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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


"Masters' approach to the topic is at times gentle and humorous and makes you comfortable with using it."

"... a step-by-step guidebook which teaches the individual how to use hypnosis to heighten arousal."


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Someone in a trance, particularly when they have been first hypnotised, can be completely relaxed physically


When you have them open their eyes, they may just stare straight ahead with a blank, relaxed look on their face


Or, if they are hypnotised deeply enough, you can suggest that they act like they are awake and to an outside observer they will appear to be so


And, importantly, they can be even more sexually responsive during a trance than when they are actually awake

When someone has been hypnotised it is common to say that they are in a trance. Popularly this associated with someone sitting or standing with their eyes open staring blankly ahead. While being hypnotised can be like this, how someone appears or behaves while they are hypnotised can range from complete physical relaxation, almost like paralysis, though to appearing to be wide awake, fully responsive and full of energy.

The difference has to do both with the depth of trance they are in and what their hypnotist has suggested to them or has instructed them to do. As a general rule, the more deeply hypnotised someone is the more animated they are able to be while in the trance. The lighter the trance, or when they are only lightly hypnotised, the less animated and more like a floppy, relaxed doll they will be.

Similarly, the more deeply hypnotised they are, the more responsive and receptive they will be to instructions and post-hypnotic suggestions.

And while we are on the subject of post-hypnotic suggestions, another common belief is that someone who has been hypnotised will not be able to remember what happened to them and what they did during the trance. This is not correct. The memories will be there, but sometimes, particularly if their hypnotist has suggested it, the subject will be temporarily unable to recall them. The memories may come back spontaneously or during or following another trance.