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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


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Voyeur - shower

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This article contains one or more scripts intended to be used with a hypnotised subject. Before using these scripts make sure that you have a good understanding of how to hypnotise someone, how to wake them up from a trance, how to give post-hypnotic suggestions, AND ESPECIALLY how to cancel post-hypnotic suggestions. Click here for more information.

While your partner is deeply hypnotised it can be entertaining---in a completely voyeuristic way---for you to tell them to imagine that they're in their bathroom and that they're going to have a shower. You then watch them undress and begin to wash themselves, especially the parts of their which generally aren't on public display, with imaginary soap.

It can go like this:


"... you'll imagine you're in your bathroom about to have a shower."

I'm going to count to three in a moment, and when I reach three you'll open your eyes and you'll imagine you're in your bathroom about to have a shower. When I reach three you'll open your eyes and you'll imagine you're in your bathroom about to take a shower. You'll turn on the water in the shower, adjust the temperature, then take off your clothes, step in to the shower and begin washing yourself.

While you're washing yourself you'll follow any instructions I give you without realising that you're doing so, and without even realising that I'm there in the bathroom watching you.

One, two, THREE...

It's a good idea to guide your partner during this hypno-shower so that it becomes more interesting for you, the voyeur hypnotist. After all, a shower in itself can be quite mundane unless you spice it up a little. Following are a few suggestions.

Make it more sensual

Rather than just have your partner doing a quick imaginary wash in the shower, you can make it into a more sensual experience by suggesting to them that that hot water feels stimulating or even arousing.

Here's how you can do it:

The water is feeling very nice and warm. You can feel it running down your skin as you move and let it wash over the different parts of your body---your back, your neck, your shoulders, your chest, and then as it runs down your body and legs and then down to the floor.

I want you to concentrate on the feeling of the warm water. Just focus on the feeling of the warm water running over you. It feels so good and refreshing. Move around in the stream of water from the shower nozzle so that you get to feel the lovely warm water running all over your body.

Make it sexy

Warm water running over arms and legs is one thing, but you can liven things up a little for your partner by suggesting to them that the warm water is running over one or more of their erogenous zones. This can work quite well for women if you have them imagine, for example, that they're sitting down in the shower letting the stream of warm or hot water from the shower nozzle strike against their clitoris.

In any case, here are a couple of ideas:

Turn so that the warm water is striking against your chest, against your breasts and nipples. Your breasts and nipples are feeling pleasantly sensitive now and as you move beneath the shower nozzle you find that you can change and create sensations on your breasts and nipples as you change the way the water strikes them. It feels very good as you feel the warm water caressing and wrapping itself around your breasts and nipples.

This, of course, leads to sexual arousal and you can have your partner masturbate in the shower while you watch:

The water running down your body feels so good. You can feel it now running down and around your cock and balls. The heat from the water on your cock and balls is starting to turn you on and you can feel yourself getting an erection. This is making you even more horny as the hot water warms your cock and as you feel the streams of water gently beating against it.

Reach down now and start caressing your balls. That feel so good. Your hand feels warm from the water and you can still feel the hot water itself running against your cock.

Concentrate on the feeling of your hand on your balls and the hot water running over your cock.

Now move your hand to your cock and start stroking and rubbing it. You can feel the heat from the water helping you to become even hornier and more aroused. It feel so beautiful to be in the shower with the warm water running over you, making you feel so sensual and horny...

I leave the rest of this script to your imagination.

Joining your partner in the shower


"... I'm going to come in and join you in a very sensuous and sexy shower."

Up to this point your partner has been imagining themselves alone in the shower, even though you have been there all the time and have even been guiding them.

If you do find yourself feeling somewhat horny and your naked partner touching themselves is becoming too much to bear, then you might want to get yourself involved.

Here's one way:

On the count of three I'm going to open the door of the bathroom and I'm going to come in and join you in a very sensuous and sexy shower. I'm going to join you in the shower and then we're going to touch and explore each other and make love. You'll find it very sexy to make love to me in the shower, and the warm water running everywhere will make it more sensual and sexy than ever before.

You then take off your clothes, count to three, step into the imaginary shower with your partner, and away you go :)

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