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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


"Masters' approach to the topic is at times gentle and humorous and makes you comfortable with using it."

"... a step-by-step guidebook which teaches the individual how to use hypnosis to heighten arousal."


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The Demonstration

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How it started

Joanne worked for one of our customers as an engineering consultant and, although I had seen her once or twice at the office, I had never spoken with her. This Friday evening she showed up at the office in the company of a couple of the guys from the sales department at our regular end-of-week unwinding party. She seemed very outgoing and I watched as she circulated, catching up with all the people she knew. Eventually, after about an hour Joanne was near me and I introduced myself. We started chatting and ended up talking alone as the rest of the group argued about something that involved a lot of hand-waving--I couldn't hear what it was from where we were.

Having two black African parents would not cause one to be surprised to find that Joanne was black, but she was JET black--with long wavy jet black hair and black skin, and large, very dark brown eyes. On top of which was her figure--a beautiful hour-glass figure that was not at all disguised by the business outfit that she wore at the office. Taken all together she was a very exotic woman that I had admired from afar.

As we talked I realized that Joanne was, as well as being very well educated, a fairly open-minded individual. The conversation had turned to sex and we were discussing it more as aficionados rather than lecherous can't-get-enoughs. Joanne was very up-to-date about many different "kinks" and, while I didn't ask directly, I had the impression that she was fairly active in many camps. I found our talk a real eye-opener.

Compared to Joanne my range of sexual interests was fairly pedestrian, though there was one thing that made her sit back and listen and then start to question me about in great detail.

You see, I often hypnotise my sexual partners. This is something I have been doing for many years and, if I do say so myself, am now very good at--once I have a woman in a trance she'll do whatever I want and respond however I want. These days I find it best once I have been to bed with the girl a couple of times; then I hypnotise her and "open her right up". Once hypnotised I can turn all her inhibitions off and turn her into a "tiger!"

When I first started hypnotising women I did all those foolish things that you see stage hypnotists do, like telling them that they were covered in ants, or that they were famous opera sopranos, etc., but this got boring after a while. So now I use hypnosis most of the time just for making the girls hornier and more sensitive (though I do admit that, on occasion, having a sexy woman doing a strip tease for you can be a very nice turn-on, and that knowing they are completely under your control adds to the thrill!).

Anyway, after we'd been discussing this for a while Joanne asked me if I'd be interested in demonstrating hypnosis for her and some of her friends one evening. I was a little surprised by the invitation, but after I'd thought about it for a few moments I realized that I was confident enough of my skills to be able to put on a little "show", and that I could probably make it all easier by getting a couple of my current "squeezes" to come along to be the subjects. It's always easier to hypnotise someone you've already hypnotised, and all "my" girls were trained to go into a trance on command. Joanne and I agreed on the following Friday evening and that we'd do it at Joanne's place.

During the following week I made arrangements with three of my girlfriends for them to come along as volunteers, to be hypnotised, though I didn't tell them it was likely to be a hypnosis show with a sexual slant.

Who was present

On the Friday Tina, Jane and Sandra--my volunteers--and I arrived at Joanne's place in Jane's car. The large two-storey house looked down on us as we walked up to the front door. I rang the doorbell.

Joanne opened the door and invited us in. I introduced her to the girls and then Joanne led us down the brightly-lit hall to a large dining room with a fireplace at one end. The other end was host to a dining table, now covered in an array of snacks, drinks, and plastic cups and plates that I assumed Joanne had organised for the "audience".

Joanne had set up something like twenty seats on one side of the fireplace for the guests, and three seats (as I had told her) for my volunteers. There were already a number of people present, most casually dressed, some who had obviously come straight from the office, and one long-haired blond girl who was almost naked.

All this girl was wearing was a brief pair of white knickers and a small white leather collar. The collar was attached to a light gold chain held by a man in a business suit. The girl was on her knees next to him and I noticed that every time he went to get something to eat, or moved around the room to talk to someone, that the girl stood up, followed him, and then, when he stopped, knelt down beside him again. She never spoke.

Jane watched this girl for a few moments and then turned to me with a questioning look on her face. I just shrugged and then followed Joanne as she introduced me to some of the guests. Tina and Sandra headed straight for the snacks.

Tina, Jane, Sandra and I had all come from our respective jobs straight here after meeting at my office. Tina is a small, petite girl, with blond curly hair and was wearing faded jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt rolled up high enough to reveal her flat belly, and is 28 years old. Jane is slightly overweight, is pleasantly large-breasted, has short black hair, is professional-looking, and she was wearing a comfortable business suit, and is about 40 years old (she had never told me how old she was!). Sandra is tall, statuesque and has long beautiful blonde hair, and works as a model. She has a stunning figure, and small breasts that fit perfectly into your hand. She has long legs and, this evening, was wearing a long, tight gown and high heels. She is 23.

Once I had been introduced to the guests Joanne suggested we get straight on with the demo. I collected my girls and guided them to their chairs as Joanne shepherded her guests to their chairs. Joanne seated herself in the front row in the middle. Jane looked a little nervous as she sat down but I knew that once she was in a trance that there'd be no problem.

Once the shuffling died down and everyone was paying attention I started.

The demonstration itself

"Being hypnotised is something that you learn", I began. "It's not something that the hypnotist does to you. Rather it's something that you do to yourself with the hypnotist guiding you."

As I spoke I moved behind the girls' row of chairs and stood behind Sandra, resting my hands on her shoulders, looking at the guests.

