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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


"Masters' approach to the topic is at times gentle and humorous and makes you comfortable with using it."

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The Speak-easy Lady (part I)

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I was in a solitary mood as I sat in the booth at the back of the speak-easy. I had a hard week and a long day behind me and I was feeling kind of beat. I sat over my drink and just watched the customers come and go. The bar-man, whose name I had never got around to learning, left me to myself. He knew when I wanted to talk and when I didn't.

In the course of the evening a couple of attractive-looking ladies came and went but I didn't feel like trying to talk to them or pick them up. Then, rather late-ish a tall, slim and dark woman came in and sat at the bar. She was dressed in a long, tight black dress that reached down to her ankles. I couldn't help but think of Morticia, of the TV show The Addams Family, as I looked at her. She looked around the place as she picked up her drink and sipped at it. She noticed me looking at her. Her eyes lingered a moment and then she turned back to the bar.

The light wasn't good where she was sitting and I quickly gave up trying to work out what she was like under that dress and let my eyes wander a moment over the other customers. Nothing to get really excited about tonight, I thought.

As I sat there thinking my solitary thoughts I suddenly realized that the lady in black was standing at my table. I let my eyes slowly move up her slender figure and large breasts 'till I reached her eyes. She smiled and asked if she could join me. I couldn't see any reason to avoid the company of a beautiful woman so I said yes. She slipped into the booth to sit opposite me.

The light from the lamp behind me seemed to fall directly on her breasts pushing out of the top of her dress just as if the light had been placed there for that purpose. I noticed that she was wearing some sort of precious stone, I couldn't tell what sort, on a chain around her neck. I couldn't help thinking that, with her cleavage, if the chain broke that stone might never be found again.

We started to chat and I have to tell you that her voice was the smoothest, silkiest voice I have ever heard. It was deep and sounded like velvet dipped in honey. When she was explaining something it felt just like the world had smoothed out around me.

After a while she paused, and then reached down to the stone on the chain. "You see this?", she asked, "Do you know what it is?"

I shook my head. "It's amber", she continued. She moved it so that it caught the light. I could see that it was transparent, sort of honey-coloured and had little black flecks of something-or-other in it. I couldn't make out what something-or-other was. "This is the stuff that they talked about in the Jurassic Park movie where blood in preserved mosquitos from the time of the dinosaurs was used to make new dinosaurs". I leaned forward to have a closer look - not only at the stone, but it also gave me an opportunity to check out those boobs!

"If you look really closely you can see some little tiny insects in this piece", she said. I dragged my eyes up from her breasts and looked at the stone. There were some little flecks that looked like they might have little tiny legs. She moved the stone again so the light caught it. "Look really closely. Concentrate on it", she said.

I kept trying to make out what was in the stone and, as I did, she kept telling me what to look for and to concentrate. Then she told me not to take my eyes away from the stone. As she said that the rebellious part of me tried to look up at her face but I couldn't! My eyes seemed stuck looking at the stone.

She continued telling me look at the stone and then added that I would start to relax. My mind started to become sort of, well, foggy, or distant. I'm not sure how to describe it. I could still hear her voice but it seemed a long way away, and all I could see was the stone with the light shining on it.

I don't know how long she kept this up. It could have been seconds or hours. I lost track of time completely. And all the while she kept telling me to keep concentrating on the stone and to relax.

Finally she told me close my eyes. They closed without me even thinking about it. Then she told me to sit back and relax some more. As I sat back I was wondering what was happening to me. I didn't realize then that she'd hypnotised me. Somehow my mind wasn't working well enough for me to work it out.

She started telling me that I was under her control and that I would do whatever she told me. Something in me tried to fight what she was doing but my will-power seemed so far away. I just couldn't resist enough.

Then she told me that she was going to snap her fingers and that I would then act like I was awake. She snapped her fingers and I sat up. I wanted to ask her what was going on, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. She told me to get ready to leave and to pay my tab. I immediately got up, put my jacket on and went over to the bar to pay. I wanted to say something to the bar-man but I could only do what I had been told by her.

