Wrapping (impact play)

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What it is

Wrapping can occur in some forms of impact play, such as caning or flogging, where the tip(s) of the instrument being used (such as a cane or flogger) extends beyond the desired target area on the bottom/submissive and wraps around the body to impact (possibly dangerously) on the side or front of the person.

Vulnerable areas

The kidneys and other bodily organs located in the area between the bottom of the rib cage and the hips are particularly vulnerable to wrapping, possibly leading to internal organ bruising or worse. More obvious mis-targets are testicles and breasts. This is not to say that testicles and breasts are not valid targets at times, but when they are hit unintentionally or by accident they can either be seriously damaged or else the resulting pain can disrupt the scene.

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