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What it is

A medical scene is one in which BDSM delights are explored in a medical context. Enthusiasts of this type of scene will commonly acquire medical equipment used for probing various bodily orifices, and may even equip their dungeon or play area with examination tables or dental chairs.

Medical scenes may involve role play with one partner playing the role of helpless patient, and other being the doctor.

What it isn't

Because the role of penetration is frequently very important, medical scenes tend not to include such non-penetrating activities as:

  • Taking your partner's pulse,
  • Vision tests,
  • Weighing your partner (unless it also includes humiliation), and
  • Prescribing medication, diets, or exercise.

What can be done

Medical scenes are commonly invasive. That is to say that they frequently involve one person inserting things into orifices in their partner's body. The things they insert include:

  • Urethral sounds of catheters into the penis or urethra,
  • Anal or vaginal speculums which are inserted into aforementioned bodily orifices and which stretch the openings to allow further examination or other activities, and
  • Oral speculums for use in the mouth.

Medical scenes can also involve enemas.

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