"Instead of asking for volunteers, and spending the time hypnotising them for the first time, I have brought these three friends of mine along to make things go a little faster and smoother. Each of these women has been hypnotised by me a number of times and will go quickly into a trance". At this point I gently squeezed Sandra's shoulder--this was one of the signals from me that would put her straight into a trance. Sandra sighed and her head fell forward onto her chest. A couple of the guests looked surprised at how quick it had been.

I continued, "Sandra is now in a trance. This is how quick it can be to hypnotise once the subject is fully conditioned". I moved over to stand behind Jane's chair. Then I reached my arm forward so my hand was in front of her and then snapped my fingers. Jane's head fell forward and her body visibly sunk down into the chair as she relaxed.

"Now Jane is in a trance. Neither Jane nor Sandra are unconscious or asleep now. They are just very relaxed, not just physically but also mentally". I moved around to stand beside Tina's chair and called her name. As she started to look up to me I said, "Go into a trance". Tina also relaxed and her head sunk forward.

"Ok", I turned to address the guests, "they're all in a trance now, and once they're all in deep trances they'll be completely under my control. It isn't obvious but they are still sinking into a trance even though they look like they're already under. If I just left them then they'd settle down in about five minutes, but I'll just help them along a bit".

I turned back to the girls and started talking to them in my hypnotist voice, the reeeally relaxing tone I use when putting my subjects under. I relaxed them and told them that they were under my control and that they would do whatever I told them to. I did this for about a minute before I turned back to the audience.

"Now, when I invited these girls I told them only that I was going to use them for a hypnosis demonstration. I didn't tell them that it was going to be "sexually" oriented. When they're awake these girls are pretty conservative. I'm going to make it so this conservatism doesn't get in the way tonight because I'm going to have them do things that they normally wouldn't be doing".

I turned to talk to the girls, "Now Jane, Tina and Sandra, on the count of three I want you to lift up your heads and open your eyes... One, two three". All three heads lifted up and they opened their eyes. All three had the "no-one at home" look that you see on hypnotised people. They all just stared blankly towards the guests.

"Now I'm going to count to five. When I reach five you, Jane and Tina, are going to wake up. You'll wake up completely and for the rest of the evening while you're awake you'll completely ignore the rest of the demonstration and what I do to the other girls here unless I tell you otherwise.

"Sandra, when I reach "five" you won't wake up. Instead, you'll be the nude hostess for this evening. You'll immediately get up and take off all your clothes except for your high-heels. Then you'll go and attend to the guests. You'll make sure that they've all got enough to eat and drink and you'll help them out any way you can.

"If you notice anyone looking at you "intimately" you'll encourage them to touch or fondle you if they want to, but you won't let this get in the way of your hostess duties. You'll be happy to be touched anyway at all but your main job is to make sure the guests have whatever food and drink they want.

"Now Jane, Tina and Sandra, I'm going to count to five and when I reach five you'll do just as I told you... One, two, three, four, five".

Jane and Tina immediately sat up straight and looked around, a little disoriented for a moment from the trance. Sandra stood up and started to undress. She looked like she was awake.

I looked over at the guests. All were watching Sandra, "Here you can see something interesting... if you tear your eyes away from her figure! Notice that she looks like she's wide awake. She doesn't seem like she's in a trance at all. This is something that most people don't realize--a person can be in a really deep trance, as Sandra is now, and still seem to be awake".

As I finished speaking Sandra finished undressing. She folded up her clothes and tucked them under her chair and then headed over to the dining-room table. She picked up a tray of little sandwiches and walked over to the front row of guests. She smiled warmly, the perfect hostess, and asked, "Anyone want some sandwiches? Could I get anyone a drink?" A couple of people took sandwiches. I even wandered over myself and grabbed one.

As most attention was on Sandra for the moment I decided to wait and watch for a while. Sandra moved easily amongst the guests and I noticed that most of the guys were a bit embarrassed and were trying not to stare at her. Finally one guy's eyes lingered long enough on her breasts for Sandra to notice. "Do you like my breasts?", she asked. "Feel free to touch them if you like", she encouraged. The guy reached towards her. She turned her chest towards him and then took his hand and placed it on her. "Is that Ok?", she asked. He just mumbled in reply, eyes fixed on his hand, but didn't move to take it away.

This seemed to break the ice and for the next few seconds there were hands all over her breasts. Sandra calmly let herself be touched and then in a loud voice said, "Hey, there's no rush. I'll be here all evening, and don't forget about the pussy down below".

It looked like all was under control as far as Sandra was concerned. I turned back to Jane and Tina who were talking quietly to each other, apparently completely oblivious to what was happening to Sandra.

After a few seconds it became quiet behind me and I turned to see that Sandra had disengaged herself from the guests and, with an empty sandwich tray, was heading back to to table to top up. She busied herself there for a while and the eyes of the guests started to turn back to me.

"As I was saying", I began, "before you were all distracted by Sandra, someone can be in a trance, as Sandra is, and appear to be wide awake. Sandra is still in a very deep trance, still completely under my control, but doesn't look to be.

"Now, watch Sandra's breasts while I show you something else". Sandra had now turned back to the guests and had a tray of sandwiches and plastic cups in one hand, and a pitcher of white wine in the other.

"I'm going to count to three now, Sandra, and when I reach three both your nipples will stick out and become erect", I said. Sandra continued as if she hadn't heard me. "One, two, three", I counted. Although Sandra kept handing out sandwiches and pouring wine as I spoke I could see her nipples immediately stick out. A couple of hands reached out to feel them.

