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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


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Some people are introduced to the idea of hypnotising a beautiful partner from TV or old movies.

Hypnofetish is the use of hypnosis, or images of hypnosis, to cause or increase sexual arousal. The characteristics of hypnosis lend themselves to enhancing sexual pleasure anyway, but for some people just the idea of submitting to their partner while under hypnosis or, conversely, of controlling their partner sexually via hypnosis, adds significantly to the pleasure and excitement they experience.

People get introduced to this idea of being under someone else's control through hypnosis in many ways, sometimes as early as childhood. For example, there's a memorable scene in Disney's 1967 version of The Jungle Book where Kaa, the snake, hypnotises Mowgli, the young boy, and this scene is mentioned by many hypnofetishists as being an early initiation. Another example, from TV this time, is a scene from Scooby Doo where Daphne is hypnotised by an evil circus clown (who, unsurprisingly, uses a pocket watch on a chain).

Finally, another common source of hypnofetish inspiration is stage hypnosis. Many stage hypnotists travel around fairs, clubs, and colleges giving shows, hypnotising volunteers and making them do strange and funny things. When the audience is strictly adult, many of the stage hypnotists will do adult or X-rated shows where their subjects are compelled to imagine that they are doing strip tease dances or are having sex.

Hypnofetish and erotic hypnosis tend to coexist. The preparation for a hypnosis-based sex escapade is usually arousing initially through the fetish aspect, and then once the hypnotist has guided his or her partner into a trance, both can gain the benefits from the enhanced and stronger sexual experience of the hypnotised subject.

An important part of the sexual experience of both partners is going to come from the build-up to the actual hypnosis itself. This can help create expectation and excitement for what is to come. Part of the build-up is going to come from setting the scene. The use of a shiny pendant, a pocket watch on a chain, or a ticking wooden metronome as the object of focus for doing the hypnosis can add significantly to the excitement and anticipation.

While there are rapid or near instantaneous induction techniques for hypnotising someone, it can be quite sexually arousing for the partner doing the hypnotising to perform a conventional induction and to see their subject partner gradually going into a trance and, hence, going under their influence.

The fetish


Deep physical relaxation and lack of facial expression are common indicators of trance.

Strictly speaking, a fetish involving hypnosis is where the use of hypnosis itself alone is sexually arousing. This can be, for example, where just being hypnotised by someone (fully dressed and with no mention or hints about sex) is enough to trigger an erection or lubrication. While hypnosis can be used to enhance sex or to add spice or variety to sex as the rest of this site shows, for some people the mere presence of hypnosis is enough to add spice.

The strict, dictionary definition of fetish suggests that whatever it is that triggers the fetishistic sexual arousal should be completely non-sexual. At first glance, hypnosis appears to be non-sexual. However, research[1] shows that over 20% of young adults look at sex as being an opportunity to experience the power of their partner, and over 20% look at sex as an opportunity to exert power over their partner. Clearly hypnosis is one way they can experience this power because hypnosis is explicitly one person taking control of another and using that control.

Indeed, for the hypnofetishist hypnotising their partner and then combining the trance with some of the sexual activities discussed on this site, can be all their Christmases come at once!

In practice

While it is frequently the case that the excitement of a hypnofetishist comes from, on one side being in control of the hypnotised partner, and on the other side being under control of the hypnotist partner, hypnosis itself can create powerful sexual responses.

The majority of sexual activities can be enhanced in some way through the use of hypnosis. This can be achieved through increased sexual arousal, decreased inhibitions, control of the timing of orgasms, removal of distractions, and more.

Post-hypnotic suggestion

Post-hypnotic suggestion is where the subject is hypnotised and given one or more commands which they then follow after they have been woken up, often in response to a signal or trigger word from their partner. The sorts of commands which can be given include:

  • Going into a trance for more instructions,
  • Taking off their clothes, and
  • Becoming aroused and hungry for sex.

There are a large number of sexy or sexual ways post-hypnotic suggestion can be used and you can find more of them under fun and games.


While in a hypnotic trance it's possible for a person to become strongly involved in fantasy and role-playing images and situations created for them by their partner. These can include:

  • Making love in public,
  • Making love with a stranger, or
  • Making love in unusual locations - such as in outer space, or in the display window of a shop

Sexual responsiveness


Simply suggesting or commanding your hypnotised partner to become sexually aroused can cause them to start responding straight away.

