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Look Into My Eyes

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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


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Hypnosis orgasms

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This article contains one or more scripts intended to be used with a hypnotised subject. Before using these scripts make sure that you have a good understanding of how to hypnotise someone, how to wake them up from a trance, how to give post-hypnotic suggestions, AND ESPECIALLY how to cancel post-hypnotic suggestions. Click here for more information.

Many sex researchers believe that the brain is the most important erogenous zone. And because hypnosis works on the mind it is an excellent tool to help you control and influence your hypnotised partner sexually. In particular, hypnosis can be used to control how intensely your partner orgasms, how quickly or slowly they climax, and even when they climax. One example we sometimes see of this is that some stage hypnotists who perform adult or X-rated shows will use this characteristic of hypnosis in their shows by having a deeply hypnotised volunteer orgasm loudly in front of the audience, or by having his or her volunteers become uncontrollably horny.

These shows are frequently videoed and it's worth hunting up a few of these to see how it can be done and the results you might get. Here's a link to a YouTube search which should yield some useful hits.

While you're watching these, note how many of the subjects on stage respond strongly. Usually it's only a few, with the rest of the folk on stage either not responding at all or only appearing to be weakly affected. Often this is because the person isn't in a particularly deep trance.

Of course, hypnosis isn't just for use on stage. Many legitimate sex therapists use hypnosis as an effective and powerful tool to help with their clients sex. In the privacy of your own home or bedroom the power of hypnosis can become a fun and exciting addition to your sexual toolbox.

I'd like to list here some of the ways that hypnosis orgasms can be exciting and useful for you and your partner:

  1. You can use post-hypnotic suggestions so that your partner will orgasm at any time that you say a particular trigger phrase,
  2. You can make love to your hypnotised partner and use hypnosis to increase their sexual excitement and help them to reach orgasm, or to help have even stronger orgasms than when they are awake,
  3. You can make love to your hypnotised partner and slow down their arousal to make your love-making last longer, and
  4. You can use hypnosis so that you and your partner have simultaneous orgasms.


Someone in a hypnotic trance can experience orgasms more strongly than when they're awake, and can even orgasm without any physical stimulation at all.

In its simplest form, you can get your hypnotised partner to have an orgasm by saying:

I'm going to count to three now, and when I reach three you will have a powerful orgasm which you'll feel through your whole body.

One... Two... THREE!

How effective this will be is going to depend on a few things. One of the main ones is going to be how deeply hypnotised your partner is. If you're new to hypnosis, or your partner is, then it may take few sessions. Be warned that even then it's not guaranteed because not everyone can be hypnotised deeply enough for this.

Secondly, it's going to depend on how comfortable your partner feels with you---hypnotised or not---and how horny they are naturally.

Finally, if you just give them the command I mentioned above on its own then it won't be as effective as when you spend even a little time beforehand "warming up" your partner with sexual caresses and touching. Even though the brain may be the biggest erogenous zone, the bits between your legs also have a role to play and if they're not stimulated and aroused then the orgasms you get during a trance won't be as powerful as when they are.

Hypnosis orgasms aren't the same as usual orgasms. That's not to say they're better or worse, although the subjective experience of many of my partners is that they're "stronger". They're different though, and the more you work with your partner to get them to orgasm via hypnosis, the better you will both get at it.

Two things to note with hypnotised guys

  • A guy can have an orgasm without an erection, and
  • What can occur are useful erections with dry orgasms. That is, orgasms without ejaculation.

Fantasy and orgasms


Hypnosis can allow fantasies, such as a doctor/patient sexual fantasy, to play out safely and much more intensely than it could in real life.

There are many ways hypnosis can directly or indirectly how horny you and your partner become. In fact, I have a longer article with more detail about how hypnosis can contribute to your sex life, but one of the reasons is that hypnosis allows your partner to imagine that you both are in a situation which they find very exciting. It allows them to live out their most erotic fantasies in the most erotic way possible without reality getting in the way of excitement. For example, if your partner has a doctor/patient or traffic cop/speeding driver sexual fantasy then hypnosis can bring this to life without them having to worry about the things which can dampen such a real encounter such as contraception, risk of STDs, discovery of what's happening by a third person, etc.

