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Post-hypnotic suggestion

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This article contains one or more scripts intended to be used with a hypnotised subject. Before using these scripts make sure that you have a good understanding of how to hypnotise someone, how to wake them up from a trance, how to give post-hypnotic suggestions, AND ESPECIALLY how to cancel post-hypnotic suggestions. Click here for more information.

A post-hypnotic suggestion is a command you give to your subject which is intended to be triggered sometime after the trance, usually by a phrase you say or by some other signal. It can also given to your subject in such a way that it automatically triggers either at a specific time or in certain circumstances.


There are a few factors which determine how effective a post-hypnotic suggestion will be. Firstly, how deeply hypnotised the person is at the time the post-hypnotic suggestion is given will be very significant. Someone who is only lightly hypnotised may not take the suggestion on board at all, though even if they do its effect won't necessarily be very strong and any resistance they feel to the command might overwhelm the effect of the hypnosis so that the command ends up not doing anything at all.

Someone who is deeply hypnotised is more likely to respond to a post-hypnotic suggestion. Regardless of the depth of the trance, how much the command or suggestion goes against the person's own beliefs and morals is going to also play a significant part.

In particular, the person will evaluate how confronting the commands would be if they followed them. This can happen completely unconsciously. For example, if you give them a post-hypnotic suggestion to remove their clothes and dance naked at work, this is likely to be resisted more than, say, a post-hypnotic suggestion to make to telephone you at a particular time.

An important thing to note here is that not everyone is going to have the same resistance to certain ideas and commands as you might expect. Not all people will have a problem with stripping at work. Professional strip-tease dancers, for example, will probably have no difficulty at all. Indeed, one well-known report of a college professor attempting to give a demonstration of this resistance to post-hypnotic suggestion was surprised when his young female student volunteer actually did start to take her clothes off in front of the class he was teaching. It turned out that she worked as a part-time striptease dancer to supplement her income and so taking off her clothes for an audience was something she felt comfortable doing.

Because of potential resistance, not all post-hypnotic suggestions go as planned. Sometimes the person who has been hypnotised will try to follow the command while still conforming to their own values and beliefs. For example, a person who has received the strip-and-dance-at-work post-hypnotic suggestion may actually follow it but go to the bathroom first and do the striptease there. In this way they still follow the command, but manage to do so in a way that is perhaps uncomfortable, rather than actually confronting.

Finally, if you have a post-hypnotic suggestion for your subject or partner which you want to be effective in the longer-term, such as being able to put them in a trance at any time using a trigger, it will be more effective if you repeat it to them over a number of sessions rather than just giving it to them once.

Instant trance


"... you'll go straight into a deep trance."

When you're planning on exploring hypnosis and sex with your partner then it's likely you're going to be hypnotising them a number of times. One of the very useful post-hypnotic suggestions you can give to them is one which will put them in a trance instantly, rather than you having to do a full induction each time.

The way you do this is that you first think of a trigger phrase, action or a combination of the two which won't ever happen unintentionally. The choice of trigger is important because if you give your partner a post-hypnotic suggestion to go into a trance and they get triggered at the wrong time, in the wrong place, or with the wrong person then it can be awkward for them.

Secondly, while your partner is hypnotised you instruct them that when you do or say this trigger that they'll go into a trance. It's that simple.

Here's an example of an instant trance post-hypnotic suggestion you can give your partner. It's useful to repeat this to them over a number of sessions to increase its effectiveness:

In future, any time I say to you, "Three, two, one, trance!," you'll stop whatever you're doing, you'll close your eyes, and you'll go straight into a deep trance. You won't even think about what's happening. You'll just go straight into a trance whenever I say, "Three, two, one, trance!," to you. As soon as you hear me say that phrase you'll stop what you're doing, close your eyes and go into a deep trance.

Below I talk a little more about ensuring that any post-hypnotic suggestions you give your partner aren't triggered at an inappropriate time, and there I have another instant trance example.

Literal-minded subjects

Post-hypnotic suggestions are difficult to get 100% right. When you don't have a lot of experience it's easy for you to end up with something that is triggered in more situations than you actually thought or hoped it would, or in which your subject does something other than what you wanted.

Part of the problem is that someone in a trance tends to be very literal-minded. This is something most of us aren't used to dealing with. When we're talking to people normally they tend to fill in the gaps or work out what we mean on their own. Someone in a trance will tend to do exactly what you say and only what you say. This means that you need to spell out far more in your instructions to someone in a trance.

Here are some hints and ideas to help you get the desired result first time.

Unambiguous triggers

The triggers to which your subject is going to respond should be carefully thought out. They should be completely unambiguous and specific. For example, don't tell them that they'll do some particular thing whenever they hear the word, "hello," because lots of people say, "hello," frequently during the day and they're going to hear it at work, on the telephone, as they walk past people greeting each other and so on.