The sexual responsiveness of someone in a trance can be either increased or decreased. While not a substitute for medical assistance in the case of genuine sexual dysfunction, hypnosis can be used to help get simultaneous orgasms, or to play with and tease your partner, such as by not letting them reach orgasm until you're ready for them to do so.

There is often an element of BDSM involved in combining hypnosis with sex. Because BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism) is typically an exercise in control and because, as we saw at the beginning of this article, control is often a significant motivator behind sex, hypnosis tends to work well with BDSM, such as through hypno bondage or hypno slavery, or even just plain old irresistible post-hypnotic suggestions to create a powerful mix.


  • Role-playing - going a step beyond simple fantasies, role-playing under hypnosis allows a more complete involvement than when awake. This can be useful and powerful in doctor/nurse, prisoner/interrogator and other scenarios where one person (the hypnotist) deliberately pursues deliberate and active control of their partner (the subject). This can mean that the subject gets much more turned on because their erotic fantasy becomes much more vivid and enthralling than it would otherwise be.
  • Inhibitions - hypnosis can also be effective at helping reduce inhibitions and letting out the sexual animal within. This can be via post-hypnotic suggestion or while your partner remains in their trance.

Depth of trance

Some of the activities mentioned above will vary in effectiveness depending on depth of trance. While relaxation (which can be useful) occurs even in the lightest trance, some of the more powerful experiences---such as being able to get physically involved in fantasies or role-playing---require deeper trances.

How deeply someone goes into a trance is going to depend on a number of factors. These include:

  • Confidence and trust in you, as their hypnotist. While the goal of your hypnosis session with your subject may well be to have your sexual way with them, they may have practical concerns---such as being sure you use a condom---to concerns about being made to look foolish or embarrassed, that you might video tape them without them realising, or that you might give them post-hypnotic suggestions which they don't want.
  • Any fears they may have.
  • Their level of experience at being hypnotised. Even if you are very skilled at performing hypnosis it can still take a few sessions for a subject to relax and go into their deepest trance with you. The necessary abilities to focus and to relax don't always come straight away, but they can and are learned more and more each session. For this reason it can be useful to limit the first couple of sessions with a new subject to simply hypnotising them and then waking them up so they become comfortable with the process with you.

Hypnotising your subject


Getting your partner to focus on something, such as an object or a visual image, is the usual way to start hypnotising someone.

The process of hypnotising your subject or partner is relatively straightforward to learn and perform. With an experienced and skilled subject you can have them in a trance in seconds, even without the use of pre-existing post-hypnotic triggers.

The process is described in the article on induction. You should keep in mind that once you and your partner are experienced hypnosis-wise, the lead up into the hypnosis session can be one of teasing and build-up as you both discuss and suggest sexy ideas to explore.

Hypnofetish on the Internet

Perhaps partly due to its anonymous nature, the Internet has become a popular clearing house for audio or visual media aimed at hypnofetishists.


Many people write stories about hypnosis and mind control. These can be a turn-on to read, either alone or with your partner. One good source of stories is:

Another is, of course, my own stories on this site.


A number of people are now producing videos of women actually being hypnotised and then being made to act like a dog, undress, have orgasms, act like they're being fucked, and so on. The "stars" of these videos are paid models, and many have a history of working in the porn movie business.

You can usually find previews of such videos on YouTube, and the sites selling the videos can be found by searching using terms such as "hypnofetish", "hypnosis sex video", etc.

Images and photographs

There are small, but enthusiastic groups of hypnofetish enthusiasts on the Internet who find pictures of hypnotised people, or pictures of people who look like they could be hypnotised, and post these pictures for others to share.

Going a step further, some fans will take the photos and "enhance" them by the addition of glowing eyes, spirals, and little narratives explaining how they imagine the person in the photo ended up in the complete state of helplessness they find themselves in. Often the people in the photos are women, and usually the narrative have something to do with "complete obedience" and possibly sex.


There are quite a few women who record hypnosis scripts and then offer them for people (i.e., horny submissive men) to buy and download as MP3s.

My own advice in this regard, if you are such a horny male, is to get a girlfriend and give her a book on hypnosis. Using an anonymous MP3 from some woman who you don't know, and who you don't completely trust, to hypnotise you is asking for trouble.

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