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For information about why people engage in this activity, and the needs or wants which may be satisfied by this type of activity, see Motivations.

A rape fantasy is a scene in which a rape is acted out, often in the context of BDSM activities (for example, bondage).

A real rape is abuse, but a fantasy rape or simulated rape, creates a context where the explorations of power can be performed safely.


Although a rape fantasy might be carried out physically safely, that's not to say that there may not be unfortunate, unpleasant, or even harmful memories awakened by the experience. Many actual rape victims repress the memories, particularly when it happens to them as a child. These memories, if aroused, can be difficult to deal with.

While we may be tempted to speculate that it's these repressed memories that stir the desire to engage in fantasy rape, this is not something that we can be sure about from one person to the next.

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