"You can see", I said to the guests, "that Sandra is also physically under my control. Particularly the women here will know that it's more or less impossible normally to control nipples the way I just did with Sandra. There are many other reactions controllable from a trance.

"If you look at Tina and Jane, here, you can see a psychological reaction. Although I've been doing something pretty embarrassing to Sandra, a friend of theirs, and although it's obvious that I'm going to be doing something similar to both of them, they are both ignoring what's going on. You may remember that I told them to do this when I hypnotised them earlier on.

"This is an example of controlling their thoughts, stopping them from thinking what I don't want them to think. But in contrast to Sandra both Tina and Jane are not in a trance any more. So they are responding to a post-hypnotic suggestion. All their other reactions are unimpeded".

Sandra's voice briefly interrupted what I was saying, "It might be easier if I turn around so that you can finger me from behind". I was tempted to look around and see what was happening, but I ignored her and carried on.

I stepped over to Jane and Tina and snapped my fingers in front of Jane, and then Tina. Both "dropped" into a trance as before, "On the count of three, Jane and Tina", I said to them, "lift up your heads and open your eyes... One, two, three".

I turned to the guests, "As you can see having your subjects conditioned to go into a trance on a signal makes life really easy. They'll go in and out of a trance whenever you want. And once you've trained them properly under hypnosis they'll behave however you want.

"Take Sandra--who is a model during the day--for example. Normally she's quite shy. Wouldn't even dream of doing any nude or top-less modelling and always wears a bikini, top and bottom, at the beach". As I spoke I turned towards Sandra who was, at that moment, leaning over an empty chair, pitcher of wine in one hand, with her backside towards a woman, as the woman stuck a couple of fingers inside Sandra's pussy. The woman suddenly looked up, a little embarrassed, as I drew the other guests attention to Sandra.

"You can see", I continued, "that this is something that she'd never dream of being involved in if she weren't under my control.

"In fact, Tina and Jane, are the same, maybe even more reserved. But you'll see that in a moment.

"Jane", I said as I turned back towards her, "stand up and take off your clothes. Fold them and place them on your chair". Jane, who was still sitting up, staring towards the guests like Tina, stood up and removed her clothes, folding each item as she did so and laying it carefully on her chair. Her face was completely blank and she moved like a robot. She removed her bra last and I watched as her boobs fell out of her bra as it came off. Her large breasts swung heavily as she laid her bra on top of the pile of clothes and then turned back towards the guests.

"You can tell from the way that Jane is moving", I said to the guests, "that Jane is in a trance. I didn't say anything to her that might hint that I wanted her to act like she was awake so she isn't doing it.

"But she would be very surprised now to find herself naked in front of all of you".

I turned back to Jane, "On the count of three, Jane, you will wake up. You will wake up completely, and then, when I clap my hands you will immediately go back into a trance wherever you are and whatever you're doing... One, two, three!"

As I said "three" I could see her eyes quickly clear. She looked at the guests, then she suddenly realized that she was naked. First her hands shot down to cover up her pubes, then one arm whipped back up to cover up her breasts as she turned away from the guests trying to hide herself. She saw her clothes, grabbed them and pulled them up in front of her. She was turning red. She looked around the room, saw the door and bolted for it. As she reached the door I clapped my hands. She stopped in the doorway.

"Turn around, Jane, and come back here", I said. She turned, her face empty again, and came back to her chair. "Put your clothes back on the chair and face the guests", I continued. She put her clothes down and faced forward, her breasts swinging again as she turned.

I looked at the audience. None were paying any attention to Sandra any more as she continued to serve sandwiches and drinks. All eyes were now fixed on Jane and her empty eyes. "You can see", I said, "that all Jane's normal reactions are blocked while she's in a trance.

"If I spent some more time showing off her reactions you'd see that her mind stays empty unless I tell her to think about something. Jane isn't "in there" feeling like I am controlling her. She isn't, in fact, feeling anything at all".

I turned back to Jane, "Put on your clothes, Jane, and sit back down". I didn't stop to watch her dress. I glanced briefly at Tina who was still staring straight ahead before turning back to the guests.

"Let's have a look at Tina now. You haven't seen her naked yet, have you?" I asked. Without turning around I addressed Tina, "Tina, take off your T-shirt and bra and place them under your chair". I continued to the guests, "You might have seen subjects at hypnosis shows having needles and such stuck into them without reacting. I'd like to demonstrate something similar with Tina and then comment on this phenomenon's usefulness with sex."

I turned around to Jane and Tina just as Jane, now fully dressed, sat down and stared out towards the guests. Tina was just removing her bra and placing her bra under her chair. She sat up in the chair. "Tina", I said to her, "on the count of three your breasts and nipples will become completely numb. You won't have any feeling any more in your breasts... One, two, three". Tina didn't move or seem to react in any way.

I moved over to stand behind her, then I leaned forward, reached down and cupped her warm breasts in both hands. I stroked them and then grabbed her nipples between my fingers and pinched. Tina showed no sign that anything had happened.

"In case you think that this is a trick", I said to the audience, "I'll let you try out Tina's nipples yourselves. Just try not to do any permanent damage".

