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A stark, dismal setting for an interrogation

Military interrogation is a type of BDSM scene where an interrogation is enacted which provides a context for inflicting physical or psychological pain, suffering, or discomfort.

The goal of this enacted interrogation is to obtain information. When the required information is given out by the "victim", this can be a signal that they have reached a limit and the scene should end.


One of the fundamental principles of BDSM, namely the disparity of power, is evident in military interrogations through the roles that are typically adopted by the players.

Example interrogation roles
Superior role Inferior role
Prison guard Prisoner
Police officer Traffic offender
Nazi interrogator Allied prisoner of war
Military officer Terrorist
Doctor Patient
Army sargeant New recruit
Parent or teacher Naughty child

It's important to note that the roles often determine what type of persuasion (read: pain or suffering) may be reasonably applied.

In the case of a traffic cop and driver they have pulled over, the duress is usually limited. Do consider though that the role may not necessarily be a law-abiding cop. He could be a rogue cop intent on getting some other advantage (such as sexual) from his pretty victim.

Likewise, the Geneva Convention would normally limit how a prisoner of war could be abused, but in a BDSM scene these limits do not need to be honoured.


There are two possible outcomes to a military interrogation scene:

  1. The "victim" breaks, revealing the desired information, or
  2. The "victim" doesn't break, and the interrogator is frustrated.

"Victim" breaks

A simple and obvious interrogation scene will last until the "victim" has had enough and brings the scene to an end by revealing whatever information their "interrogator" seeks.

Typically, of course, the interrogator already knows the information, and the engagement between them and their partner involves inflicting BDSM-compatible pain and suffering, with the "victim" occasionally revealing false information until the scene ends.

"Victim" doesn't break

It might be thought that a successful interrogation scene involves inflicting pain and suffering until the victim breaks and reveals the desired information.

This isn't always the case, and for some people the goal of the victim is to endure, not to break, and it's important that their partner recognise this.

The interrogation is, after all, not a real interrogation, and its purpose is to provide a context for other needs or wants to be explored and met.


Because of the nature of interrogation scenes, it's common for a safeword to be used. When this safeword (or action) if uttered by the "victim", it's a sign to their partner that something needs to change, such as the scene needs to end due to a limit being reached or be suspended (e.g., for a toilet break).


  • To experience formality or protocol
  • To experience D/s
  • To experience fear
  • As a test of will
  • To experience humiliation
  • To express defiance
  • To experience bondage
  • To experience the use of physical force (i.e., to feel power from one's partner. See Motivations)
  • Uniform fetishism
  • To experience sensation or pain
  • To play out, or re-enact, childhood games

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