She guided me out of the bar--I couldn't resist--and into a car. I felt like I knew what was going on but it was like I was just looking on, like it wasn't really me that was being controlled.

Once she got in the car she started the engine and told me to close my eyes and relax. My eyes immediately closed and my head fell forward. "Good", she said, "just relax, my sweet".

She started driving. I don't know for how long or where to. The car stopped and she got out, came around and opened the door on my side. "Get out", she ordered. I stumbled out of the car. She hadn't told me to open my eyes or act like I was awake this time. She guided my into what I thought must be a house. I was just like a doll as she guided me in.

She left me standing and I heard her footsteps retreating, fading away. I wanted to move, to open my eyes, to look around and see where I was, even to get away, but I couldn't. I couldn't bring myself to move. I needed her to tell me what to do.

After a time she came back. "Lift up your head and open your eyes", she told me. Immediately my head came up and my eyes opened. She was standing in front of me and, although my eyes didn't seem to want to focus, I could make out that she was now naked. The voyeur in me wanted to look her up and down, to feast my eyes on what I had earlier decided must be a fabulous figure, but my eyes wouldn't move.

"Come with me, my love", she said, "We're going to have a little party". She led me into a large room. I could feel a thick carpet under my shoes. "Take off your clothes", she said and immediately my hands started taking off my coat, shirt and tie, and then my shoes, socks, pants and underwear. As I did so she walked around me, apparently checking me out. "Very nice", she commented, "We are going to have fun tonight!"

"Now", she said, "on the count of three you will get down on the carpet and you will be a dog. You will act like a dog and bark and run around playfully. One. Two. Three."

I got down on my hands and knees and started barking and woofing. I ran around under the furniture and sniffed at the tables. I could hear her laughing but I couldn't stop myself. Part of me seemed to be looking on, not wanting me to do this but I kept doing it anyway. The part of me that was in control of my body was convinced I was a dog.

"That's enough", she said after a few minutes, "you're no longer a dog. Stand up now". I stood up. "Now sit down on the chair behind you and relax", she said, "you're going to go deeper into a trance now. Just listen to my voice and go deeper. You are under my control and will do whatever I tell you. You can't resist my control over you. You are going deeper into a trance all the time, deeper and deeper". And as she spoke it felt like I was sinking into a sort of soft blackness. I could still hear her, but that was all, my mind was almost blank.

"Get up now and come and stand in front of me", she told me. I stood up and went over to where she was sitting. "Now let's see what your cock is really like. On the count of three", she ordered, "your cock is going to become stiff and hard. You are going to have the biggest hard-on you've ever had in your life. One. Two. Three."

I felt my penis getting hard as soon as she said three. It got stiffer and stiffer until it was almost painfully stiff. I was still standing in front of her just staring straight ahead. I tried again to move but couldn't. I felt her hand touching my penis and testicles. My penis felt harder than I'd ever known it to be.

"Excellent, my sweet", she commented, "You are very well equipped, aren't you? This is going to be quite a pleasant evening. And you're still completely under my control. I think I'll leave your cock like that for a while, maybe I can get to know it more intimately later". Her voice sounded like she was almost laughing at me.

"Get down on the floor with me", she said as she moved on to the floor. "Kneel down beside me and rub my shoulders a little".

I got down next to her and my hands started rubbing her shoulders. "Not too hard", she said. After I while she ordered, "Now let your hands wander down to my breasts... that's nice, now stroke them lightly". "You were looking at them earlier this evening. Now you get to touch them", she teased. I couldn't have not touched them. I couldn't resist her. My hands were now stroking her breasts. I was starting to feel a little horny, even in my dazed state, but I still could only do what she said.

"Now let me have a look at that cock again", she commented to herself as she turned towards me. "Ah, still standing at attention I see. Very good. I'll get to you shortly!"

"Now lick my nipples, my sweet slave", she ordered. I immediately leaned forward and started licking first one nipple, then the other. she started moaning quietly and arching her back.

