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Sub-drop refers to a submissive's or bottom's experience of coming down from the emotional high of a BDSM scene. It can manifest as moodiness or depression, and can be accompanied by a sense of loss and/or tears. If it does appear, it may be any time from straight after the scene to two or three days afterwards. It is highly subjective, and some submissives may not be affected by it at all, while others may find it so disruptive that they need to plan for it in advance (such as by not engaging in scenes when they know they have to work the following day).

Methods of dealing with sub-drop

  1. As there may be a chemical component to the high which occurs in a scene, make sure that the submissive is eating well and not skipping meals in the period following a scene.
  2. Spending time with the their BDSM partner can also help a submissive combat some of the emotional effects of 'drop.
  3. Distraction - such as going to the movies, keeping busy, spending time with friends, etc.