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Medical play is generally any BDSM activity which reflects what a medical practitioner might do. Most frequently this includes examination and probing. This may be done with the aid of legitimate medical instruments such as sounds and dilators.

  • Sounds are devices intended to be inserted into the body through one of the natural openings. In BDSM these are commonly the urethra, the vagina, and the anus
  • Dilators, on the other hand, are usually mechanical devices intended to spread or force open one of the body's natural openings. Again, in BDSM these are commonly the vagina or anus but may also include the mouth (via wedges or blocks) during dental play

The use of medical-grade sounds, dilators, and other equipment serves two purposes:

  1. Medical grade equipment is quite robust, and is will not have rough or sharp edges
  2. They are intended to be cleaned and disinfected, often being made of stainless steel or medical-grade plastic

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