"Tina, go over to the guests and let anyone who wants to touch your breasts". Tina stood and moved mechanically towards the guests. I watched as a number of people in the audience took hold of Tina by the nipples and pulled and twisted. Tina just stood there, her face remaining blank. One guy tried talking to Tina, even going so far as to stand up and look her straight in the eyes as he addressed her. She didn't respond.

I called Tina back and had her stand in front of her chair.

I turned to Jane, "On the count of three, Jane, you'll wake up and won't remember anything about being naked earlier... One, two, three". Jane's eyes blinked a couple of times and she look around for a moment before turning to look at me.

"Can you stand up and give me a hand with Tina?", I asked her. She nodded and stood up. "Tina, take off the rest of you clothes and give them to Jane. Jane, will you fold them and put them under Tina's chair?"

While the two girls were occupied I addressed the guests again, "See how Jane is helping with Tina even though both Sandra and Tina are both being clearly taken advantage of here. The fact just isn't registering with Jane as I suggested to her earlier".

I turned back to the girls and saw that Tina had now finished undressing. I took both Jane's and Tina's chairs and moved them so that they were about four feet apart.

"Jane", I said, "would you hold Tina up?". Looking a little puzzled about what was going on Jane moved over behind Tina and held on to her Tina's shoulders.

"Now Tina", I said, "on the count of three your body will become stiff as a statue. You will be a statue of stone on the count of three... One, two, three". As I said "three" Tina's body immediately stiffened and arched backwards. She ended up on her toes, leaning back on Jane with Jane struggling a little to hold her up.

I got one of the guys in the audience to come out and help Jane lift Tina up and rest her on the two chairs, head and shoulders on one chair and feet on the other. I then went around and sat down on Tina's tummy; she bent down a little but easily held up my weight. I played with Tina's nipples as I spoke, "Once someone is in a trance their thoughts can be concentrated so much that they can perform physical feats, like this one, where Tina is holding up my weight, easily. If Tina were awake and tried this the two of us would be on the floor".

I squeezed Tina's nipple as I continued, "Her nipples are still numb from earlier and, of course, will stay like that until I tell her otherwise.

"Making part of someone's body numb is an interesting parlour trick. Doing the opposite, however is a really great in bed. Just imagine you being able to make your partner extremely sensitive and responsive to your touch. Getting someone from "normal" to extremely aroused is just a matter of a couple of words.

I stood up and got Jane and the guy from the audience to lift Tina back upright. "Tina", I said, "on the count of three you will no longer be a statue. You will no longer be stiff and you will stand up on your own. As well, once I reach three your breasts and nipples will no longer be numb. They will be completely back to normal... One, two, three". Tina's body relaxed and she pushed away from Jane so that she was standing on her own. I reached over and pinched one of her nipples quickly. She twitched but didn't try to push my hand away.

I then moved over to Jane and snapped my fingers in front of her. Her eyes closed and her head fell forward. She swayed slightly on her feet. "Jane", I said, "any time tonight that I say the word "lightning" you'll go back into a trance immediately and you'll stay in whatever position you're in. Now, on the count of three, wake up... One, two, three".

Jane's head lifted up. I don't think she knew she had briefly been in a trance. "Why don't you go and get something to drink?", I said to her, "I'll work with Tina for a while". "Ok", she said and headed over to the table. As she reached the table I said, "lightning". Jane froze in mid-step. "Turn around, Jane, and face the audience", I said to her. She turned, her eyes blank, and stared towards the guests.

I left Jane there as I turned back to Tina. "Sit down, Tina", I said. As her naked body "touched down" on the chair I continued, "Now, Tina, there's a really sexy guy in the audience that just turns you on so much. Just look over at him now". Tina's eyes searched through the guys watching her. She locked on to one. "This guy makes you feel really horny, Tina. He's the hottest guy you've ever seen."

Tina started to squirm on her seat as I spoke and she started to pant a little. Her eyes started to come alive and it got difficult to tell that she in a trance. "Look at him", I said, "You're hungry for him. Your body aches for him". Tina's legs started to move apart and one hand slid between her legs. "Show him how you feel, Tina. Turn him on by your movements. Make him hungry for you. Make him want to come over to your chair and take you."

Now Tina was really "alive". Both her legs were apart and, with one hand she was rubbing her clitoris. Her other hand was rubbing one of her breasts, working the nipple. Her skin was starting to glisten with a thin layer of sweat. Her eyes were fixed on the guy. I started to feel a little sorry for him. Tina was starting to have an effect on all the guys, I could see, not just the guy she was "targeting". Tina started running the tip of her tongue around her lips. Her pelvis was pushing forward against her hand as she rubbed her clit.

I looked over at the dining table. Jane was still standing there, staring blankly. I walked over to her, took her hand and then guided her back to stand in front of her chair. "Take off your clothes, Jane", I said, "and put them under your chair". I watched as she stripped, particularly enjoying the way her breasts fell out of her bra as she removed it again. "Now sit down", I said.

I moved over to Tina who was now writhing on her chair and rubbing her hand up and down between her legs. The guy she was looking at was looking decidedly uncomfortable.

"How do you feel now, Tina?", I asked her.

"Really horny", she panted without taking her eyes off the guy.

"Is there anything you want?"

"That guy over there", she replied. "If he doesn't come over here soon I think I'll explode", she continued, "Oh God, I wish he'd come over there and fuck me!"

"Tina", I commanded, "sit back and relax. You're not feeling horny any more". And just like a switch had been thrown her "sex" turned off. Tina was no longer a hot and sweaty sex slut, she was an empty naked shell of a woman again. She moved back in her chair, put her legs together, closed her eyes, let her head fall forward and relaxed.

