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Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters

Look Into My Eyes

by Peter Masters


"Masters' approach to the topic is at times gentle and humorous and makes you comfortable with using it."

"... a step-by-step guidebook which teaches the individual how to use hypnosis to heighten arousal."


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Donna Entranced

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It was a work day that remarkably resembled all the work days before it and, no doubt, would also resemble all the work days after it. Or so I thought.

It was a Friday, a holiday for some, and the small office I worked in was largely empty. I was one of the unlucky ones this time around who had to show up. I spent the morning twiddling my thumbs waiting for lunchtime to roll around.

Most of the group that I went to lunch with had the day off. Of the "usuals" only Donna was in that day. Donna is our receptionist. At her desk Donna tends to always be chatting to the people who call, very outgoing, but at our lunches she mostly sat back and listened and let the others do the talking.

So, when lunchtime finally arrived, Donna and I ended up alone in a quiet corner of the park with our sandwiches and cokes.

Donna is a very attractive young woman. Single, as far as I knew, with long dark-brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes and full, red lips. Her figure was something I'd often wondered about because she always wore clothes that tended to hide it. What I had seen, though, lead me to believe that there were wonders waiting there to be discovered.

This day Donna was wearing a cream-coloured, button-up, short-sleeve blouse. I had noticed earlier in the day that the blouse was just the slightest bit see-through and that she was wearing a skin-coloured frilly bra. Further down she was wearing a navy blue knee-length skirt and her trade-mark high-heels.

I was expecting a pretty quiet lunch, Donna not having a great track record, as I have already mentioned, as a conversationist. Maybe you could say that fortune smiled upon me that day because Donna started asking me about my work. You'll see in a little while what I mean by "fortune"!

Now, what I do is not particularly exciting. I basically do a little bit of computer programming plus some network administration. Not too tough most of the time and certainly not a great topic for a chat.

Donna had seen me at work though, concentrating on the screen, and started asking me about what I did. I started to explain and as I did she started shaking her head and finally commented that she didn't know how I could manage to concentrate for so long and that she could never concentrate more than a few minutes on anything.

And then I had a great idea...

No-one at the office knew that I had studied hypnosis. It was something I'd started a long time ago but I'd never got around to completing the course. I'd been pretty good at actually hypnotising people, but my theoretical knowledge was really only enough to keep me out of trouble.

I didn't give up hypnosis. I had subsequently been using it in my private love life, often hypnotising girlfriends before and during sex. Now, not many people think about this, but you know how stage hypnotists make people's arms and hands numb and then stick needles in them? Well, that is an example of making someone less sensitive to what they feel. What you can also do is make someone more sensitive. And this works great with sex. You take a girl, put her in a really deep trance and then tell her that her breasts and clitoris are more sensitive and responsive than ever before. Start touching her and she'll explode! The deeper you get her into a trance the better the result. She ends up hornier than she's ever been in her life and can end up begging you to let her stop coming!

Where was I? ... Oh, yes. My "great" idea was to see if I could hypnotise Donna without her realising what I was doing.

I told her that there are exercises you can do to help you learn to concentrate and that I'd show her one or two. We still had more than half an hour before we had to back in the office so she agreed.

I told her to lie down on the grass and close her eyes. I then lightly pressed my fingertip to her forehead and asked if she could feel it. She, of course, said yes. Then I told her to try imagining that her forehead was made of glass and that if she strained her eyes up she would be able to see the tip of my finger pressed to the glass. This is the start of one of the standard hypnotic inductions I'd learned at the course.

I asked her whether she could see my finger and she said no. This was no big surprise. I told her that maybe she should try relaxing a bit. I told her to relax her arms and legs and then told her to relax her muscles. And so on. Almost a standard hypnotic induction without actually saying anything about "hypnosis".

Gradually I could see her relaxing. Her breathing became slow and regular, just like they say in the text books. Then, when I was sure she was very relaxed, I told her to try imagining that she could see my fingertip again. This time I started guiding her, telling her to concentrate as much as she could, to try and forget about the noises around us and the feeling of the ground underneath her, emphasising that she should also try to relax.

After a couple of minutes of this I asked her if she had succeeded in imagining the tip of my finger. Someone in a deep trance can usually even imagine seeing something when their eyes are open, so this was a good test to see whether she was "under". In a weak, flat voice she answered in just one word: "yes". Her voice also sounded like she was really "gone".

I told her that I would take my finger off her forehead and then I started relaxing her more and deepening the trance. After about five minutes of this I told her to open her eyes. She did and just stared straight up in the air. There was no other reaction.

Then I had her close her eyes and I relaxed her again. I tried a couple of other tests, deepened her some more and then said, "Ok, you're going very well. Now, when I count to three I want you to open your eyes, sit up and act normally, as if you're awake. You'll still stay in a trance and you'll do whatever I tell you to... Now, one. Two. Three." Her eyes fluttered open, she sat up, smiled, and looked at me expectantly.

"How do you feel?", I asked. She replied that she felt fine. She looked around, made herself comfortable and seemed just like she was awake.

"What will you do now", I asked.

"Anything you tell me to", she replied.

This immediately caused a lot of strain in my underwear as my mind raced through the possibilities but... well, we were in a public place. What could I do? I couldn't go too far or do too much.

Well, there was no-one around and hardly anyone ever comes to the corner of the park that we were in when it's not a holiday, so I decided to tell her to show me her breasts. She started unbuttoning her blouse and while she was doing so I asked her how she felt about undressing there in the park.

"Fine", she replied as she undid the last button, "Anything you say."

She didn't take off her blouse. Instead she just pulled it open, reached inside and around the back and unclipped her bra. She pulled the straps down over her arms and then just sat there with her blouse wide open and the bra in her hands, her pleasantly-rounded breasts apparently defying gravity as they stuck out without sagging and her small nipples slightly crinkled with the tips just sticking out. I could hardly resist reaching out and touching her!

I wanted to be sure that she was really deeply in a trance so I decided to do another test. I told her that I was going to count to ten, and that as I counted her breasts and nipples would become completely numb, that she would lose all feeling in her breasts. Then, while I slowly counted, I reinforced the suggestion, telling her that her breasts were becoming numb and without feeling.

I was a little surprised as I counted when she reached out, got her coke and drank a little of it, then picked up the newspaper we had brought and started checking out the front page. I was worried that something wasn't working, that she was somehow awake. When I finished counting I asked her how her breasts felt. She replied that she couldn't feel them any more. She didn't seem surprised about this. She just seemed to accept it and carried on reading the newspaper. Apparently she had taken my command to act normally completely literally. There she was, top-less, in a public park, boobs numb, reading the newspaper!

Well, I thought, now let's see how she reacts. I reached out and put my hand on her breast. No reaction. At least, she didn't react. I certainly did (from the waist down, you know what I mean?). I asked her how my hand felt. She said that she couldn't feel it at all. Then I pinched her nipple - hard! No reaction. Her boob was obviously completely numb. She turned to the second page of the newspaper. I felt more straining in my pants. My mind was racing with thoughts of what I could do with her. She was in a really deep trance, responding exactly how I said she should!

It was now getting towards the end of our lunch hour. I told her to do up her blouse. Placidly she obeyed, letting her bra fall to the ground beside her as she did so. I picked up her bra and stuffed it in my pocket.

Then I told her to lie down and relax. Once she was lying down I told her that she could feel her breasts again, that they were completely back to normal. Then I relaxed her, deepened the trance some more and then said, "In a little while I'm going to wake you up."

"Once you are awake you won't remember anything about being in a trance. In fact, you'll only remember the little concentration exercise that I gave you and then nothing after that. You won't have any idea that you were in a trance at all. You will also think nothing of the fact that you are no longer wearing your bra."

"In future you will close your eyes and relax as much as you are now, or even more, whenever I firmly squeeze one of your shoulders. It won't matter what you're doing at the time. As soon as I squeeze your shoulder you will go straight back into a trance, as deep or deeper than the one you're in now."

"Finally, once you get back to the office you'll find yourself thinking about me. As the afternoon goes on you'll think of me more and more often. And these thoughts will be sexual thoughts. You will imagine yourself with me, that you aren't wearing any clothes and that you are my slave. You will find these thoughts very exciting and they will make you feel very sexy and horny."

"You will feel a desire build up inside you to give yourself to me sexually, and as it gets closer and closer to five o'clock you will realise that you don't want this to be a fantasy, that you want it to be reality, that you need it to be reality. You will want to offer yourself to me completely. The idea will excite you sexually and you won't be able to resist it."

"Now I'm going to count to ten and as I count you will wake up. Once you are awake you will only remember the concentration exercise, nothing about being in a trance, even though the commands and suggestions that I have given you for this afternoon will still be completely effective... One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN!

