Sexual denial

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Sexual denial is a form of BDSM torture. Typically it involves one partner (the top or dominant) denying their partner sexual satisfaction. It may also be accompanied by teasing, and the partner doing the denying may actually attempt to sexually arouse their partner to increase the suffering.

The denial can basically occur in two different ways:

  1. The partner being denied may be physically restrained from being able to get sexual satisfaction, or
  2. The submissive partner may be ordered by their dominant partner to avoid and not to seek out sexual satisfaction.

Physical denial

In physical denial, the bottom or submissive is physically prevented from controlling any sexual stimulation they receive. This can be done simply by tying them up or restraining them in such a way so they can't move, and so they can't touch or stimulate themselves sexually.

Some forms of physical denial, such as those involving bondage, tend to be limited to relatively short scenes. Wearable forms of restraint, such as cock cages, may be used for extended periods.

Denial by command

Where a submissive is ordered by their dominant partner not to seek out sexual satisfaction without their dominant's consent, the torture becomes self-imposed by virtue of the authority given by the submissive to their dominant.


As one of the common motivations of BDSM is experiencing power, teasing serves to express that the top or dominant has the power to allow or deny their bottom or submissive sexual release. It's typically done by the top or dominant deliberately arousing their partner sexually, such as by posing provocatively or by actual physical stimulation, but not allowing the submissive or bottom to climax.

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