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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


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Planning a hypnosis session involving sex

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A little bit of planning ahead can ensure that the above happens every time.

If you want a hypnosis session involving sex to go well you need to do a little planning in advance.

Firstly, and the same as with any other session, you need to know what you want to achieve. There are a few questions you should ask before you start, including:

  • How important is it that your partner is sexually satisfied at the end of the session?
  • Do they like the feeling of being controlled, and is being hypnotised by you a way to experience this?
  • Do you like to feel that you're in control of your partner, and is hypnotising them a way of achieving this?
  • How important is it that they satisfy you sexually during the session?
  • How important is it that you satisfy or excite them sexually during the session?
  • How important is it that they feel that this is something you are doing together?
  • How important is it that you feel that this is something you are doing together?
  • Post-hypnotic amnesia is where your hypnotised partner can't remember some or all of what happened during the session. Is this desirable? How soon after the session should they remember?

In any "ordinary" sexual encounter with your partner the above questions really are out of place. But in any hypnosis session one of the often-unspoken aspects of it is control. You hypnotise your partner so that you have a large measure of control over their feelings and experience during the session. At the same time, your partner chooses to be hypnotised by you so that they are significantly under your control.

Studies on the reasons why people engage in sex have shown that power and control is a frequent motivation, whether it is to be in control, or to be controlled.

It may be that your partner wishes to experience being controlled or being subject to your will or desire. For some people an effective and powerful way of achieving this is simply to be used for sex. If this is one of the ways which works for your partner then trying to sexually satisfy them during the session may be precisely what they don't need. If you hypnotise them, direct them to serve you sexually and you make no attempt to sexually satisfy them, then your partner may get the feeling of being controlled and used for sex which they're looking for.

If the experience of being controlled is the turn-on for them, then merely hypnotising them, undressing them and getting them to spread their legs while you have your way with them may not be enough. If they're only lying there while you do your thing then that may not feel like much control at all to them. It might be that they need to be more deeply hypnotised and then instructed to perform a variety of acts of sexual service while you are the more passive one, i.e., while you are more on the receiving end while you control what they do to and for you. This can help them to feel more like they're being used and controlled because that's precisely what you're doing.

This same discussion extends to you. Do you hypnotise your partner because you want to feel that they're under your control? Is that feeling of being in control and seeing them helplessly perform your commands a turn-on for you? If so, then what I wrote in the previous paragraph applies to your satisfaction. Just getting your partner naked and fucking them isn't necessarily going to make you feel like your that much in control. On the other hand, if you are directing them, making them perform for you, and if you're exploring a number of different activities---and, possibly, orifices---with your partner under your control, then this is going to much more satisfying for you, too.

Keep in mind that when the experience of control is the main thing for either you or your partner, then sex may just be the context and actual orgasms might not be that important compared to the feelings of control, use, service or being dominated.

On the other hand, if you're using hypnosis because it can help your partner feel and respond sexually, then you need to think about which one of you is going to be getting the "benefit" out of this hypnosis session which you're planning. Actually hypnotising your partner, guiding them during the trance, and making sure they respond as desired is work and you may find that this means that you can't get as involved as you like, or that the session may end with you feeling less satisfied and more frustrated that you would have liked because you spent all your energy controlling and guiding your partner then their own orgasmic conclusion.

It may be that, instead of focussing all your attention on their sexual pleasure, you point them hypnotically in the right direction at the start of the session, and then allow yourself to get the benefits of your sexually-charged partner while only guiding them every now and then as needed. This can allow you to get your own sexual needs met while they get many of their own benefits from their hypnotically-heightened horniness.

Another factor in any sexual hypnosis session is that hypnosis can create a barrier between you and your hypnotised partner so that it can feel like there is less involvement between the two of you. It can seem that each of you is there while your partner is distant or separate. For you, the hypnotist, this can be because they're not as intimate or responsive as usual. They may seem very subdued or may be distracted by the fantasies you hypnotically create for them. They, on the other hand, may be barely aware of you at all as their partner and lover and may instead be engrossed in the feelings and images in their trance.

Experiencing control


Preparing some good post-hypnotic suggestions ahead of time means you can focus more on the sexual excitement and less on running a hypnosis session.

As I mentioned above the actual experience of being controlled, or of being in control of your partner, can be a big turn-on and a major motivator for sexual hypnosis sessions.

It doesn't need to be anything particular heavy or intense. Even some light hypnotic fun and games can be enough for some people.

If, however, you or your partner are looking for more intense experiences of hypnotic control then exploring your partner's limits in terms of embarrassment or humiliation can be rewarding for you both. For example, using hypnotic suggestion to compel your partner to dress in unusually provocative clothes, to dance naked for you, to urinate while being observed, to act like a cat or dog, or to expose themselves in the open (such as while they're in the car while you're driving, or while you're both out walking in the bush or forest), can be quite intense.

Post-hypnotic suggestion can be very useful here. Giving your partner a post-hypnotic suggestion which they can't help but to obey when triggered can have a powerful effect, even if the command itself is relatively innocuous. Just the fact that your partner knows that you can trigger them, at any time, into doing something whether they want to do it or not can have them feeling tantalised and excited for hours or days.

Sexual satisfaction

There are many ways in which hypnosis can contribute to the sexual feelings and satisfaction of you and your partner. While control may be a major motivator for some people, the fact that hypnosis can lead to greater sexual responsiveness, less distractions, and more involvement, can elevate your mutual sexual experiences. See the following article for more on this.


Post-hypnotic amnesia plays a part in hypnosis and how much pleasure your partner gets out of it. It can happen spontaneously---that is without you actually giving them a post-hypnotic suggestion to not remember---and it can, and probably will, happen if you tell your partner not to remember something that happened during a hypnosis session. You might even tell them not to remember anything about the session and not to even be aware that it happened.

Your partner may have the greatest time during the hypnosis session, but once the amnesia kicks in after they wake up then it'll be like some or all of the session never happened.

In itself, this is probably not a great thing to do if you never expect them to remember because it takes a lot of the intimacy of sharing away. It does, however, become a powerful experience of control when you give your partner a trigger which you can use to allow them to remember again. This shows them that not only can you control them during the trance, but that you also control their memory. This can creating an exciting uncertainty for some people. Your partner will not know straight away what is happening to them and they will feel that you are in control of their memories and their experience to an extent you haven't had before. For you, the hypnotist, it adds to the control because you know that you can control your partner's ability to remember. It gives you another button you can push to get them to react.

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