After a minute or so of this she told me to start stroking her clitoris. One hand immediately moved down between her legs. She was very wet. I stroked her clitoris as I had been told. Her moaning became louder and she started writhing, sometimes pushing her hips forward so that her clitoris pushed hard against my fingers.

She pushed my hand away from clitoris. "It's time for the main course. Get on top of me and fuck me, my slave". I immediately got up and positioned myself over her. My penis was still straining. She opened her legs and I slid into her. "Now you're going to come only when I tell you", she ordered, "I don't want you coming too soon and spoiling my fun!"

As I thrusted into her I could feel her hot, soaking pussy wrapped around my penis. I could feel myself getting more horny and I was starting to enjoying this, even though part of me wanted to break away, to be back in control again. I could feel the tension building up inside me and I could feel I was going to come, but then the feeling got to just where I was about to come and then it stopped. I wasn't going to come! I was so close. I could feel it!

She looked up at me, smiling. "You feel like you're about to come, don't you, my horny slave. But you can't, can you?"

"Let's change position", she said. "Let's try it with you behind me. Get up", she ordered. I immediately slipped my penis out of that so-warm pussy and stood up. She then stood up and leaned over the dining room table. "Fuck me some more", she said. I immediately grabbed her hips and guided myself back in and started thrusting again. After a few seconds she started moaning again. She changed angle a couple of times. She seemed to like this position because we stayed in it for a long time. I was starting to feel tired but I couldn't stop.

Finally she ordered me to stop and then she laid back down on the floor. "Come lick my clitoris", she ordered. I immediately got done on my hands and knees between her legs and started licking. "Now stick your tongue inside me". As I did she started pushing her clitoris and cunt lips against my mouth. She moaned again.

After a few minutes of this she ordered me on top of her again. My penis had stayed rock hard all through this. I mounted her and started thrusting again. She started arching her back, arching it really high. I though that she might be coming, but I couldn't tell.

"Now, my sweet", she ordered, as she finally stopped moaning and as she lowered her back down onto the carpet, "It's time for you to come", and, as she said it, I could feel the orgasm start, the pressure building up and then the release. I pumped her even harder. "Very good, my slave", she murmured, almost to herself.

She told me to stop thrusting but to stay inside her. Then, after a few seconds she ordered me to stand up. She stood up, too, and I felt her hand on my surprisingly still-erect penis. "You have been very good", she commented. I didn't know if she was speaking to me or my penis. "Now, on the count of three your penis will become limp and flaccid again. One. Two. Three.", I felt the pressure draining out of my penis. She then led me into a bathroom. "Clean yourself up", she ordered as she left.

After some minutes she returned, fully dressed. and guided me back to where I had undressed. "Put you clothes back on", she ordered. I quickly dressed myself and stood up. "Now come with me".

She led me out of the house and back to the car. As I sat down she ordered me to close my eyes and relax. My eyes shut immediately and my head lolled forward. She got in her side of the car and we started driving. After a while she stopped.

She told me to lift my head and open my eyes. "Now, my excellent little slave. You are going to get out of the car in a moment and you will watch me drive away. And as I turn the corner you will wake up out of this trance. As my car disappears around the corner you will wake up completely and you will remember everything that happened to you... Now get out of the car."

I opened the door and stepped out onto the footpath. She leaned over and closed the door and then started to drive away. As she reached the corner and turned it something in me went click and I was able to move again. My mind was clear again! I started to move down the path towards the corner that she had just turned and then stopped myself. I looked around. I was back outside the speak-easy. It was still open. I crossed the road and went back inside. My mind was reeling a little over what had happened.

I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. I asked the bar-man if he knew the woman that had been talking to me earlier. He said, no, he'd never seen her there before. I was thoughtful as I finished my drink and then went home.

I still go to the speak-easy fairly regularly. I haven't seen my dark and mysterious hypnotist again. I never knew her name. In a way I'd like to meet her again. In another way I am afraid. But just the memory of what happened makes me feel very, very horny.