Now. The fantasy they experience can be very sexually arousing in itself, and you can add to the excitement they feel with some commands and suggestions during the trance. As part of this you can prepare them for their upcoming orgasm at a time you want by saying something like this:

As we touch, kiss, caress and rub against each other you can feel yourself getting hornier than you've ever felt before. You can feel an orgasm starting to build up inside you, but you're not going to come until I tell you to. Your orgasm will build up more and more inside you, but you'll come only when I tell you to.

For more about fantasy and imagined scenes during hypnosis, click the article link below, and then follow the link at the bottom of that page to an extract from my book, Look Into My Eyes, which has a fantasy script for joining the mile-high club:

Delaying or advancing orgasm

Two of the sex-related problems which hypnosis is equipped to deal with is orgasms which happen too quickly and orgasms which don't seem to want to happen at all.

Delaying orgasms is relatively straightforward with hypnosis and it can be handled a couple of different ways. Firstly, you can directly suggest to your partner that they become less aroused. For example:

You are becoming less horny now. What we're doing still feels very, very good, but you're feeling less sexually aroused and are instead just enjoying the sensual feelings. Because you're feeling less horny, it's going to be quite a while before you come. There's no hurry. You can just relax and focus on the feelings we're having together.

Another way you can delay the imminent arrival of your partner's orgasms is to create an image in their mind of something which distracts them from sex or which makes it more difficult for them to stay aroused. This is something you might do so that you have a chance to catch up, arousal-wise. Once you're more horny you can get rid of the image. For example:

To create an image:

A dog has started barking loudly outside our window. It's very annoying and it doesn't seem to want to stop. You can continue here with our love-making, but the sound of the dog barking, barking, barking is very distracting for you. It's very annoying.

To get rid of the image:

The dog outside of our window is gone now. The dog is gone and there's no more barking. You can get back into sex with me without any more distractions, and you're getting really horny again.

Advancing orgasm, or getting your partner to come more quickly, can also be handled a couple of different ways.

You can simply suggest to them that they come and, if they're deeply hypnotised enough and responsive enough, it'll happen. There are a couple of qualifiers to this to make their orgasm the best possible.

  1. As I've noted elsewhere, it's a very good idea for you to practice hypnotising your partner over a couple of weeks so that you both get used to what it's like. You'll become more skilled at saying the right words and doing the right thing at the right time, and they'll become more used to being hypnotised, will go deeper, and will respond more freely to your control.
  2. Just suggesting or commanding that your partner have an orgasm without any warm-up or foreplay can work. However, it'll work better with some foreplay and when you devote time to building them up to it. That's not to say that a "cold" orgasm won't be good, but that if you're wanting your partner to have a spectacular orgasm then touching, caressing, rubbing, and perhaps a fantasy or two, as discussed above, is going to get you heaps in return.

Some sexual partners like pursuing the idea of simultaneous orgasms, i.e., where you both orgasm at the same time, and this actually becomes a lot easier to achieve using the techniques I've been discussing. Indeed, once you and your partner have a bit of experience you can let them get close to orgasm and then hold them there until you're about to come and then you let them come.

If you're partner is familiar with you sexually then you might even tell them something like this:

While we're making love, your orgasm will happen at the same time as mine. When I come, you will also come. Until I come you will get very close to orgasm, and you'll find it very exciting, but your actual orgasm will wait and it will happen when you feel me start to come.

Waking trance and orgasms

One of the excellent abilities of may people once they are deeply enough hypnotised is for them to act as if they are awake even though they are in a trance. This is called a waking trance.

