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Remote-controlled hypno partner

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This article contains one or more scripts intended to be used with a hypnotised subject. Before using these scripts make sure that you have a good understanding of how to hypnotise someone, how to wake them up from a trance, how to give post-hypnotic suggestions, AND ESPECIALLY how to cancel post-hypnotic suggestions. Click here for more information.

One fun and exciting way to use hypnosis with your partner is to program them via post-hypnotic suggestions to respond to a remote control, such a TV remote control or to the tones or sounds which your mobile telephone makes. When you push the buttons on your remote control or phone, they dance, strip, get horny or whatever.

Your remote-controlled partner isn’t really remotely controlled, of course. It’s the post-hypnotic suggestions which make them react as if they were. Keeping that in mind, when you use the remote control to trigger them to behave as programmed, you need to make sure that they know buttons you are pushing and how they are supposed to respond.

Firstly, of course, you need some device to be the remote control. You can use a real TV remote control, or you can use a mobile telephone or cordless telephone. In some cases you can also use a calculator. Remember, it doesn't need to actually be a remote control, it just needs to be something your partner can respond to as if it were a remote control. With a particularly responsive partner you could even use a piece of cardboard with buttons drawn on it.

There are a couple of ways you can set this up with your partner.

Big or obvious buttons

The simplest way is to use a remote control which has very large buttons---especially if they are all of different colours---so that your remote-controlled partner can see each button as you press it. Some desktop calculators or calculators for your children might also be good choices.

It’s important that they can see you pressing the buttons. If, for example, you have programmed your partner to close their eyes when you press one button and to open them when you press another, then once their eyes are closed you won’t be able to use the remote control to get them to open their eyes again because they can’t see you pressing the button for that.

To help the remote control to work, you can reinforce what’s going to happen verbally just before and as you press each button. For example, “I’m going to push the button which makes you horny.” and then you press the button in an obvious way so that they can really see you doing it and so they get appropriately triggered.

See below for some ideas and and scripts you can use and adapt.

Making it really clear to your partner as you press the buttons on the remote control is a very good way to ensure that you get the response you want. Trying to push the buttons while they’re not looking, or trying to be subtle about pushing the buttons can lead to them not reacting at all, or to them reacting in an uncertain way. Keep in mind that for the post-hypnotic suggestions to work they need to know that you’re pressing the buttons for them to respond to them.

Using a mobile telephone or similar

Many modern mobile telephones make a noise or tone as you press their buttons. In addition, more advanced mobile telephones can run software (or “apps”) which can play musical notes as you press keys on their screen. These can become excellent remote controls for a hypnotised or post-hypnotically controlled partner because your partner can be programmed to respond to the sounds or tones. This means they don’t have to be looking at you or at the remote control (as above), can have their eyes closed, or can even be in a nearby room and the remote control will still be effective. Using tones or notes can even work with them during a telephone call!

When you do have a device that makes notes or tones you can use it a few different ways.

If the device only makes the one tone, then you programme your partner to respond to the number of tones. For example:

When you hear these THREE tones, <beep> <beep> <beep>, your body will become locked in place. As soon as you hear these three tones coming from my mobile telephone your body will become frozen in place, regardless of what you’re doing at the time, and no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to move or change position at all.

Your body will stay locked in place until you hear these TWO tones from my mobile telephone, <beep> <beep>, at which time your body will completely unlock, completely unfreeze, and you’ll be able to move normally again. “Your body will lock in place whenever you hear the THREE tones from my mobile telephone, and will unlock when you hear the TWO tones from my phone.

It’s a good idea to repeat the above a few times. Don’t forget to cancel the post-hypnotic suggestion at the end of your activities with your partner. With a device which only plays one tone you can’t do too much with your partner because there are only so many tones in a row that you can play. If you can play tones of different lengths then you can do a little more by using short and long tones. For example:

  • Short-short-short: take off clothes,
  • Short-short-long: put clothes back on,
  • Long-short-short: become horny,
  • Long-short-long: stop feeling horny,
  • Long-long-short: lock in place, and
  • Long-long-long: unlock.

Don’t try to have too many combinations. Your partner won’t be able to remember them and will become confused when they hear a sequence of tones they aren’t sure about. In any case, when you go beyond a couple of remote-control commands for your partner, reinforce them a number of times while they’re hypnotised and perhaps just start out with a couple of remote-control commands to start with and then re-hypnotised your partner and add to the list as they show they can respond to them.

Musical notes

If your mobile telephone has software which allows you to record and play back musical notes such as a basic piano or organ application (or “app”), then you can use musical notes of different pitches to program your partner and the notes themselves can give a hint as to how your partner should respond. For example:

  • Three rising notes can be their command that they should become horny,
  • Three descending notes are their command to stop feeling horny,
  • Three deep notes can be their command to go back into a trance, or
  • Three high notes can be their command to lock into place.

If you’re musically-inclined you can use short tunes instead.

A post-hypnotic suggestion you could use might be:

In future when you hear this tune from my mobile telephone, <tune one>, your body will immediately lock into place and you will be unable to move. Then, when you hear this tune from my mobile, <tune two>, your body will unlock and you’ll be able to control it again.

What to do with a remote-controlled hypno partner

Beyond the ways I’ve already mentioned above for programming your hypnosis partner to respond via a remote control, here are some other ideas:


Any time you hear these three tones from my mobile, <tone1> <tone2> <tone3>, you’ll immediately become my obedient hypno sex slave and you’ll follow all of my instructions completely. Then, when you hear these other three tones, <tone4> <tone5> <tone6>, you’ll no longer be my sex slave and will be back to normal.”

"So. When you hear these three tones, <tone1> <tone2> <tone3>, you'll immediately become my hypno sex slave and you'll remain my sex slave until you hear these three tones, <tone4> <tone5> <tone6>.


In future, any time you hear these three tones from my mobile telephone, <tone1> <tone2> <tone3>, then, regardless of what you’re doing at the time, you’ll immediately remove all of your clothes so that you are completely naked. Once you’re naked you won’t be able to cover yourself or hide yourself in any way until you hear these three tones, <tone4> <tone5> <tone6>, at which time you’ll be able to dress or cover yourself as you normally would.

Really tired:

From now on, whenever you hear these three tones, <tone1> <tone2> <tone3>, you’ll suddenly feel incredibly tired and be barely able to keep your eyes open. At the some time your whole body will feel tired and heavy and you’ll hardly be able to move or even keep your head up. Then, when you hear these three tones, <tone4> <tone5> <tone6>, the tiredness will completely disappear and you’ll feel fine and awake again.


When you hear these three tones from my mobile telephone, <tone1> <tone2> <tone3>, you’ll immediately become my personal mechanical robot. All your movements will become very mechanical. When I tell you to do something you’ll immediately say, “Yes, master”, and do whatever it is in a very mechanical, robot-like way. Then, when you hear these three tones, <tone4> <tone5> <tone6>, you’ll no longer be a robot and you’ll be back to normal.

Erotic dancer:

When you hear these three tones from my mobile telephone, <tone1> <tone2> <tone3>, you’ll imagine that you're a very sexy erotic dancer and you'll immediately start doing your sexiest, most erotic, most revealing dance just for me. You'll feel extremely aroused and horny as you dance and you'll show how hot and horny you feel through every movement. You won't feel embarrassed or awkward in any way and you'll put everything you've got into your very, very sexy dance. Then, when you hear these three tones, <tone4> <tone5> <tone6>, you’ll no longer be an erotic dancer and you’ll be back to normal.


Whenever you hear these tones from my mobile, <tone1> <tone2> <tone3>, you’ll immediately go into a deep trance, completely ready to respond to whatever commands or suggestions I give you.

As always, any post-hypnotic suggestion like these will work best when repeated to your hypnotised partner a number of times.

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