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Look Into My Eyes

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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


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Erotic hypnosis

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Hypnosis can increase the sexual responsiveness of you and/or your partner.

Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis to affect someone's sexual feelings or attitudes with the goal of increasing their sexual arousal and satisfaction. This can be by increasing their sexual responsiveness, decreasing their inhibitions---such as those associated with oral sex, and increased libido (or horniness).

When the person doing the hypnotising is a trusted partner or lover the benefits of erotic hypnosis are mutual and can significantly increase the scope or range of the couple's sexual activities.

Erotic hypnosis in the media

Voodoo man.jpg

Voodoo Man (1944). Mad scientist, his mother, diabolical machine, and entranced woman.

Many people find an image of an attractive man or woman in a trance to be sexually arousing, often because the person in the trance is seen as helpless or vulnerable and unable to resist the sexual attentions of their hypnotist. Authors and movie makers have not been slow in picking up on this, with many movies having a sexual aspect which is combined with hypnosis to make the sex more erotic. In horror movies, such as Count Yorga, Vampire (1970) where the eponymous Count Yorga hypnotises a young woman and causes her to raped by his manservant, the helplessness aspect of hypnosis is used to scare. At the same time though, for many it is also quite arousing.

In comedies, hypnosis can also be combined with sex, though often this is more for titillation. Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995), has Leslie Nielsen as the vampire hypnotising his female victim who is in her bedroom wearing a nightie. Again, his victim is seen as helpless.

Even children's cartoons can take a turn towards the erotic in some peoples' minds, such as the episode of the popular Scooby Doo cartoon where an evil clown hypnotises Daphne. Even though there's no sex, the fact that a nominally attractive and young female is under the control of an evil villain is arousing for many erotic hypnosis enthusiasts.

Another common cartoon image which has an erotic appeal is the scene in 1967's The Jungle Book where Kaa, the python, hypnotises Mowgli.

Erotic hypnosis is popular enough that people both write about it, and hypnotise others and make videos of their sessions. In the case of written erotic hypnosis stories, there usually isn't enough of a market to make it financially worthwhile to sell the stories so they are often available at a hobby level for free download. On the other hand, erotic hypnosis videos---often featuring young women who are hypnotised to undress and have orgasms while being recorded---have spawned a small market where videos are produced and sold for download.

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Direct control of sexual arousal



Hypnotic suggestion can be used to control the sexual arousal of a person in a trance, such as to quickly bring them to a state of sexual excitement and sexual hunger, and to help regulate when and how strongly they orgasm. There can be two major benefits to this:

  1. Their orgasm can be delayed, thus extending their pleasure and the pleasure of their partner, and
  2. Someone in a trance can often orgasm more intensely than when they are not in a trance.

This ability to control and influence arousal on command can be very appealing. It can be used when the hypnotist and his/her partner are trying to achieve simultaneous orgasm, or when they are trying to delay orgasm as long as possible without diminishing pleasure. This aspect of hypnosis can also be combined with post-hypnotic suggestion to train or condition someone to become aroused or to orgasm at a given signal or trigger phrase, even when they are no longer hypnotised.

In practice, and as some commentators have pointed out, sexually controlling your partner at the same time as you are making love to them can distract you from your own pleasure. Your focus becomes controlling their reactions and feelings, and this takes away from your ability to focus on your own feelings. Instead, preparing your partner in advance through the use of post-hypnotic suggestions---such as conditioning your partner to become sexually aroused on a signal, or to become less aroused until you are ready for them to come---can be the better course as it allows you to just use simple phrases or triggers during love-making to get your partner to react how you want. This frees you to respond fully without distraction.

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Reducing inhibitions, fears, and nervousness


Decreased inhibitions can help your partner be more receptive to new activities.

Hypnosis can be used to reduce or remove many inhibitions and fears which might revolve around sexual activities. The state of being in a hypnotic trance allows a person's focus to be directed away from things which unnecessarily bother them---such as nervousness about a new sexual activity---and instead be directed towards thoughts and sensations of pleasure and excitement.

This often means that the hypnotised partner is more receptive to new activities and less concerned about potential embarrassment or awkwardness. They can also be more open to activities outside of their usual comfort zone.

In this way hypnosis can help with embracing and being open to:

  • Oral sex,
  • Anal sex,
  • Sex in non-missionary positions, such as 69 and woman-on-top,
  • Sex in unusual locations, such as in a forest or desert, on a boat, on a beach, and so on, and
  • Bondage or kinky sex.

This same reduction or removal of inhibitions, fears, and nervousness can extend beyond the trance with the use of post-hypnotic suggestion.

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Fantasies and role-play

Hypnosis can be used to create exciting and seductive sexual fantasies in the mind of a person in the trance. These can be potentially real-seeming role-play scenarios such as doctor/nurse, doctor/patient, speeding driver/arresting police officer, etc. As well as fantasy roles, hypnosis can allow them to experience sex in unusual situations or environments, such as while floating in a space capsule, in an imagined department store window, and so on.

Role-play and fantasy helps the person remove themselves from their normal inhibitions and places them in situations which can be exciting and liberating. For example, if they might be normally particularly conservative, having them imagine that they are someone else for the duration of the trance---say, someone famous who is well-known for being sexually uninhibited---or that they are in a sexually liberating situation, allows them to let their hair down, so to speak, and put aside their own inhibitions for a time.