I turned towards Jane, "Close your eyes and relax, Jane". Jane slumped back in her chair and relaxed just like Tina.

"Now, Jane and Tina, it's time to relax, to go deeper into a trance. Listen to my voice and relax. You're under my control, completely under my control. Your minds are empty. There's nothing to think about unless I tell you...".

I worked at relaxing them both. I didn't look at the audience as I did this. I was concentrating on getting the two girls as deep as possible. I used my most relaxing "hypnotist" voice and I could see, by the occasional little extra muscle relaxation, that they were both still going even deeper.

After about five minutes I looked up to see that some of the people in the audience had gotten up to stretch their legs, a couple were at the dining table snacking, and one was over at the dining table sitting on one of the chairs there and had Sandra straddling his legs. One of his hands appeared to be fondling her left breast (I couldn't see exactly because her back was turned towards me). His other hand was between her legs, busily working her cunt.

There were three people in the audience still watching what I was doing. Or that's what I thought at first glance. As I looked at them I realized that they were all looking rather glassy-eyed. I'd hypnotised them as I'd been deepening Tina and Jane!

One of my new subjects was Joanne. The other two were guys that I didn't know. I moved over to them and started talking, telling them to relax. Their eyes closed and their heads slowly sank forward onto their chests. As I was doing this a couple of the other guests came over to watch.

I allowed myself a bit of time to make sure that these three were well under. Once they were deeply hypnotised I asked the guys their names. One was Paul. The other Michael.

I deepened them a little more and then said, "Michael, Paul and Joanne, on the count of three you will open your eyes, then stand up and undress completely. Fold your clothes and place them under your chair... One, two, three."

All three lifted up their heads, opened their eyes mechanically and stood up. They removed their clothes and placed them under their chairs. Being of a decidedly heterosexual nature I spent most of the time they were doing this checking out Joanne. Naked she was a real honey. Curves, just the right sizes, in all the right places. And, I was pleased and excited to note, she had a smoothly shaved pussy. This really turned me on!

"Ok, now sit down", I said, "and in a moment I'm going to count to five. When I reach five you will wake up. You won't remember being in a trance now and you won't remember taking off your clothes. In fact, you'll think you're still fully dressed.

"And whenever I say the word "clarity" to you you will immediately go back into a trance the way you are now. You won't even have time to think about it. As soon as I say the word "clarity" to you you will be back in a trance. "Now... One, two, three, four, five". The three of them sat up and looked around for a moment. Michael got up and went over to the table and got a glass of wine from Sandra (who had, now, disengaged herself from the last fondler and was back to serving drinks again). A couple of the girls in the audience followed Michael with their eyes as he went.

I asked Joanne how she thought I was going. "Great", she replied, "this is an interesting show. I hadn't realized that you could do so much with hypnosis. You must hypnotise me one day". I smiled to myself and assured her that it would be my pleasure.

I turned back to Tina and Jane. Both were very deep now. So relaxed that I could only just make out their breathing.

"Ok, Jane and Tina", I said to them, "you are both starting to feel pleasantly sexy.... Now sitting next to you is one of the sexiest women that you've ever known. On the count of three I want you to sit up and look at her. You'll see that she's beautifully naked and you'll find yourself being really turned on by the sight of her... One, two, three". Both girls lifted up their heads and opened their eyes. Both turned to look at each other and I could see them checking each other out. Their eyes were still a little glazed.

"You're starting to feel very hot and horny", I said, "and you know that this beautiful girl you're looking at is hungry for you.

"Tina, move forward on your chair so your pubes are sticking out". Tina's eyes were fixed between Jane's legs. Her mouth was open a little and she was panting. She was "targeting" Jane now just the way she had targeted the guy in the audience earlier. Without looking she slid forward so her muff was just over the edge of the chair. Her feet were pulled up beneath her and her knees were spread wide apart.

"Jane, you're hungry for Tina. Look at her. You want her pussy. You want to lick her and make her come. Go to her". Tina half slid down to the floor so that she was on her hands and knees. Her eyes were fixed on Tina's crotch. She crawled over and hungrily started licking. Tina started writhing and reached down and pushed Jane's header deeper in.

I walked around and sat for a moment in an empty seat next to the still-naked (and still unaware) Joanne. Tina was facing me and was moaning. From my experience with her in bed I knew that she was close to coming.

Jane's backside was aimed right at me and I could see her pubic hair between her legs. She was dripping. Obviously she was really turned on and was enjoying herself nearly as much as Tina. At that moment Sandra came around with a tray of drinks. I picked a lemonade, had a quick fondle and then turned back to the action just in time to see Tina come. Her back arched and she clutched at Jane's head.

"Ok, Jane and Tina", I said from my seat, "on the count of three you'll wake up. You'll be completely awake but you'll go back into a trance when I clap my hands... One, two, three". Both girls suddenly froze. Neither of them had ever shown any sexual interest in the other and now they were suddenly (to them) and unexplainedly, making love in front of an audience. Jane's hand shot around behind her to cover up her "tail". She jerked away from Tina's pussy spitting as Tina pulled her pelvis back away from Jane's mouth. Both looked shocked, embarrassed and confused and started looking desperately for something to cover themselves up with. Jane spotted Tina's clothes under Tina's chair and grabbed for them. Tina recognised them and tried to grab them back, then both girls stood up trying to cover themselves. Tina ducked around behind her chair.

