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A knot is used to temporarily join two pieces of rope together, or to join one part of a piece of rope to itself thus creating a loop. In BDSM they are almost always used in bondage scenes.

There are a wide variety of different knot types and for more information on these please consult the Wikipedia article mentioned below. There are some important characteristics for choosing which knot to use in in bondage:

  • Is it potentially self-tightening? Some knots need to stay fast. For example, a knot used on a rope around someone's neck must not have any tendency to allow the rope to become tighter on its own.
  • On the other hand, it can be very convenient when tying wrists or the torso to have knots which can be easily adjusted. Can the knot easily do this?
  • Is it easy to tie?
  • Can it be released quickly in case of an emergency, such as when the submissive becomes light-headed or unexpectedly loses consciousness?

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