Donna's eyes opened slowly, then she stretched and smiled. "Hmmmmm. That was good, very relaxing. That was an interesting exercise. Maybe we could try it again some day".

I smiled back. "It was my pleasure. Now it's time to go," I said, "It's time to go back to the office."

"So soon?", she asked looking at her watch. She got up. I couldn't help watching her breasts slightly swinging in her blouse as she did so.

We went back to the office, me back to my office in the corner of the floor our company occupied, Donna back to the reception desk. As we parted she smiled at me warmly. I wondered was going to happen about the commands I'd given her while she was in the trance.

I had occasion to pass by Donna's desk a couple of times that afternoon. Each time I did I smiled and said hello. She seemed to look at me strangely. Then, just after 4.30, while I was sitting in my office Donna knocked on the door and came in, closing the door behind her. She looked rather distracted. I noticed the lack of bra (can I help it where my eyes wander?)

She looked at me and smiled a little awkwardly, "Um. Are you busy?"

I told her that I wasn't.

She continued, "I'm not sure how to say this... I was wondering if you might be interested in me... sexually, I mean... I feel a bit awkward about this. I've never said this sort of thing to a man before."

"Don't worry," I said, "I think you're very attractive. What did you have in mind?". I smiled encouragingly at her.

She suddenly looked very relieved. "I've been thinking about this all afternoon. I... well, most guys... oh, damn. How do I say this?".

She suddenly lifted up her skirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Her pussy hair hair was short and a glimpse of her "treasure" showed through.

"If you want me you can have me, any way you want", she declared.

I looked looked up from her pussy to her face.

She continued, "I really want to give myself to you sexually. Just tell me what you want. I've been thinking about you and this all afternoon."

She looked at me anxiously, obviously wondering how I would react. She clearly didn't know that she was responding to what I'd told her while she was in a trance.

I leaned over to the door and locked it. "Take off your clothes," I told her. Her face lit up and she started stripping without hesitation. "With pleasure!", she said.

Once she was naked I looked her up and down. Very, very nice, I thought. Then I had her turn around so that I could see her from all angles.

"Come here," I finally said.

She was almost quivering with anticipation as she stepped closer. I didn't bother to get up from my chair, but just reached out to her breasts and gently stroked them. Her nipples crinkled up straight away.

I slid one hand down between her legs. She was dripping wet and very hot. I told her to move her legs apart, and as she did I slipped a finger into her. She moaned.

The pressure was getting unbearable in my underwear again. I stopped and told her to put her clothes on. This would have to wait until later.

"You'll do whatever I tell you?", I asked as she was doing up her blouse again.

"Certainly. Anything, anywhere, anytime! Just make me yours", she replied.

"You'll come home with me to my apartment tonight", I told her. It wasn't a question. She just smiled again and nodded her head. "Now go back to work and come back here when you finish for the day".

She unlocked the door and left, still smiling.

I'm doing very well here, I thought to myself as the door closed.

I turned back to the computer but couldn't really concentrate - not that there was much to concentrate on work-wise.

This was going much better than I had hoped. Donna was obviously a deep-trance subject and was responding exactly as I had told her while she was in the trance. I would explore this some more tonight. The half hour 'till Donna finished work just seem to drag. My mind was filled with thoughts of what was going to happen at my place. My underwear kept feeling two sizes too small, sometimes three.

Finally there was the knock on the door and Donna came in. I switched off the computer and then told her to clean up my office while I went to the bathroom. When I came back she was happily stacking papers and cleaning the table top.

"Anything else?", she asked.

"Nope," I replied, "let's go. There's a lot to do tonight."

"I look forward to it", she replied as I closed the door.

As we headed to the train station I couldn't help noticing how easily Donna accepted my commands. She seemed very happy and enthusiastic, and everything I said about which way to go, what to do on the way, like stopping to look in the local bookstore, was fine by her.

When we got on the train it was fairly crowded and we had to stand. As it moved off I asked Donna if she was wearing any knickers.

Yes, she admitted, she had put them back on after leaving my little office that afternoon and that she hoped that I didn't mind.

I told her to take them off and put them into her bag. She immediately reached under her skirt and pulled down a pair of small black knickers and quickly slipped them into her bag. I noticed as she did that there was a damp spot on them. A couple of guys noticed what she was doing and plainly stared at her. I think Donna noticed one of them but she didn't hesitate. I was sure she would have undressed completely if I'd told her to. This girl seemed ready to do whatever I said.

