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Feminization (also known as sissification) is an activity usually involving a male submissive where the submissive is required to dress in clothes, high-heeled shoes, stocking, or underwear typically associated with a woman. The submissive may also be required to wear make-up or a wig.

Beyond dressing as a female, the submissive may also be required to adopt the role, or perform tasks or duties associated with a woman dressed as he is. For example, french maid uniforms are commonly involved in feminization with the male submissive being required to do house-cleaning and dusting.

In short, feminization involves:

  1. Looking like a female, and
  2. Acting like one.

Because the goal is to be overtly and obviously female, the clothing reflects this and needs to be obviously and unambiguously female or feminine. It includes such items as dresses, playboy bunny uniforms, french maid's uniforms, and so on. It tends to exclude work clothes such as overalls, jeans, and heavy overcoats, all of which tend to hide any curvy signs of femininity.

Wigs are often quite important because the classic image of a female always involves long hair.

Sometimes it can be difficult for a male to fit well into female clothes, particularly off-the-shelf underwear and dresses. There are companies and shops which specifically supply clothing and underwear to the feminization market.

While it's easy to imagine feminization involving a male submissive, it's also effective and sometimes desirable for butch or muscular females as well.


Anal sex can be a part of feminization as well. Because being female stereotypically involves being penetrated by a man, when a man is feminized this can be reinforced by anal penetration with, say, a dildo. When a female dominant is involved, a strap-on dildo can be effective at reinforcing the role reversal where the female dominant adopts the male role of the sexual penetrator, and the male submissive adopts the female role of the one who is sexually penetrated.


The term sissification is derived from the word sissy, which means effeminate or an effeminate person. Sissification itself is compelling someone to acquire female or effeminate characteristics.

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