NLA-I Press Release re This Curious Human Phenomenon

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(Columbus, OH) -- National Leather Association: International (NLA-I), a
leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/leather/fetish
community, announced today the finalists for its recently created writing
awards. Named after activists and writers Geoff Mains, John Preston, Pauline
Reage, and Cynthia Slater, they are awarded annually to recognize excellence
in writing and publishing about leather, SM, bondage and fetishes.
The finalists for the Cynthia Slater Non-fiction Article Award are:
Laura Antoniou, "These Boots Are Made for Buffin; or the erotic power of
looking like you know your shit," which appeared on
Jack Fritscher, "Spill a Drop for Lost Brothers: the Legendary Larry
Townsend," which appeared in The Leather Journal and Leather Times.
Robert Ridinger, "Wine Gods and Assembly Lines: Leathermen in Detroit,"
which appeared in Leather Times.
Jack Rinella, "Tools for Inner Work," which appeared in Leather Views ( ).
The finalists for the Geoff Mains Non-fiction Book Award are:
Vince Andrews, The Leatherboy Handbook (Nazca Plains).
Jack Fritscher, Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer (Palm Drive).
Peter Masters, This Curious Human Phenomenon (Nazca Plains).
Shannon Reilly, Creating a Personal Protocol (CreateSpace).
The finalists for the Pauline Reage Novel Award are:
Cheryl Brooks, The Cat Star Chronicles: Slave (Casablanca).
Anneke Jacob, As She's Told (Pink Flamingo).
Joey W. Hill, The Mark of the Vampire Queen (Berkley).
Sasha White, Wicked (Berkley).
The finalists for the John Preston Short Fiction Award are:
Mike Kimera, "Toying With Lily " in Alison Tyler (ed.), Hurts So Good:
Unrestrained Erotica (Cleis).
Jeff Mann, "Kidnapping Chris" in Richard Labonté (ed.), Best Gay Bondage
Erotica (Cleis).
Thomas S. Roche, "Butterfly's Kiss" in Rachel Kramer Bussel (ed.), Rubber
Sex (Cleis).
Xan West, "First Time Since" in Alison Tyler (ed.), Hurts So Good:
Unrestrained Erotica (Cleis).
The finalists for the Anthology Award are:
Rachel Kramer Bussel (ed.), Rubber Sex (Cleis).
Rachel Kramer Bussel (ed.), Yes Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission
Richard Labonté (ed.), Best Gay Bondage Erotica (Cleis).
Alison Tyler (ed.), Hurts So Good: Unrestrained Erotica (Cleis).
The winners will be announced at the NLA-I¹s Annual General Meeting, which
will be held during Spring Iniquity in Houston, TX (April 17 - 19, 2009).
Please contact the award committee chair, Steve Vakesh, for more information
about the awards at: For more information about
Spring Iniquity, the National Leather Association, and the NLA-I's meeting
on Sunday morning, see: