Cock and ball torture

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Figure 1. A penis in a plastic cock cage. Note how the assembly is held in place by the locked ring around the base of the penis between the testicles and the body

Figure 2. Kali's teeth, a lockable ring with spikes on the inside which is attached around a man's penis. When the penis swells during an erection, the spikes dig in

Figure 3. While commonly used for clamping nipples, these clamps can also be used to pinch the loose skin around the testicles (the scrotum)

Figure 4. Alligator clamps which you find at a hardware or electronic store. It's a good idea to file their teeth flat or wrap the teeth in tape after you buy them

Figure 5. A penis connected to a T.E.N.S. unit so that it can be pulsed with electricity

Figure 6. Hypodermic needle tips can also be used, piercing the head of the penis, the shaft (be careful as there can be a lot of bleeding when the penis is erect), or the scrotum

Figure 7. The Humbler

Figure 8. Ball stretcher. This particular model is locked in place using a hexagonal Allen key

Figure 9. Veterinary elastration rings and pliers

Cock and ball torture (CBT) is any BDSM activity which inflicts pain or discomfort on a man's penis or testicles. These include:

Most of these can cause varying levels of pain or discomfort, and because a man's genitals, and particularly the testicles, are often quite sensitive and delicate, you should always start slow and build up, rather than just grab and give a mighty twist and expect this to be good for everyone involved.


One of the common devices used in CBT is the cock cage. An example is shown in figure 1. These generally enclose the complete length of the penis. Once locked in place, these are set-and-forget devices which a dominant can leave on her submissive for extended periods, even for days. They include a hole in the end so the submissive can still urinate, but their shape causes extreme discomfort if the submissive begins to have an erection, and the fact that the shaft of the penis is completely enclosed means that any sexual pleasure available to the submissive is very limited until such time as they are released.

A variation on the cock cage theme is the Kali's teeth-type cage as shown in figure 2. These have sharp spikes on the inside. The spikes aren't generally a problem while the submissive's penis is limp or flaccid, but they begin to painfully bite in when the submissive has an erection. These cages often don't extend the length of the penis and so they allow for sadistic play where the dominant might stroke or caress the submissive's penis, but when the submissive responds they experience intense pain from the spikes of the cage as their penis swells.

Impact play

The penis and testicles are generally sensitive creatures and can easily be harmed or permanently damaged. Impact play, where you hit, flog, or cane the penis or testicles, is possible, but it generally must be done carefully.

When you do practice impact play on a penis or testicles, use short, light canes or floggers. A single chopstick can also be good (hold the thin end), as can a short cord, or a shoe lace. Start with lighter implements, rather than with something heavy. The lighter it is, the less chance there is of causing harm.

Slapping can be very effective, particularly when the male submissive has their legs wide apart while bending over or kneeling, and their penis and testicles are dangling down. Don't slap too hard as this can be intensely painful.

Ball busting

On the other hand, ball busting can be extreme CBT, both visually and in terms of pain. It involves kicking, punching, kneeing, or crushing the testicles.


Gripping a submissive's testicles and squeezing can be a very good way to control them. They're not going anywhere while you have that grip. You can squeeze testicles in a couple of ways:

  1. Simply crush them, or
  2. Rub the testes (balls) together inside the scrotum.

Both of these create different sorts of discomfort or pain.

While you've got a good grip, you can also pull on the submissive's testicles, such as by pulling down on them if they're bending over or kneeling, or by pulling them forward, away from the body, when the submissive is standing or lying down.

If you're not male and you're doing this to your submissive, be gentle to start with. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the penis and testicles are quite sensitive and can easily be damaged if you're too rough.

Ball crusher

A ball crusher is a device which pretty much does what it says on the box: it crushes testicles. Typical ball crushers have a screw adjustment which allows the degree of crushing to be controlled. Ball crushers come in many types, from simple ones which just consist of two flat pieces of plastic or wood, with bolts and wing nuts, between which the testicles are crushed, to more sophisticated devices made out of machined stainless steel.

Clamping and weights

Another way to inflict pain on testicles is by using clamps. These can be the tweezer-type clamps we see in figure 3, the alligator-type clamps we see in figure 4, other nipple clamps, clothes pegs, or binder clamps from a stationery store. Clamps are best attached to the scrotum, which is the loose skin bag containing the testicles.

As with any other part of the body, clamps should not be left on for too long as they restrict the flow of blood to the part of the body they are attached to.

