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For information about why people engage in this activity, and the needs or wants which may be satisfied by this type of activity, see Motivations.

A mind fuck commonly involves a top or dominant manipulating the perception and experience of a bottom or submissive to induce fear or apprehension.

Example mind fucks:

  • A bottom is bound, blindfolded, and then hoisted off the ground (see suspension bondage). By various means the top then causes the bottom to think they are quite high off the ground when they're only a few centimeters up (e.g., by using a chain winch which the top shakes and vibrates to suggest movement without actually lifting; or by the top quietly laying down below the bottom and suggesting to them that the top is actually standing below the bottom). The top then slowly cuts through the rope holding the bottom up in the air. The bottom thinks they're going to fall a long distance to the bare ground beneath them, but instead falls only a short distance onto a soft cushion the top has quietly placed under them.
  • A bottom or submissive is present while the top is preparing for a scene. He makes a point of laying out a mean-looking, very sharp, but single-bladed knife. He then restrains the bottom and, eventually, uses the back of the knife on the bottom, letting them think that he is cutting deep into them.
  • A dominant arranges for friends to kidnap his submissive. The friends need to be unknown to the submissive, and they act like they are genuinely kidnapping the submissive (such as by snatching them from the street). They blindfold the submissive and take them somewhere where their dominant is waiting, who then proceeds to do evil things to them (while, presumably, the submissive thinks that it's strangers doing the things).

Consent and trust

Consent is a vital part of a healthy BDSM relationship and part of the trickery involved in a mind fuck can be the bottom or submissive consenting to one risky or dangerous activity, and then the top or dominant substituting in an activity which is harmless and safe.

Trust also plays an important part here, and an important element in the effectiveness of a mind fuck is the amount of trust the bottom or submissive places in their partner. Potentially, the greater the trust the greater the opportunity for a powerful mind fuck.

Other mind fucks

  • Convincing a submissive to try piercing, then blindfoldinging them and prodding them with a toothpick, or
  • Telling a submissive you are going to brand them, and then using an ice cube on them instead of a hot brand. Having a very hot flame---such as a propane torch---already lit and very visible as the submissive is being blindfolded can enhance the effect dramatically.

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