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The following is an extract from The Control Book by Peter Masters, pp. 171 - 172:

Let me define magic as using spells or incantations to influence someone or something. It is a way in which you attempt to assert control over something you don't fully understand, usually by saying the words or doing the things which on previous occasions appeared to cause the outcome you were looking for.

In a way, magic is quite common these days. Lesser word-processor operators know that by clicking here and dragging there they can get their document title to appear in Bold Gothic. If clicking here and dragging there fails to produce Bold Gothic, then they're lost because they only know the magic formula rather than really knowing what they're doing.

Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." We are daily surrounded by technology generally far beyond our understanding. Take microwave ovens, for example. We know the buttons to push, but if the food fails to heat, we have to call in the services of a minor techno-priest who can cause our magic to start working again.

I think that part of the satisfaction of doing something comes from the understanding of it, but if the desired result is reliably achieved without the understanding, then for most people this is just as good.

So, what magic do you use with your submissive? What gestures, phrases or actions do you use because they work, without you really understanding why?

  1. Do you do a warm-up of your submissive's backside before belting into them? Why do you do this? Does it make it better for the submissive? Why is it better?
  2. Do you pull your submissive's hair or wrap your fingers around their neck? Why? Because it works?
  3. Do you tease your submissive before sex? Why? Why not jump straight in?
  4. What other things do you do because they "just work?"