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Whipping is a well-known BDSM physical activity. It is a type of impact play.

It typically involves a top repeatedly and regularly striking the back of a physically restrained or immobile bottom with a swinging motion using a whip.


Whips are used single-handed and consist of a rigid or semi-rigid handle, from which extents a single braided leather tail. The tail will commonly be from one to five meters long.

In BDSM use the whip is usually swung at speed so that the tail wraps itself along the skin of the bottom or submissive, commonly leaving a red mark or a weal.

Cracking a whip

Whips have traditionally appeared in cowboy shows where they are cracked. Cracking a whip is where the whip is swung in such a way that the tip will move (briefly) at supersonic speed, thus creating a cracking sound.

Even though the material used in a whip may be soft leather, when the tip is moving at such speeds it can easily cut bare skin.