I clapped my hands and the frenzied activity stopped. "Ok, Tina and Jane, stand up, get your clothes and get dressed again".

I stood up and turned towards the audience as the now-mechanical Jane and Tina redressed. "As you can see hypnosis can also control the sexual preferences of the subjects. Both Tina and Jane, I assure you, are normally completely heterosexual.

"Now I might finish with Jane and Tina for the moment and see what I can do with some members of the audience". I looked at Joanne and smiled innocently. She smiled back and shifted position. She still wasn't aware that she was naked. I couldn't help looking down as her exquisite black breasts and nipples swayed for a moment as she moved.

Jane and Tina were now dressed again and were standing in front of their chairs. "Now, Jane and Tina, on the count of three you will wake up. You won't remember any of the times that you've been naked tonight. You'll wake up feeling happy and refreshed... And for the rest of the evening feel free to have a fondle of Sandra when she is near you... One, two, three". Their eyes fluttered open and they looked at me and smiled. "Thanks", I said to them, "I won't need you any more for the moment. Maybe you'd like something to eat or drink?" Both girls nodded their heads and headed over to the table. As they walked away Jane noticed the two naked guys in the audience and pointed them out to Tina. Both girls stared and then started snickering. They didn't notice that Joanne was also naked.

"Ok, fine", I said, "let's see how responsive some of the members of this audience are". Joanne looked over at me expectantly. Others looked a little nervous. Maybe they thought I was going to make everybody strip and screw each other or something, but I already three subjects.

"Clarity", I said as I looked at Joanne. She looked momentarily surprised before her eyes closed and her head fell forward onto her chest. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and knew that the Michael and Paul were also "gone".

"Ok, Joanne, Paul and Michael. I want you all deep in a trance. Just relax and go under. Deeply. You are under my control again. Completely under my control".

As these were new subjects I spent some extra time making sure that they were deeply hypnotised.

I noticed that some of the other guests were having a hard time seeing what I was doing so decided to move Joanne, Paul and Michael over to where the girls had been earlier.

Once I was sure that I had them completely I said, "Listen closely, now. On the count of three you will open your eyes and stand up. Then you'll go over to where Jane, Tina and Sandra were seated earlier and sit down on their seats. Then you can relax again and close your eyes.... One, two, three".

The three stood up and headed for the chairs. Joanne seemed a little disoriented so I held her arm and guided her to her new chair. As they sat down the three of them slumped back in their chairs and relaxed.

I heard a little noise coming from the dining table. I glanced over to see Sandra pouring a drink for Tina and Jane fondling Sandra's breasts. "How's it going, Sandra? Are you enjoying the show?", I called out. "It's going great", she replied, "but I've been too busy to watch the show". "Well, don't let me distract you from your duties", I say as turn back to Joanne, Paul and Michael, all of whom are looking very relaxed.

I checked each of them out briefly and then turn back to the guests. I note that some of the girls in the group, including the one on the chain, were now paying somewhat more attention now that there were two naked guys on show. Even Jane and Tina look over from time to time.

"You may have noticed the way Jane was dripping while she was licking Tina a little while ago", I start out, "She was feeling horny and was responding physically to my command. Much the same way as Sandra's nipples stuck out earlier, too.

"Well, now that I've got a couple of guys here I might try something to entertain the ladies in the audience".

A couple of the girls in the audience turned and whispered to each other, maybe anticipating what I was about to do.

"There's a saying that "a hard man is good to find". Well, let's see whether we can find one here". I turn back towards Paul and Michael.

"Paul. Michael. On the count of three your penis will become stiff and erect. Just as if you'd seen a hot and naked girl in front of you for the first time in months. Your penis will become harder than it's ever been before and will stay that way until I say otherwise... One, two, three".

Both Michael and Paul looked like they were so relaxed that were about to fall off their chairs and I wasn't sure that this relaxation wouldn't interfere with their ability to have an erection. But as I watched two quite large hard-ons rose up between their legs. I looked out at the audience. Now all of the girls, including Jane and Tina, off to the side, had their eyes fixed on the guys' laps.

"So the guys earlier had a bit of fun with Sandra that the girls couldn't share", I said, "Maybe it's time to let the girls have some fun".

"Paul and Michael", I said turning back to them, "on the count of three you will get up and model your hard-ons for the girls watching you. Go and show yourself off to the girls and let them do whatever they want to you. Me sure you also show yourself off to Jane and Tina... One, two, three". Both guys' eyes flickered open and they sat up straight in the chairs. Both looked around for a moment, looked at the girls in the audience and stood up.

They moved over to the stand in front of the guests and, as I watched, the glazed look on their faces faded. They started to act like models, posing and showing off their cocks and backsides. Paul moved up to a couple of the girls in the front row and invited them to touch. There was no such hesitation with the girls as there had been with the guys and Sandra earlier. The girls practically dived on the guy's cock. One started sucking on it as the other girl rubbed his testicles with one hand and his backside with the other.

Michael moved over to where Tina and Jane were standing sipping drinks. He climbed up on the table next to them and started posing. Neither Tina or Jane hesitated at having a feel, though neither went as far as having a suck!

I turned back to see that the sucking of Paul had stopped and that another girl, who I knew as Penny, had come up have a feel. "This is great", she said," I should learn to do this to my boyfriend". The others snickered. "I wonder how long it'll last?", Penny asked.

