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Being disciplined with a cane while leaning over a school desk is a common role-playing scenario

Discipline is a category of BDSM activities which involves imposing some form of pain or suffering in a context which suggests that it is punishment for misbehaviour or for some misdeed.

The sorts of activities which fit well in this context include:

  • Spanking - such as over-the-knee, pants-down spanking
  • Caning - such as leaning over the teacher's desk and getting caned on the buttocks
  • Humiliation

Discipline can allow the benefits or rewards of BDSM[1] to occur and be accepted in a psychologically safe context [2]. As part of this, it's common for discipline to occur fully-clothed with perhaps only the pants pulled down to reveal the impact target. The pants being pulled down can add to the humiliation effect.


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  2. See Identity management