The chocolate submissive test

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Chocolate is an important tool for telling the difference between submissives. Especially when you're trying to work out what you can do with the quivering, eager creature before you, chocolate is easy to deploy and is pretty reliable.

Now, you could try tying up a submissive and see how they react. If they go all vague, their eyes glaze over or they get all squishy then you can tick the 'rope' box and prepare to move on to the next thing to try, maybe pulling the candles and the matches out of storage or polishing up the nipple clamps.

This process takes time because, of course, there are nearly a zillion different activities which you can test out on a submissive.

On the other hand, if you use chocolate you can exclude great swathes of activities in one fell swoop. This is what you do:

You put on your friendliest face. Make the submissive feel comfortable. Maybe be a little authoritative just to reassure them.

Then put a small block of chocolate in front of them and tell them to eat it. And watch.

You may only have a moment to catch this. Look for the hesitation.

If they take the chocolate and quickly gobble it up, and even when they say something like, "Your humble slave is SO grateful, master," then you've got a submissive who'll take all the good experiences you can dish out to them. Orgasms? They'll soak them up by the bucket-load. Floggings? Bring them on, gorilla arm! Bondage? They'll even bring the superglue and rope themselves!

On the other hand, if they hesitate, and especially if they momentarily look askance at you, then you've got someone who has serving you foremost in their mind. They don't want you to give them chocolate. They want to give YOU chocolate. They want to make you happy. They want to do things for you. They'll still eat the chocolate, but that's because you told them to.

And it only costs a few squares of chocolate!