In answer her question I said to Paul and Michael, "Ok. Paul and Michael, on the count of three your penis will relax and become completely flaccid... One, two, three". With a little cry of dismay the girls felt Paul's penis "deflate". Penny tried desperately to keep Paul up. But he wasn't under her control. He was under mine. Penny looked at me almost pleadingly. Maybe she hadn't had any for a while, I thought to myself. In any case I had something else in mind to do. "Paul and Michael", I said, "sit back down near Joanne and relax". Both moved back to their chairs and sat down. As they leaned back their eyes closed and their heads slowly fell forward onto their chests.

I turned to Joanne, who was breathing very lightly and hadn't moved since she had first sat down in that chair. "Joanne, listen to me now. On the count of three you will be an exotic dancer, a really hot and sexy exotic dancer. You will get up, put on some music and start dancing for the guests here. You'll put on a really hot and horny show.... One, two, three". Her head lifted, her eyes opened and she smiled. She got up lightly and moved over to the stereo in the corner. As she walked over I couldn't help but admire that backside. One day, I said to myself, I'll have to get to know that body better!

In a moment loud music started to blare from the speakers. Music with beat and lots of drum. Joanne started to sway to the music. She turned and started to move, to dance from the corner over to the middle of the floor. As she danced her breasts moved to the beat. She moved her hips, pushing them forward, thrusting towards the guests. Her hands start to run up and down her body, lingering inside her thighs for tantalising moments.

I took the chance to go and get a drink from Sandra. I leaned back against the dining table and watched Joanne bump and grind. From time to time she turned and waggled that beautiful butt in the face of one of the guys. Then she started spreading her legs and sinking down into the laps of the guys, rubbing her crotch against their legs and pressing their hands against her breasts.

I wandered over to the stereo and turned the music down so that I could talk without yelling. Joanne continued dancing. She moved over to Jane, who was still standing near the table, and, spreading her legs, started rubbing herself up against Jane's thigh. Jane looked distinctly embarrassed and pulled away.

Joanne disengaged herself and moved back to dance in front of the seated audience. I moved closer to her and said, "Joanne, on the count of three you will wake up. You be wide awake and you'll know that I've just had you in a trance... One, two, three".

As I had been speaking Joanne had turned around and had been waggling her butt in a guy's face. This was when I reached "three".

Like all my other subjects that evening, that had been "rudely awakened" while doing something embarrassing, she stopped dead immediately; then she gave a little cry, whipped a hand back to cover her backside and grabbed at her breasts. Then she shot out of the room. I let her go.

I turned back to Michael and Paul and said, "Ok, Paul and Michael. On the count of three you will wake up from this trance. You will realize you are naked but you won't be able to do anything to cover yourselves or hide yourselves from the gazes of the girls here until ten minutes after this trance ends... One, two, three". Both guys then sat bolt upright. Looked down at their penises, then started to move their hands to cover themselves. Their hands stopped short. They looked awkward for a few moments and then spotted their clothes under their original chairs. They raced over and tried to dress. The clothes kept falling out of their hands. The suggestion I had given them wouldn't let them dress or cover themselves.

I looked out at the rest of the audience and announced that the show was over. I thanked them for being there. A few clapped as they rose to stretch their legs.

The girls who had been fondling Paul earlier came over and started to chat with both Paul and Michael and check them out. Both Paul and Michael seemed quite embarrassed for a minute or so, then came to accept the situation. I heard one of the girls tell them that they knew that they would be able to dress in a few minutes. This seemed to calm them somewhat.

Penny and another attractive girl, Donna, came over and said they'd liked they show. Donna confessed to being submissive and they asked if I'd be interested in hypnotising and fucking them. As both were quite attractive I said, sure, and took their names and 'phone numbers. I said I'd give them a call in the next week or so and then they could come over. They said that they'd like to be fucked together. This, I assured them, would be no problem. Both left looking pleased.

As Penny and Donna left one of the guys came up and complimented me on the show. He introduced himself and told me that he was a submissive. He asked me to hypnotise and train him. I've never been particularly inclined towards men in that way so I said, no.

Then Joanne showed up, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, and obviously not wearing a bra. She wanted to know how I'd managed to hypnotise her without her knowing. I thought I'd add a little mystery so I didn't tell her.

We chatted for while, watched some of the guests say goodbye and leave, and then she admitted that she'd found it a little embarrassing to be "exhibited" (her word) like that, but that it had also been exciting. She asked me if I would hypnotise her more often. I said I'd be happy to. And then I immediately said, "clarity". Joanne's face immediately went blank as she went straight back into a trance. A couple of the remaining guests saw what was happening and came over to watch my little encore.

"Ok, Joanne. In a moment I'll wake you up. Then, once you're awake, you'll remove one item of clothing every time someone says the word "table" to you. You won't be able to help yourself and you won't be able to do anything to cover yourself up. Each time you hear the word "table" tonight you will remove one item of clothing. Now, on the count of three you will wake up and remember everything that I just said to you... One, two, three".

"No", she cried in mock horror, "I didn't mean that! You mean I'm going to be naked again?" She didn't wait for an answer and pushed away from me. A couple of the guys that had been listening followed her.

I started to head towards to Sandra to get her dressed again and out of her trance so I could send her, Jane and Tina home. I wasn't planning on getting a lift back home with them. I'd hardly started moving when a young blonde girl, maybe 18 years old, wearing a long dress, comes up to me.

