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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


"Masters' approach to the topic is at times gentle and humorous and makes you comfortable with using it."

"... a step-by-step guidebook which teaches the individual how to use hypnosis to heighten arousal."


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When hypnotising someone, the general procedure involves getting them to focus on something. If you're doing what's called an "open eye" induction they'll have their eyes open initially and they'll be focussing their gaze on an object such as the flame of a candle, the end of a pen you're holding, or a point or spot in the middle distance. In a "closed eye" induction they'll have their eyes closed and they'll either be focussing on an image in their mind, or they'll be focussing on a sound. An ideal sound is that of a metronome.

On this page is a metronome which you can use for this purpose.

How to operate this metronome

The metronome is set to tick at the optimal rate of one beat per second. This cannot be changed.

Click or tap on "Start" to start it.

Once it starts the text will change to "Stop". You can then click or tap to stop it.

Make sure you have the sound turned up.

Note: The metronome may not work on all browsers.