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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


"Masters' approach to the topic is at times gentle and humorous and makes you comfortable with using it."

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Fantasy and role-playing

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Sometimes a little fantasy or role-playing can add spice to love-making.

Fantasy can be imagining that you are making love in unusual, or possibly embarrassing situation, such as in a shop display window or in an aircraft, or imagining that your partner is someone else for the moment.

Role-playing is a variation on fantasy where you imagine that you are someone else, maybe Tarzan, The Terminator, Rapunzel, or a super-model or spectacular athlete; or you might imagine that you are a doctor and your partner is a patient whom you sexually seduce.

Hypnosis offers the chance to more deeply explore both fantasy and role-playing with your partner. One of the characteristics of hypnosis which is used frequently in stage shows, is that a person in a trance can frequently become completely immersed in the scenarios their hypnotist creates for them. This can be very sexually powerful.

Apart from the intensity of the experience, such scenarios also offer your partner the chance to get rid of inhibitions, thus making a profound experience even better.

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