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Figure 1. A spanking in progress

Figure 2. A padded spanking bench

Figure 3. Woman kneeling over a spanking horse

Figure 4. Reddened buttocks from spanking

Figure 5. A selection of spanking implements

Spanking is a BDSM physical activity. It is a form of impact play which typically involves striking the bottom or submissive with something flat such as the palm of the hand or with a paddle. The part of the body being struck is almost always the buttocks or upper thighs of the bottom or submissive.

The bottom or submissive is generally in one of two positions when this is performed:

  1. Over the knee of the seated top or dominant, or
  2. Standing, but bent over a table or bench. The top or dominant will be standing behind them.

Figure 2 (right) shows a specially-made spanking bench. It is padded and sufficiently comfortable for a long scene. It has straps to allow the bottom to be secured in place. Figures 1 shows a spanking in progress with a female bottom lying on a spanking bench. Figure 3 shows a female bottom in position on a different style of spanking bench. She has her wrists secured behind her back.

As noted above, spanking can be done with an open palm or a flat object. An alternative when striking the buttocks by hand is to cup the hand so that it matches the shape of one buttock cheek. This changes the nature of the impact and we can see this being done in figure 1.

When spanking with a paddle the usual target is the centre of the rounded buttocks. This is because the edge of a paddle can sometimes cut or abrade the skin. This is not the case when spanking by hand and it's more common for hand spankings to aim for and include the sensitive crease between buttocks and thighs. We can see this in figure 1, and it's also likely that the bottom in figure 5 was spanked by hand as the reddening includes their upper thighs and lower buttocks.

Why do it?

Spanking can be a form of discipline and may be done in a naughty schoolgirl or naughty schoolboy context. This might involve the bottom dressing in a school uniform and dropping their skirt/panties or their trousers and bending over a table to receive the spanking. This may be a way to relive guilty experiences from one's youth, to deal with feelings of guilt, or to revisit erotic feelings from being effectively dominated by a teacher in days of yore.

It might also be simply a form of intimate pain play. In terms of impact play, spanking is about the only one which involves such close physical contact with your partner, particularly if the spanking is delivered over the knee. Other forms of impact play generally are at arm's length or further away.

Spanking rarely bruises, but it can leave a good, healthy red glow for a considerable time, possibly up to a day or two when administered by someone with a habituated hand who can spank for long periods.

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