She said she was a submissive, like the guy a little while ago. She offered herself to me and wanted to be my slave. I looked her up and down and turn her around. I told her to undress. She immediately pulled the dress off over her head dropped it on the floor beside her. This was immediately followed by her bra and skimpy panties. I noted that she is a natural blonde. She stood in front of me looking directly at me, not challengingly, but sort of half pleading, keen to please. I reach out and stroked her breast. The nipple stood up immediately.

"Fine", I told her, "I'll try you out for a while. But whether I decide to keep you depends on your performance--that is: obedience, commitment and sex. You'll need to be good in bed".

She smiled. "What I don't know now", she replied, "I'll learn for you".

I tell her to pick up her clothes and put them somewhere out of the way, then to start clearing up the room.

As she moved away Joanne came over to me. She was followed by the two guys and was now down to wearing only a pair of knickers. Obviously she had heard the "word" a couple of times in the last few minutes.

"Can't you cancel this?", she begged, "Wasn't it enough that I was dancing naked earlier?".

I replied in one word. "Table", I said. She immediately pulled off her knickers and dropped them to the floor. She looked up at me, partly annoyed and partly amused. "You men are only interested in sex!", she declared as she stalked away wiggling that cute butt.

I headed over to Sandra. Tina was fondling her breast. "Ok, Sandra. It's time to stop being hostess", I said. As I watched her eyes glazed over and she started to relax. "Put your clothes on now, then come back here". She moved over to her little pile of clothes and started to dress. I looked at Tina and Jane and snapped my fingers. Both relaxed and their faces went blank. "Stay standing up you two, and go into a deep trance".

I deepened them both a little and then, when Sandra returned, I deepened her as well. "Now I'm going to wake the three of you up now. Once you wake up you will pack up and head home without me. Once you leave here you will forget what happened to you here. You will only have pleasant feelings towards this evening's activities and you won't remember anything that you did that you wouldn't normally have done. Now, on the count of three you will wake up... One, two, three".

So, that's it, I thought as Tina, Jane and Sandra picked up their bags and other odds and ends before leaving. I went to the door with them and waved them goodbye, then went back inside.

Only Joanne and my new slave were still there. Joanne was still slightly annoyed that I'd undressed her again in front of her guests. To avoid any argument I just said, "clarity", to her and she went back into a trance.

My new slave came over. She'd cleaned the room up nicely. "What's your name", I asked her. "Jasmine", she replied. "From now on", I told her, "you'll answer to the name of Jazz". "Yes, master", she replied.

I realized that it was high time that I had a good leak. I told Joanne to lead me to the bathroom. As we left the room I sent Jazz to lock the front door.

Joanne took me upstairs and into the bathroom off her bedroom. I lifted the toilet seat and relieved myself. I wasn't embarrassed to have Joanne there. As far as I was concerned she was just a machine while she was in a trance.

Once I'd finished I flushed and then thought I should give Joanne the chance of doing the same. "Sit down on the toilet, Joanne, and relieve yourself", I told her. She moved over to the toilet and, without lowering the seat, sat down on the porcelain. A couple of moments later I heard the sounds of her stream. I watched as she did so. There was no expression on her face. And the fact that she hadn't put the seat down showed me that she was running totally under my control, her mind completely turned off.

As the sound of her pissing died away Jazz came in. "Do you need to relieve yourself?", I asked her. "I can if you tell me to", she replied.

Joanne had finished and was now just sitting there waiting until I told her to do something else. "Get up, Joanne", I said, "so that Jazz can use the toilet". Joanne stood up and moved to the side.

"Your turn, Jazz", I said. Jazz moved over, put the seat down and sat down. After a few seconds I could hear her stream splashing into the toilet. Jazz looked up at me, maybe hoping I was going to say something. She continued pissing for a few more seconds and then stopped. She took a bit of toilet paper, wiped herself and then stood up and flushed the toilet.

"Bring Joanne into the bedroom", I told Jazz as I went in ahead of her. I went to the big double bed, pulled the covers right back and then undressed, leaving my clothes on the chair in front of the dressing table.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, called Jazz over and told her to go down on me. She dropped down to her knees between my legs and lowers her mouth onto my penis. Her hands started caressing my testicles. My penis immediately started to stand up.

Jazz's mouth felt beautiful and velvety. I leaned back on my elbows as I felt her guiding my penis deep into her mouth. I closed my eyes and savoured the feelings for a while.

I looked over at Joanne, standing robot-like just inside the door. "Joanne", I said, "listen closely now. On the count of three you will open your eyes and act like you're awake. You'll stay in a trance though. You'll stay in a trance and you'll feel happy, horny and sexy, and you'll be very eager to please me... One, two, three". Joanne's eyes closed, then flickered open as expression flowed back into her face. She looked down at her nakedness, then looked over to me and smiled. I leaned right back on the bed, closed my eyes and told her to climb onto the bed and start rubbing my chest.

A few moments later I felt the bed rock as she climbed on. Then she started running her fingers through the hair on my chest and rubbing my shoulders.

After a while I opened my eyes again and looked up at her small round breasts hanging just in front of my eyes. I reach up my hands and started to stroke them. Her nipples immediately became erect.

"That's enough, Jazz", I said as I gently pushed Jazz's head away and stood up, "Now, Joanne, get on you hands and knees". I got up on the bed as Joanne positioned herself with her legs slightly apart. I moved up behind her and slid myself into her hot, wet and tight pussy.

As I slowly started thrusting into her I couldn't help but think that this was a great way to spend an evening.