Simple triggers are best and one of the tricks that I use is to combine a physical action and a word or phrase to create the trigger. For example:

In future when I touch either one of your shoulders and say the word "conniption" you will go straight into a trance. If I just touch your shoulder this won't cause you to go into a trance. If someone else touches your shoulder and says "conniption" it won't have any effect on you either. It will only be when _I_ touch your shoulder and say "conniption" that you'll go straight into a very deep trance.

Note how I define when I want this post-hypnotic suggestion to work, when I don't want it to work and what I want to happen.

You can also give post-hypnotic suggestions which trigger at a particular time, and when you do you also need to be carefully precise. For example, if it's first thing in the morning and you are planning a sexy evening with your partner at home you don't hypnotise your partner and say something such as: "At 9pm tonight you'll start feeling incredibly sexy and horny and you'll be very hungry for sex with me." The problem with this is that something might happen and your partner isn't home at 9pm or you might have unexpected family visitors who stay until late. If so then your partner is likely to start feeling very horny in totally inappropriate circumstances. Also, if they're late coming home and are in the car alone at 9pm then you could actually create a dangerous situation with them being totally distracted by horniness and unable to concentrate on their driving.

A safer and more responsible post-hypnotic suggestion to give them might be:

A soon as we're alone at home tonight after 9pm you'll start feeling incredibly sexy and horny and you'll be very hungry for sex with me.

Limit the scope of the triggers


"... you will remove all of your clothes and show me your butt."

Sometimes you do want a post-hypnotic suggestion to be effective each time you trigger it, for example when you want to speed things up be able to put your subject into a trance without having to go through a full induction each time. Sometimes you only want a post-hypnotic suggestion to work once, often just the first time you trigger it after the trance. Sometimes you only want it to work when you alone trigger it. Sometimes you want it only to be effective in certain locations--like in your bedroom.

When you are giving your partner a post-hypnotic suggestion consider these things and limit when the post-hypnotic suggestion will be triggered. You might do it like this:

The first time I say the word, "rabbit," after I wake you from this trance you will remove all of your clothes and show me your butt. This post-hypnotic suggestion will be completely effective only the first time I say the word "rabbit" after I wake you. After this first time it won't be effective any more.

In this example you're making sure that your partner won't keep popping into a trance every time you say, "rabbit," from now on. This is important because common words like, "rabbit," can come up in conversation at any time and you might unintentionally trigger your partner at an inconvenient or embarrassing time.

The 9pm example above is also a good example. If you left the word, "tonight," out of that post-hypnotic suggestion you might find your partner feeling horny every night at 9pm. While this might be fun and sexy for the first few nights, after a while it starts to wear thin because---if nothing else---the spontaneity and novelty quickly fade.

Give them enough detail about what they are to do when triggered

When you give your subject a post-hypnotic suggestion don't be vague. Don't tell them just to "to feel sexy" or "to kiss you". Be explicit. Don't leave them any room to interpret what you mean. Spell it out just as you would if you were telling them what to do while they are hypnotised.

If you don't spell it out then your partner may do less than you expect or want. Just saying, "to kiss you," for example, doesn't say what sort of kiss. You might just get a quick peck on the cheek. If you want a serious kiss then you should be explicit like this:

In future, when I say the phrase, "keep kissing coming," to you you'll stop what you're doing and give me a long, deep French kiss which will make you feel quite sensual and affectionate.

Likewise, just saying, "to feel sexy," doesn't suggest that anything more will happen. If you're looking for some action in bed then try something like this:

In future, when I say the phrase, "time for bed action," to you you'll immediately start feeling very sexy and will make passionate love to me.

Define when the post-hypnotic suggestion's effect stops


"... you will start to sing."

It's very, very important to tell your subject when a post-hypnotic suggestion stops. Telling them, for example, that they'll feel thirsty when you say the word, "icicle," or telling them that they'll start singing when you say the word, "piano," might work to start them feeling thirsty or start them singing, but when do they stop?

Remember that your subject won't be in a trance any more when the post-hypnotic suggestion is triggered so it might not be too easy to do any fine-tuning (like getting them to stop). It's best to to get it right first-time by telling them something like this:

Just after I wake you from this trance I will say the word, "piano,". When I do you will start to sing. It won't matter what you sing, you will just start singing, and you will keep singing until I touch you on the shoulder. Once I touch you on the shoulder you will stop singing and then this post-hypnotic suggestion won't have any effect on you any more.

Post-hypnotic suggestion by association

If you want your subject to feel a certain way as a result of a post-hypnotic suggestion you'll get much better results if you tell them what to feel like rather than just telling them what to feel. In other words instead of saying something like:

In future, when I say the phrase, "cold as an ice-cube," you'll feel very cold.

you would say:

In future, when I say the phrase, "cold as an ice-cube," you'll feel as cold as you felt when we were in the mountains last winter and you feel in the river.

By using this approach you make it easier for your subject to reach into their mind and bring out the feelings that you want them to have because they've already had them and they know what they're like. Note that you should, in this example, also tell them when they'll stop feeling that cold as I mentioned earlier.