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No distractions, just focus on sex

Hypnosis can also help to remove distractions. A person who is preoccupied by family or work problems may have trouble responding sexually because of these worries. By putting them in a trance their focus can be directed away from these external problems and towards both their sexual feelings and their partner. This allows them to respond more fully.

A hypnotic trance is also typically a state of intense mental focus. When this focus is away from some part of their body, it can lead to hypnotic anesthesia where the person can have surgery on that part of their body without pain and without the use of drugs. Of more interest to us here is where their focus is towards a sexual part of their body---such as their cock, cunt, balls, or nipples---and this can create the opposite effect, a significantly heightened sensitivity and sexual responsiveness.

Indeed, a person in a trance can easily be more sexually responsive than someone who isn't in a trance due to this single-minded focus.

Erotic hypnosis versus hypnofetish


Control, vulnerability and exposure are ideas which some people find very arousing and which can play out extremely effectively with hypnosis.

Erotic hypnosis differs from hypnofetish in that while a hypnofetish enthusiast finds hypnosis sexual exciting per se, in erotic hypnosis the characteristics and abilities of hypnosis itself are used to enhance sexual feelings and experience.

This means that a hypnofetish enthusiast can be sexually aroused by such things as the control and vulnerability aspects of hypnosis, even before using hypnosis itself to arouse or excite directly through techniques such as suggestion or enhanced fantasies. For example, just being aware that their partner is under their control can be extremely stimulating for some people. The idea of seeing their partner in such a vulnerable state, of them being in an apparently helplessly obedient state, or of actually being in this state themselves, can create strong feelings of penetration and incite intense sexual desire. The young lady on the right is a case in point; her nakedness, the expression on her face, and her legs spread apart, all suggest vulnerability and an inability to resist. This responsiveness to the idea of control is, in fact, something which we can also see in BDSM and in dominance and submission.

This difference erotic hypnosis and hypnofetish is quite fundamental; however, in practice when hypnosis is used to make sex more interesting or exciting it doesn't matter too much which mechanism causes the excitement or arousal, it only matters that it does. In many cases, and for many people who do combine hypnosis and sex, it is often a combination of both the fetish aspect and the actual characteristics of hypnosis which create the end result.

The feeling of control

An important aspect of erotic hypnosis for many people is that of using control. For some people it can be very exciting to have their partner and their sexual feelings under their control. For others it can be very exciting to be sexually under the control of their partner. This awareness of the changes and effects occurring as a result of control being used, just on its own, can be very sexually arousing.

There's a difference here between the idea of using control, which is hypnofetish territory, and actually using the control to effect changes and stimulation, which can instead be quite empowering. Deliberate exploration and exploitation of this control aspect of hypnosis can add significantly to the thrill, even beyond the excitement of the sex itself. There can also be very strong elements of dominance and submission mixed in with this.

Post-hypnotic suggestion can also play an effective part. With a responsive partner or subject, the experience and awareness of control can extend well beyond the duration of the trance and, for example, allow the hypnotist to remotely trigger and control their partner's arousal at some time when they're not expecting it, such as by telephone while they're at the office.

Learning to hypnotise


Hypnotising someone typically starts out with getting them to focus on an object or a visual image.

Actually hypnotising someone is relatively straight forward and most people can learn how to do it. The process is described in this article. It is quite simple and generally involves getting the person you wish to hypnotise to focus on a small or shiny object, or to focus on an image in their mind, and then you talk to them in a calm but firm voice and guide them into a trance. Once they are initially hypnotised, you then deepen the trance and get them to a state where you can do what you had planned with them.

If you can find someone who is already skilled at hypnosis then try to get them to teach you. Alternatively, there are a number of good books which will teach you how to hypnotise. Try this search link for which should give you a good list of books to start with.

You could also consider my book, Look Into My Eyes, whose first part teaches you how to hypnotise your partner, how to give them commands and suggestions while they are in the trance, and how then to wake them up; and whose second part has numerous scripts and examples of how you can use your new found skill sexually with your partner.

Finally, if you're particularly keen, check out your local professional hypnotherapist association. They should be able to point you to proper training courses.

Post-hypnotic suggestions

Post-hypnotic suggestions are very useful in erotic hypnosis and can be used to trigger an unexpected (to the subject) sexual response, or to cause them to do some unexpected (again, to them) sexually-related activity, such as becoming horny, or stripping off their clothes, or performing oral sex on their partner.

A post-hypnotic suggestion is a command given to the subject while they are in a trance, and which they follow after you have woken them up. This can be in response to a trigger, in the case of some specific action (such as to dance or to feel horny when they hear a particular song), or can be a general instruction such as to be enthusiastic about trying anal sex.

It's important to realise that, as often mentioned in relation to hypnosis, you can't get someone to do something which they strongly object to, but you can use it to help them overcome any fears or embarrassment they may have about various activities.

More on post-hypnotic suggestion can be found in this article and articles to which it links.

Depth of trance

A number of factors contribute to how well someone in a trance will respond sexually.

One of the main ones is the depth of trance. This is going to determine how strongly they will respond to the suggestions and commands from their partner. In general, the deeper the trance the better they will respond. This, in turn, is going to depend on how much confidence and trust they have in their partner, and how much experience they have in being hypnotised.

The first time someone is hypnotised they probably won't go into as deep a trance as they will in later sessions. This is because being a good hypnotic subject is part natural predisposition and part learned; the more experience a subject has with a particular hypnotist (such as their partner), the more deeply they will respond as they develop familiarity and trust with the way the hypnotist works.

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