When a submissive is bound, another form of torture can be attaching weights to the clamps. These can enhance the pain or discomfort each time the submissive moves, or can gradually build up the pain over time simply from the downward pulling. Some dominants who use weights will also either pull on the weights themselves, or swing them back and forth to add a "personal touch".

Note that there will be extra pain when you remove the clamps.

Bondage and tying

The penis is not a good object for bondage (except, perhaps, during mummification) because it tends to be floppy for much of the time and any rope around it just falls off. On the other hand, tying rope, a leather strap, or chains around the base of the penis, between the testicles and the body, can be a very effective form of restraint. To do this, first pull down firmly on the testicles. While still pulling down, put the rope, leather strap, or chains in place. Finally, release the testicles.

Tied properly, the testicles won't be able to slip through the rope, strap, or chains and the submissive will be very effectively held. If they are already bound, such as to a St. Andrews Cross, weights can be attached to this CBT bondage, pulling down, perhaps painfully, on their testicles.

Tying testicles tends to make the skin taught and sensitive. When this is the case, you can additionally consider doing some sensation play, wax play, waxing to remove hair from the testicles, or carefully using something like a Wartenberg wheel all for additional pain or discomfort.

If you do wish to try and bind the shaft of the penis, cloth bandages, leather straps, or mummification can be effective. One reason to bind the penis itself is that if done while the penis is limp or flaccid, the binding then prevents the submissive getting an erection. This can be useful as a source of sexual frustration.

Electric play

Another popular way to torture a poor, little penis is through the use of electricity. Figure 5 shows a penis wired up to connect to a T.E.N.S. unit. A T.E.N.S. unit is a device that delivers pulses of electricity to a part of the body to stimulate muscles. As a penis doesn't have muscles, the effect is simply the pulsing shock, which can be varied by the T.E.N.S. unit to be anywhere from barely noticeable through to intense.

In the figure we can see that one of the wires is connected around the base of the penis shaft and the other is connected to the head of the penis, confining the shocks solely to the shaft of the penis itself.

Another very painful electric option is to use a radio-controlled dog collar. These are normally used in training dogs and have a remote control to administer an electric shock to the dog via the collar when you push a button on the control. The collars have two probes which normally touch the skin on the neck of the dog. However, with a little effort, the collars can be attached to your submissive with the probes in contact with their testicles or penis. One advantage of these collars is that you can administer a shock to your submissive at any time, such as when they are least expecting it. Don't push the button while they are doing something delicate, like adding salt, pepper, or spices to the evening meal!

A violet wand can also be effective. While these are most commonly used with gas-filled bulbs or probes plugged into the the hand pieces, if you don't use these bulbs or probes and instead create sparks directly from the generator/transformer itself, especially when this is turned up high, then these sparks can be quite painful. Delivering these sparks to the penis (particularly the tip) or the testicles directly can be an excellent and often much safer form of torture than cutting or piercing with a comparable amount of pain.

Sensation play and temperature play

We should also mention sensation play or temperature play as they apply to CBT.

One common, and "exciting" CBT technique is to use spicy massage oils or mentholated muscle ointment on the penis or testicles. Something like the justly famous Tiger Balm is very effective, more so if you place a tiny amount on the tip of the penis so that a little seeps into the opening of the urethra. These all create heat or even burning sensations. Sometimes the submissive will dance because of the pain and discomfort which will, eventually, wear off.

Spicy oils and mentholated ointments have a down side, and that is that they can't simply be turned off. Once applied, they start to work and can't be stopped. It is strongly advisable that you first try these on a new submissive with just a tiny smear of oil or ointment and see how that goes before completely coating your submissive's penis and testicles.

Alternatively, many tops and dominants like applying ice cubes to both species of genitals (male and female) and certainly it's the case that taking a warm pair of testicles and dipping them in ice water or rubbing ice on them is going to be torture. Ice-cold knife blades or other metal implements can also be used.


Piercing a man's penis with hypodermic needle tips, such as those shown in figure 6, can have a powerful psychological effect on a submissive male. It can be scary, and it symbolically hands over control of the penis to the dominant who is doing the piercing.

Once needles are in place, they can be used as part of bondage, such as by attaching string or cord to these needles, and then using this string or cord to bind the penis to an object or simply as part of a more complex tie.