When we got back to my place I took her into the dining room and sat her down at the table. She didn't say anything, just sat down where I showed her.

I still couldn't quite believe this was happening. I went into the kitchen and got a candle. Donna's eyes opened up a fair bit when she saw what I brought back.

She didn't say anything but I knew what she thought I was going to do with it. Instead, I set it down on the table and then squeezed her shoulder. She sighed just as a little as her eyes closed the way I'd told her while she was in the trance at lunchtime. Her head slowly started to fall forward.

"Relax", I told her, "let yourself sink back into a deep, deep trance."

I stood the candle in front of her and then lit it. Then I said, "Ok, Donna. On the count of three I want you to lift up your head, open your eyes and look at the flame of the candle. One. Two. Three".

Her eyes opened about half way as she lifted her head up. "Concentrate on the flame", I commanded, "Keep your eyes on the flame, don't think of anything else. And as you keep looking at the candle flame you will sink deeper and deeper into a trance. Deeper and deeper all the time. Whatever I say to you while you are in a trance will become part of you, will become part of the deepest you."

"And after each trance, unless I tell you otherwise, you won't have any idea that you've been hypnotised."

I continued deepening the trance and testing for about twenty minutes. Donna was completely motionless, except for an occasional blink, her eyes empty but staring at the candle. By the time I was finished I was sure she was in a much deeper trance than at lunchtime.

After I had finished deepening the trance I told her to act like she was awake, just like I had done that afternoon in the park. Her eyes flickered open and she sat up and smiled at me.

"How do you feel now?", I asked.

"Great", she replied.

"Open up your blouse", I told her, "and uncover your breasts. Then put you hands back on your lap... Good. Now on the count of three your left nipple will become firm and erect, as erect as it's ever been. One. Two. Three."

As soon as I said "three" her left nipple immediately sprang out, there's no other word for it! It almost looked like it was going to jump off her breast! Her right nipple, on the other hand (or should I say, "breast") just stayed the way it was, spread out and flat.

This young lady is really responsive, I was thinking as she exclaimed, "What happened? How did you do that?" She was looking down at her nipple, surprised at seeing and feeling it sticking out so much.

She reached up and touched it, feeling the hardness. I told her to close her eyes and relax. Her hand fell back into her lap and her eyes closed. The nipple stayed erect.

I reached out and touched her nipples. The right one was smooth and soft, as soft as her breast. The left one was hard, harder than any nipple I'd ever felt before.

I told her that her left nipple would then become soft and, as I watched, it softened and spread out until that it was the same size as her right one.

Then I started saying, "Keep relaxing now and just listen to my voice. There's nothing else except my voice."

"You enjoy being with me, Donna. You enjoy pleasing me and you want me to enjoy you. You are a very sexual woman and you want me to use you sexually any way I want. Each day these feelings and desires will get stronger in you. You will look forward to obeying and pleasing me. You will respond sexually to me and will find being my slave a very sexual and exciting experience. You will respond sexually with me more strongly than you have ever responded before. It will seem to you that being my sex slave has awakened you sexually."

"Each day your desire to please and obey me will become stronger. You will want to belong to me. To give yourself completely to me and you will be happiest when your are obeying me or working for me. The most important thing in your life will become being the best slave that I could ever want."

I paused for a moment to let that all sink in.

"Keep relaxing now", I then continued. I relaxed her some more and as I did I got up and started looking through my CD collection for some dance music. I found something raunchy and put it on, not too loudly.

"Listen to this music, Donna. The next time you hear this music you will be awake, and when you hear it you will no longer be Donna. Instead you be Desiree, the world's greatest and sexiest striptease dancer. You will get up and do your sexiest striptease dance just for me. You will be completely uninhibited and show off all your stuff."

I continued reinforcing this suggestion as the music played on and then ended. I stopped the CD. "When the music then stops", I said, "you will sit back down where you are now and go back into a trance. Now relax some more."

It was time to wake her up and see how she behaved. "On the count of ten you will wake up.", I said, "As I count you will come out of this trance and by the time I reach ten you will be awake. You won't have any idea that you were in a trance. You will, though, still respond to the suggestions I gave you. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN!".

Donna sat up and turned towards me. "You know", she said, "I've never felt this way before."

"What way?", I asked.