If it's sexual feelings that you want them to have then it's even easier. If your partner is a guy, for example, what you could do is hypnotise him, have him undress and then start stroking and touching him:

Feel my fingers and hand stroking your penis. I want you to enjoy the way I'm touching you now and I want you to respond to it by feeling very, very sexy and sexually aroused. In future when I say the word, "caterpillar," to you while we're alone you will feel and respond the way you are right now, as if I were actually touching you and caressing you the way I am now. Even though I probably won't be touching you at the time, in future when I say the word "caterpillar" to you while we're alone you will become very sexually aroused, like you are now, as if I were touching you and stroking you at the time.

By associating the sexual feelings he has during the trance as a result of you touching him with the post-hypnotic suggestion you are telling him exactly how you want him to feel when triggered.

Finally, a reminder and two more examples

If you use post-hypnotic suggestions with your partner, remember to be sensible with them. This means making sure they will trigger only when you want them to. For example, telling your partner to feel horny when they hear a certain song, and then playing that song from time to time in the comfort of your shared accommodation can be jolly good. But they may quickly find that they end up feeling horny all over the place, such as in shopping centres when that song plays, or when they hear the song on the radio when driving or at work. This can be distracting or even dangerous.

So, here are a couple of quick scripts for post-hypnotic suggestions with built-in safety limitations. I have underlined some important words and phrases:

The first time I say the word "hippopotamus" after waking you up from this trance, you will suddenly feel incredibly horny, get a powerful erection, and feel an overwhelming desire to fuck me.

Whenever you hear the song "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" playing here at home when we are alone, you will get an irresistible desire to pull down your panties and get me to spank you. When you hear the song in other circumstances it won't have any effect on you.

Post-hypnotic amnesia

Post-hypnotic amnesia is the phenomenon where someone who has recently been hypnotised is unable to remember either:

  1. Some or all of what occurred during their hypnosis session, or
  2. Something which their hypnotist directed them not to remember

Post-hypnotic amnesia can occur spontaneously. That is, after a hypnosis session the subject may have vague or no memories of some of what happened during the trance. This may happen, for example, after a therapy session where something objectionable from the person's past was explored and they aren't yet ready to accept it while awake.

It can also occur spontaneously after a recreational hypnosis session, such as a private session with a partner, or after hypnosis stage shows. In these cases it is frequently related to post-hypnotic suggestions which the person has received during the trance which would have less impact if they were able to be remembered. For example, someone told to behave like a dog when they hear the word "bone" would be forewarned if they could remember having received the command.

Not forgotten. Just unable to remember


"... you won't be able to remember your name."

Although some hypnotists will give post-hypnotic suggestions such as, "You will forget XYZ when you wake up," to deliberately cause their subject or partner to not remember something, in reality the memories are not forgotten. Instead, the hypnotised person is merely unable to remember them. Put another way, they're ability to remember these particular things is blocked. This block is temporary.

The consequence of this is that their memories of what happened while they were hypnotised can return. This can happen in two ways:

  1. They are hypnotised again and told to remember, or
  2. They remember spontaneously, either as a result of the post-hypnotic command wearing off, or due to something happening which triggers the memory.

Demonstrations of post-hypnotic amnesia

In stage shows and hypnosis demonstrations there are two common amnesia scenarios:

  1. The subject is told that they are unable to remember their own name,
  2. The subject is told to have no memory of a certain number (commonly "7").

Here's a YouTube search which should yield some examples of each.

No name

In this scenario the subject is told something like this:

When I wake you up you won't be able to remember your name. No matter hard you try you won't have any idea what your name is. If someone mentions your name to you, you won't even recognise it.

The typical result is that when the person is asked their name they look confused and will even say they have no idea what it is, or that they have it on the tip of their tongue but can't get it out.

More than ten fingers


"... you'll have no memory of the number 'seven'."

When someone is told not to remember a certain number (like "7"), they are usually woken up and then asked to count their fingers. Typically, because they miss one number, they arrive at the unexpected and confusing result that they have eleven fingers when they know they should have ten.

It can go like this:

When I wake you up from this trance you'll have no memory of the number "seven". You'll have never heard of it. As far as you're concerned "eight" will come straight after "six".

Like all post-hypnotic suggestions, even something simple like the above can go astray. I once hypnotised a partner and gave her the above suggestion. I then woke her and asked her to count her fingers. She was bilingual and instead of skipping "seven", she switched to her other language for that particular number and then switched back to English for "eight", "nine", and "ten". Thus, she still had ten fingers.

Post-hypnotic amnesia and sex

Deliberate amnesia for post-hypnotic suggestions given to your partner, particularly those which are either sexual and/or possibly lightly embarrassing can be useful to ultimately enhance the experience you and your partner have.

For example, for some people the experience of being hypnotised gives them an opportunity to surrender (including sexually) to the will of their partner. They may then find it surprising and arousing to later find themselves unexpectedly doing a striptease in front of you in response to a trigger from you. Similarly, you may find it exciting to have the power to trigger these sorts of responses from your partner. These will both be more effective when your partner can't remember you giving them the post-hypnotic suggestion.

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