Part of the reason this is very useful is that someone who is in a typical trance is often very physically relaxed, doesn't say much, does only and exactly what you say, and is generally as much fun as a limp fish. You have to take charge of them and keep directing them. This can be challenging and can take away from your fun. One of my reviewer's once commented after reading my book (Look Into My Eyes) and working with her partner that even though her hypnotised male partner had a monumental and very satisfying erection, she couldn't focus on sucking it as she wanted because it meant her mouth was full and she couldn't keep giving him directions.

Using post-hypnotic suggestion, as I mentioned earlier and will discuss in more detail below, is one solution to this because your partner will be wide awake and normally active when the suggestion is triggered. You won't need to be in charge all the time.

Waking trance is another excellent strategy. Your partner will need to be in a deep trance for this. Not everyone can do it, and it may take a number of hypnosis sessions to get them to be able to go deep enough, but if they can it's well worth it.

In a waking trance your partner will be to act like their normal selves to a large extent, while still following the suggestions and commands you give them. This means that you'll have much more control over how horny they feel and more control over when they come than usual.

This can be an odd experience for you, as the hypnotist, because your partner can seem "normal" and yet while they are in a deep trance they'll still be able to experience the fantasies the same way I discussed earlier, and you'll be able to make the feel horny (or not) with just a word or two. It's likely they'll be surprised too because they'll think they are mostly awake and won't expect the level of control you have over them.

One of the things you can do with your partner in a waking trance is get them to make love to you and, at the same time, give them a trigger to make them come. Giving them a simple trigger command rather than having to tell them to come at the time when you're ready means that at that magic moment you don't have to get too distracted from your own feelings. The simple trigger can be squeezing their shoulder and this can be quite easy to do without interrupting the action.

For example:

I'm going to count to three in a moment, and when I reach three you'll start feeling very horny and you'll begin fucking me. You'll become so horny when I reach three that you'll be desperately hungry for my cunt and won't be able resist fucking me. And it'll feel fantastic and it'll get better and stronger the more you fuck me.

But even though it'll feel so good, you won't come until I squeeze your shoulder. The sexual feelings you have will be fantastic, but you won't come until I squeeze your shoulder... and then, when I do squeeze your shoulder, you'll have a truly massive orgasms inside me.

One... Two... THREE!

For more information on getting your partner in and out of a waking trance click the link below:

Post-hypnotic suggestion and orgasms


You can use post-hypnotic suggestion to trigger an orgasm with just a phrase or signal.

Post-hypnotic suggestion is giving your partner a command or suggestion while they're hypnotised which they then later follow some time after you wake them up.

You can use post-hypnotic suggestion to make your partner horny on command but, more importantly for this current topic, you can use it to trigger an orgasm. This is perhaps one of the most challenging uses of hypnosis with sex, but it can be well worth it to work on, and it can be a lot of fun. Just think of the famous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally!

When you give your partner a post-hypnotic suggestion for them to have an orgasm, make the trigger something which is not likely to happen accidentally. For example:

In future, when I snap my fingers in front of you and say, "Come, come, come," you'll immediately have a very big, very loud orgasm. The orgasm will run through your whole body, from your head to toes, and will focus around your cunt. It won't matter where we are---whether we're at home or out somewhere---whenever I snap my fingers in front of you and say, "Come, come, come," you'll immediately have an orgasm.

To get the best effect out of this, you should repeat the post-hypnotic suggestion to your partner over a number of hypnosis sessions after getting them as deeply hypnotised as possible.

This sort of post-hypnotic suggestion is very effective in the bedroom of course, but can also be fun to trigger in public if your partner doesn't get too embarrassed about it.


Sex with your partner is a team sport, emphasis on the word "team". To get the most out of combining hypnosis and sex you should discuss how each idea worked after trying it out. This sort of debriefing is very important for you both to find out what is good, what isn't do good, and how the things you try can be improved.

For example:

  • Did you make them delay their orgasm too long?
  • Did you make them come too early?
  • How can you tell when the right time is?

Your partner can be a wonderful source of ideas to try, and if they're enthusiastic about hypnosis they probably already have ideas of their own.