"This sort of sexual feeling", she replied. "I've never felt so horny about... I don't know how to explain how I feel exactly. I just want you to take me. I want to give myself to you just soooo much! Just the thought of belonging to you, even being your slave, makes me feel so wet. I want you to tell me to do whatever you want." She paused and then suddenly implored, "Let me please you. Please!"

She seemed really desperate! I talked to her a bit and told her that I would be happy to have her as my slave. I then asked her about her previous sexual experiences. She was completely open, revealing, amongst other things a recently-ended lesbian relationship with one of the other girls in the office - something that surprised me because I hadn't noticed anything between them.

I told her to button up her blouse again and then played with her a while, having her pose different ways for me. She never questioned what I told her to do, just obeyed immediately.

I asked her if she could dance. She said she couldn't dance very well. She didn't have the coordination, she said, but she would try if I told her to. I told her not to worry about it (as I moved towards the CD-player, keen to see what would happen when I turned it on).

I started the CD and the change was immediate. Donna (Desiree) immediately jumped up, gave a little cry and started moving to the music. "Moving" is maybe not the right word. "Grinding" would be closer to it!

As she moved she started to unbutton her blouse. Slowly and teasingly she uncovered her breasts. Even though I'd seen them before (twice that day!) the way she moved and the hungry look on her face immediately made me start feeling very horny.

Soon after she slipped her skirt down and kicked it away. She was naked and really hot! She was concentrating all her attention on me and what she was doing was really having an effect. As she thrust her hips towards me I had to reach out for her. I was hungry for her. But as I reached out she pulled away, teasing me.

She continued to dance and grind, then, as the music ended, her face just emptied, her arms fell down by her side and she moved back to her chair and sat down, in a trance again.

Now I was hot and I wanted her. I didn't wake her up. I told her instead that she would act like she was awake and be more than ready for sex when I counted to three.

I counted, and at three she sat up, looked at her state of undress, then stood up and came over to me. I stood up and told her to undress me. She smiled and soon had all my clothes off, my penis springing out (much relieved) as she pulled down my underwear.

"Suck me", I said, and I immediately felt her hot mouth and lips around me. It was beautiful.

She was doing something with her tongue that was bringing me so close to coming, then she would stop. She was keeping me on the edge. This woman was good!

It didn't take much of this. I stood her up, bent her over the dining room table and entered her hot pussy from behind. She moaned a little as I slipped into her. She was very, very tight, and as I started thrusting she started moving her hips, pushing herself onto my penis so it kept going deeper into her.

She also started squeezing me with her vaginal muscles. It felt like I was being pulled into her. I certainly didn't fight it. I was gripping her hips and pushing myself as deep as I could go at the same time.

A couple of times I told her to change position, finally getting her to lie on the table as I "entered the home stretch".

All this time Donna was being so obedient. I only had to say what I wanted and she was already doing it.

It didn't much longer before I came. It wasn't the spasm-type orgasm that you read so much about in the "literature" on the subject. More a long, drawn-out release. I could feel myself come inside her and then, as I drew myself out, Donna quickly got down off the table and licked me clean - another sign of her enthusiasm. Hmmmm, such luxury!

I sent her into the bathroom to clean up. While she was gone I dressed myself again and sat down on the lounge. Donna came back and I couldn't help admiring her almost-perfect hourglass figure and following the gentle swinging of her beautiful breasts as she walked.

I reminded myself that she was still in a trance. I told her to sit back down and relax and then deepened the trance some more. Then I woke her up, telling her that she would remember what had happened during the trance but without realising that she had been in a trance at the time. When I reached "ten" she sat up and smiled at me and asked what else she could do for me.

I got her to cook dinner for me. It turned out she's a great cook, even using just the bits and pieces I had in the 'fridge.

I kept her naked and spent quite a pleasant time sitting on a stool watching her in the kitchen, admiring that beautiful figure that I knew was now all mine. After dinner she washed up and then I let her massage me before going to bed.

I took her to bed with me that night and it was a great pleasure having her there beside me. I woke up a couple of times and took advantage of her enthusiasm. She didn't mind being woken up at all, just as long as she could please me!

Needless to say I spent a lot of time with Donna that weekend. I have hypnotised her quite often since then and she is still completely obedient and more than keen to please me any way I want.

She thinks of herself as my slave and doesn't say anything when I go out with other women. She's just happy when I tell her to come over to my place so that I can have my way with her (though I must admit that I've also had my way with her at the office once or twice, but that's another story!)