The testicles, and particularly the penis, are well-supplied with blood. When a man's penis is erect, two sections of spongy tissue running the length of the shaft fill with blood at considerable pressure. Particularly when piercing a man's penis, there is a strong likelihood of bleeding.

The Humbler

Figure 7 shows a device called The Humbler. It consists of two pieces of lacquered wood which are held together by clamps. Either one or both pieces has a groove on the inside. It is used on a male submissive who is either bending over or who is on their knees.

The dominant grabs hold of the submissive's testicles, pulls them down and away from the body, and then clamps the two pieces of The Humbler together, as shown, with the now-extended flesh between the submissive's testicles and their body in the groove between the two pieces.

How it works is that the extended "wings" of The Humbler press against the thighs of the submissive. If they try to straighten up or stand, their testicles are pulled down painfully by The Humbler. It effectively keeps the submissive bent over (hence "humble") while still allowing them to crawl or even walk (while stooped over).

The Humbler can be left on for longer periods because as long as the submissive doesn't try to straighten up, there's usually no strain or tension, and no problem with blood flow.

Testicle cuffs and ball stretchers

In the same vein as handcuffs and leg cuffs, a testicle cuff attaches around the base of the scrotum between the testicles and the body. When closed, the testicles can't pass through the hole and so the male submissive can't remove the cuff until it's opened.

Many testicle cuffs have D-rings which allow a chain or leash to be attached to the cuff so the submissive can either be attached to an anchor point, such as a wall fixture, or lead around. Perhaps ideally, testicle cuffs should be equipped with a keyed lock or some sort or small padlock.

Ball stretchers, such as that shown in figure 8, work in the same way as testicle cuffs in that they attach around the base of the scrotum between the body and the testicles, but their intent is to stretch the ligaments attached to the testicles so the scrotum becomes larger and the testicles can hang down lower. As the male submissive is "trained", longer and longer stretchers are worn.

Testicle cuffs and ball stretchers can be made out of stainless steel, plastic, or leather straps.


  • Larger padlocks can also be used as testicle cuffs.
  • Weights can be attached to ball stretchers to accelerate the effect, or they can be attached to testicle cuffs for torture.

More extreme CBT

Elastration (or banding)

Warning: High-risk activity!

Elastration is usually a veterinary procedure for castrating animals. It involves pulling down on the scrotum and testicles and, using a special pair of pliers, placing a tight elastic band around the base of the scrotum. It cuts off blood circulation to the scrotum and testicles and, if left in place, these bits of the body die and eventually drop off. Figure 9 shows the pliers and a container of bands.

When done in BDSM, the band is only left in place for a short period of time. Longer periods can lead to nerve damage or necrosis (skin or organ death) which is, of course, the original veterinary intent of this procedure. BDSM practitioners usually monitor the colour and feel of the testicles frequently, and have one or more reliable ways of removing the band quickly.

Banding can also be done to the penis itself. The internal structure of the penis is quite susceptible to damage due to lack of muscles, ligaments, and so on to give it strength, and some practitioners will not perform penis banding unless the penis is partially erect to offset this.

Urethral play

Warning: High-risk activity!

Urethral play typically involves inserting a medical sound into the urethra of the submissive, entering through the tip of their penis. This is best performed by someone with medical training, such as a doctor or nurse, as there is a high risk of infection (such as bladder infection) and high risk of physical damage to internal organs and membranes if performed incorrectly.

What makes CBT a powerful experience

Control and penetration are often the main elements of CBT because the penis and testicles are, of course, strongly associated with a man's sexuality. When the dominant takes control of these and either hurts or restrains them, control over the male submissive's ability to express himself sexually is taken from him. This is particularly the case with cages.

However, in any CBT activity it is the case that the dominant does take active control over their submissive's genitals and they are no longer at the submissive's own disposition. If nothing else, during the course of the scene it is entirely and solely up to the dominant what happens with the penis and testicles, whether they are used or not, whether they are hurt or not.

Some styles of CBT can also give a pleasurable feeling of confinement or restraint, particular with devices such as cock cages, testicle cuffs, and ball stretchers, and with activities such as mummification or bondage.


There are a number of risks involved in CBT.

Firstly, strong impact, squeezing, or crushing can rupture the testicles. This will require urgent medical attention.

Secondly, any play which involves restricting blood circulation can lead to nerve damage and loss of sensitivity.

Thirdly, nerve damage, or damage to the two spongy bladders in the penis which cause an erection, can prevent or limit erections.

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