Hut of Dominance - 14 - Tour

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Hello. Hut of Dominance. Jacinta speaking.


Yes. We do have one of our regular country tours coming up. We're taking the Caravan Of Dominance towed by the Stationwagon Of Woe And Humiliation on a two-week trip. There'll be Mistress Thyroid and slave boobalicious, with boobalicious probably doing most of the driving.

If she gets pissed enough, Mistress Thyroid will do her usual trick of strapping herself to a chair tied to the roof racks on the stationwagon like Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert. For those people close enough as the stationwagon goes past there'll be an extra little bit of torture because she usually sings.


No. They won't have the rack on this trip. There's not enough space. When we want to pack the rack we have to take the Truck Of Despair And Sorrow, but it's having its suspension replaced so no go.

As a special treat this time, Thyroid will be taking her Barry Manilow cassette collection and offering "Sensory Torture" which is customarily followed by the client begging for Sensory Deprivation.

We have also arranged with a couple of farmers along the way to rent their fields to allow some outdoor scenes, including our popular "Stake-Out" nude bondage with optional dirt-and-twigs-up-the-butt-crack sensory stimulation.

Thyroid and boobalicious will be camping out some of the time in the Tent Of Sweet Surrender And Savagery which also doubles as a dungeon during the day with an inflatable A-frame and quick-assemble spanking bench.


Yes. They'll be going to Upper, Lower, Inner and Outer Wongolia Heights. Would you like me to book you in?


How about Friday, the 24th?


Perfect. I'll email you the details.