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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


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Sexy dance or striptease

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This article contains one or more scripts intended to be used with a hypnotised subject. Before using these scripts make sure that you have a good understanding of how to hypnotise someone, how to wake them up from a trance, how to give post-hypnotic suggestions, AND ESPECIALLY how to cancel post-hypnotic suggestions. Click here for more information.


Having your hypnotised partner perform an erotic dance or striptease can be a good way to start an evening

You can hypnotise a friend or your partner so that when you give them a certain signal or when you play a certain song they'll straight away start doing a sexy dance or even a striptease.

With a signal

If you're going to trigger them with a signal from you, here's one way of doing it:

In a little while I'm going to wake you up from this trance and for the rest of this evening whenever you see me scratch my nose you'll immediately stop what you're doing, you'll get up and you'll start doing a very, very sexy dance just for me.

When you see me scratch my nose any time this evening you'll immediately get up and start doing a very sexy, suggestive, erotic dance with lots of hip movements and sexy, suggestive gestures. You'll feel really sexy yourself and it'll show in all the provocative ways you move and in all the ways you look at me and smile.

You'll keep dancing until I say, "Stop dancing," at which time you'll stop and wonder what you're doing. You won't have any idea why you were dancing when I tell you to stop, but you will immediately start doing your sexy dance again each time I scratch my nose this evening.

Of course, if you know the person well you can change the "sexy dance" to a "striptease" and let them really show you what they've got.

With a song

Instead of using a gesture or a word to trigger the post-hypnotic suggestion in your partner or friend, you can use a song or a piece of music. This can be a better choice if you have a CD or MP3 player handy because it'll let your subject get more deeply involved in the dance they do. Instead of them having to imagine music, you can play exactly the right sort of music for the dance you want to see them do.

What you do is you play some of the music to them during the trance while you give them the post-hypnotic suggestion. Play the music quietly so it isn't louder than you voice when you're talking to them. Here's what you can say:

I'm going to start playing a song in a moment, and any time this evening that you hear this song you'll immediately stop what you're doing and start doing a sexy striptease dance to the music. <Start the song here>. Now listen to this music, and each time you hear it tonight you'll stop what you're doing and start doing a sexy striptease, taking off all of your clothes until you're completely naked and doing a very sexy and erotic dance. You'll feel very sexy and horny as you dance to the song.

While this song keeps playing you'll keep doing your sexy dance, taking off all of your clothes until you're completely naked showing everything you've got to me. You'll keep dancing, feeling very sexy and horny, until the song ends or until I stop it. And once the music stops you'll stop dancing and wonder what on earth made you dance like that.

Once the song stops and you stop dancing you'll wonder why you danced and stripped like that, but as soon as you hear the song again any time this evening you'll immediately begin to dance and strip again.

Other types of dance

You can easily modify the scripts above for other types of sexy dancing. For example:

  • Belly dancing
  • Pole dancing
  • Nude aerobics

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