets for inflicting pain and suffering.

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Impact play

Impact play for breasts usually involves riding crops and light floggers, although slapping can also be quite effective.

The thin and sensitive nature of the skin on the breasts means that a common result of using a flogger or crop is scoring, cuts, or weals (see figure 1). These are usually superficial and heal quite well.

Breast slapping can lead to substantial bruising.


Clamps can be used to squeeze or crush a woman's breasts. Figure 5 shows a pair of such clamps in use. Note that the "operator" is still holding the clamps so that their full pressure is not applied to the breasts. Breasts can generally be considered as quite delicate animals and prolonged or powerful squeezing can cause internal damage.

Clamps attached to nipples are also a common type of breast torture. There are special clamps available which allow the pressure to be varied, or else ordinary clothes pegs can be pressed into service as shown figure 3.

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Needle play and piercing

Breasts and nipples are common areas of the body for piercing play with hypodermic needle tips. Two approaches are common:

  1. Piercing the nipple itself with one or two needles, and
  2. Not piercing the nipple itself, but piercing a large number of needles in a decorative circle around the breast using the nipple as the center.

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Wartenberg wheel

The Wartenberg wheel (see figure 2) was originally a medical device used for testing nerve endings in skin. The very sharp, closely-space spikes on the wheel make it eminently suitable for torture because the pain it inflicts can easily be controlled by how hard you press it against the skin.

In the figure we can see one of these wheels being applied to a nipple. Nipples are quite good areas for a Wartenberg wheel because they are always very sensitive, and because it actually doesn't need much pressure for the spikes to cause considerable pain.